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Homosexuality and Paedophilia: A Reference Guide

THE DISSIDENT is pleased to announce that this site will be serializing a new book Homosexuality and Paedophilia: A Reference Guide. Our last post about Peter Ashman was an excerpt from this book.

This new book is a useful compilation of a lot of available evidence on this subject. Next time you hear somebody say "There is no connection between homosexuality and paedophilia," you can have all the facts ready. Just consult this handy A-Z. From Auden to Pasolini, from Oscar Wilde to Gore Vidal, most famous gays were paedophiles. and so were all the founders and leaders of the "Gay" Rights movement. 
Who says so? Well in most cases they did. Here is the evidence. It gives you the names, the dates and the sources to prove that the correlation is very strong and undeniable. The LGBT movement has always been a paedophile movement and its object is to destroy the family.
In this installment, we give you the Introduction.

Homosexuals Peter Truong and Mark Newton with the child they adopted and molested from birth. They also rented him out to other "gay" men to molest and sold pictures of this as "gay" porn. See details in main text "Newton".

       Demographics are the key to understanding this subject and all arguments stand or fall on whether they have taken demographics properly into account. Personal opinions and anecdotes are too often relied on by those who try to deny the truth. In deciding whether there is a correlation between homosexuality and paedophilia, we need to take into account that homosexuals are a very small percentage of the population. In the UK they are officially 1.5% (figures from Office for National Statistics). Male homosexuals are approximately 1%. Even if you think they are 3 or 4%, that is still far less than the percentage of child sex crimes they commit.
It is something very recent for anyone to deny the links between male homosexuality and paedophilia. Nobody made any secret of it over the last 2,500 years, and even the early LGBT movement in America and Europe was very frank in acknowledging it. Only in recent times have they started to deny it, or to be exact, to issue a confused mixture of angry, hypocritical denial with defiant justification. When no moralists (called “right-wingers”) are around, they will acknowledge it and boast about it. When moralists object, the LGBTs resort to bare-faced lies.
Nobody could write a full account of this subject, unless they were willing to devote their life to a topic that is monotonous and unsavoury, to say the least. All I have done is compile a rough index of some of the most salient evidence for the correlation between homosexuality and paedophilia. 
Our culture habitually turns a blind eye to this problem and minimizes it. Boys are told not to "make a fuss". They are not regarded as having suffered any serious harm and the man who has a taste for pederasty is often still classified as an eccentric, not a criminal. In his biography of Oscar Wilde, Richard Ellman makes light of the evidence for Wilde being a paedophile and molester of boys. This attitude goes back a long time in history. Traditionally, if a girl was raped, her value in the marriage market was lost or reduced.  Without her virginity she was damaged goods, and if she were made pregnant, her chances of marriage would be nil. Therefore raping a woman was recognized as a serious offence. A boy victim of “forcible buggery” (nowadays commonly referred to as rape) was expected to shut up and say nothing as he couldn't get pregnant. I will use the abbreviation FB for forcible buggery as it is important to keep the distinction between different physical acts. In the film “Four Weddings and a Funeral” child abuse at British boarding schools is made into a joke, “Buggered me senseless!” Ha-ha. Next moment we are back to the nauseating denials.

Many of the most prolific paedophiles are homosexual. Jimmy Savile and Peter Jaconelli were homosexual lovers. 

Since this crime is so under-reported and often undocumented, we have to suspect that it is far more widespread than the available evidence reveals. Police figures for sexual assaults suggest 21% of victims are boys, more than ten times the proportion of homosexual men in the population. Yet these figures only represent convictions and the crime is under-reported. [] If you go and look at the website UK Paedos Exposed you will find that the number of male offenders who molest male victims is at least half of all cases. When you consider the ratio and the proportion, these figures are startling.  Since homosexuals are according to the Office of National Statistics only 1.5% of the population and some of them are women, this indicates that male homosexuals are about fifty times more likely than heterosexuals are to molest children . Even if you assume that homosexual men are 3% of the population and that only a third of cases involve boys, the maths still lead us to a conclusion that homosexual men are ten times more likely than heterosexuals to molest children.
Just look at the bare facts - out of the thirty paedophile organization listed in Wikipedia as campaigning to legalize adult-child sex in the 20th century, 28 were founded and run by male homosexuals. The movement has been entirely dominated by male homosexuals. None were purely heterosexual.
And there are many more paedophile groups and magazines not listed on Wikipedia, all of them set up by homosexuals, mostly men.
If we merely glance at the Wikipedia entry on paedophile activism we find that all but one of the individuals involved in it are homosexual males.

A constant stream of evidence confirms that paedophiles have a strong preference for one sex or another. This totally contradicts the current fashionable view. The LGBT dogmatists often publicly deny any link between homosexuality and paedophilia. They have trained the heterosexual liberals to repeat this, like dogs trained to sit up and beg. What is their method of argument? When you find an example of an adult male raping and molesting boys, you categorize him as a paedophile "not as a homosexual". Er...yes, that's their logic. That is their “science”. They are in complete denial.
Another knee-jerk reaction is to dismiss research they don't like by calling it "right-wing" and label the scientists a "hate-group". That is not a method of argument. It is censorship. Another word for it might be Lysenko-ism, the prioritizing of ideology over scientific enquiry. It is simply false to claim that there is no connection between homosexuality and paedophilia. It is nonsense. Here is an example of how British liberals argue their science: an article in the Independent newspaper for August 1st 1997 reported a piece of research done in Brisbane, Australia that had concluded that there were strong correlations between male homosexuality and paedophilia. Instead of being taken into account with respect and open-mindedness, the research was reported (by a gay activist) in a contemptuous manner and ridiculed. The gay activist's idea of scientific argument was to say that his partner had vomited on the article (sic). He then went on to compare the researcher to Helen Keller, a comparison that was downright offensive.
    The news media in the UK continues to be willfully blinkered on this subject. It avoids reporting major scandals such as the Scottish Stonewall Paedophile ring and edits out the factual links between the criminals and the prominent LGBT groups. When reporting the North Wales Child Abuse scandal, the TV news always used the word “paedophiles” although this was all about the organized abuse of boys by men. The TV reportage omitted the fact that the abuse had been organised by a network of members of CHE, The Campaign for Homosexual Equality.  Likewise, TV coverage of the crimes of James Rennie, John Murphy and co, omitted any reference to the fact that they were Stonewall officials, paid by the government and registered as a charity. In a similar fashion, the western media habitually refer to all the sexual abuse reported in the Catholic Church as being “paedophile”. What they do not admit is that virtually all of it is homosexual. When in 2003 British police discovered an international paedophile ring calling itself “The Shadows Brotherhood” making and distributing thousands of child pornographic videos of a “horrific” nature, with 45 suspects involved, media avoided mentioning the sex of any of the children involved.
          They avoid making any link between (a) homosexual activists campaigning openly to abolish the age of consent, and (b) men who are caught sodomizing boys. They call the second category “paedophiles” even if they are actually pederasts, which is one of the commonest types of homosexual. Some homosexuals assert that all homosexual men are pederasts at heart. Most paedophiles have a strong sexual preference, and those who are male and homosexual usually have relations with adults as well as with children or adolescents.
Over the past thirty years there has been abundant research confirming the prevalence of child sex abuse by homosexual men. But the powerful LGBT lobby is suppressing it and circulating fallacies. Yet their own publications frequently confirm a correlation between homosexuality and child abuse. A survey in The Advocate, an American homosexual magazine, (23rd August 1994, p.20)  revealed that half its male readers had their first homosexual experience by the age of fourteen, and  21%  had been molested by an older man by age 15. They assert this is no higher than average for heterosexuals.  A 1992 study of 1000 homosexuals found even higher figures: 37% had been abused sexually by an older male. (Socarides, Homosexuality: A Freedom Too Far, p. 88) 
Project Sigma, a Sociological Study into Gay Men and AIDS done at Essex University by Prof. Anthony P. M. Coxon, Thomas J. McManus of the Royal London Hospital and John K. Stevens of the University of Essex, published in 1996, found that 9% of homosexual men had their first homosexual experience by the age of 10, 19% percent by the age of 12, and 35% by the age of 14. This is significantly lower than among the heterosexual majority. The research was based on the statements and diaries of 2,182 homosexual males gathered between 1987 and 1994. (Anthony P.M. Coxon, Thomas J. McManus, and John K. Stevens, “Concentration of High-risk Sexual Behaviour Among Gay Men,” paper presented at the World Aids Congress, Vancouver, Canada, June 1996.)
In 1985, data compiled by the Family Research Institute, Washington D.C., confirmed “a strong pedophilic predisposition among homosexuals." The institute, after reviewing more than 19 studies and peer-reviewed reports in a 1985 "Psychological Reports" article, found that homosexuals account for between 25 and 40 percent of all child molestation. “But this number is low, due to the fact that many reporters will not report if a child molester is a homosexual, even if he knows that to be the case.” One notorious offender in the USA molested more than 500 boys. The idea that paedophiles have no gender preference and therefore cannot be categorized as homosexual or heterosexual is a myth.

A further study was carried out for the FRC by Dr Timothy Daily and published in 2002. It confirmed everything that the 1985 study had shown. The report, entitled Homosexuality and Child Sexual Abuse, showed that while homosexual men make up less than three per cent of the adult male population, they commit a disproportionate number (one third or more) of child sexual molestations. Homosexuality and Child Sexual Abuse presents a number of controversial findings. The first is that a significant percentage of child sexual abuse victims are boys. The second finding of Dailey's report contradicts the "inaccurate but widely accepted claims of sex researcher Alfred Kinsey" that homosexuals comprise at least 10 per cent of the population. Based upon a study of three large data sets, the General Social Survey, the National Health and Social Life Survey, and the U.S. Census, "a recent study in demography estimates the number of exclusive male homosexuals in the general population at 2.5 per cent, and the number of exclusive lesbians at 1.4 per cent," writes Dailey.
Homosexuality and Child Sexual Abuse correctly points out that paedophiles have long existed as a subculture within the gay rights movement. Dailey quotes David Thorstad, a homosexual activist and founding member of NAMBLA, to demonstrate that by 1985, pedophilia had gained acceptance within the homosexual movement, as it was in that year that NAMBLA was admitted as a member in New York's council of Lesbian and Gay Organizations and the International Gay Association. In the words of Jim Kepner, at one time the curator of the International Gay and Lesbian Archives in Los Angeles: “A point I've been trying to make is that if we reject the boylovers in our midst today, we'd better stop waving the banner of the ancient Greeks, of Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Oscar Wilde, Walt Whitman, Horatio Alger, and Shakespeare. We'd better stop claiming them as part of our history unless we are broadening our concept of what it means to be gay.”
The research of G.G. Abel, M.Mittleman, and J.V.Becker et al., also published in 1985, indicated that of all types of paedophile, the male who molests boys is the most active, having far more victims than the average heterosexual offender and molesting them more repeatedly: “non-incestuous pedophiles who molest boys had committed an average of 282 offenses against 150 victims” [(“Sexual Offender: Results of Assessment and Recommendations for Treatment”, in Ben-Aron, Hucker and Webster, eds., Clinical Criminology. Toronto. M and M Graphics, 1985), see also “Self-Reported crimes of non-incarcerated paraphiliacs”, Journal of Interpersonal Violence vol 2 1987]
Abel found that homosexuals "sexually molest young boys with an incidence that is occurring from five times greater than the molestation of girls. …" and he found that non-incarcerated "child molesters admitted from 23.4 to 281.7 acts per offender … whose targets were males." He concluded that the typical homosexual pederast abused 150.2 boys while heterosexual had only an average of 19.8 victims.
          In his book Physical Abusers and Sexual Offenders: Forensic and Clinical Strategies, (CRC Press, 13 July 2006, p.292) Scott Allen Johnson notes the work of Abel et al. that revealed that “non-incarcerated sex offenders molest young boys at a significantly higher rate than young girls.” It added, “Arrest records are grossly inadequate sources of the types of sexually deviant and sexually violent sex offenders engage in” (Frisbie and Dondis, 1965). Moreover, sex offenders molesting boys were far more likely to have large numbers of victims than sex offenders molesting a female.” (G. G. Abel and C. Osborne , “The Paraphilias: The Extent and Nature of Sexually deviant Criminal Behaviour”, in Bradford, ed, Psychiatric Clinics of North America vol 15(3) pub. Saunders, Philadelphia 1992, pp 675-687)
In 2008, researchers from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the national public health institute of the United States, published further data showing that homosexual men are “at least three times more likely to report CSA (childhood sexual abuse).” They find the rates of childhood sexual abuse (which they abbreviate as CSA) for men who have sex with men range from 11.8% to 37.0%, and note that “the best-designed studies tend to converge on CSA prevalence of 15% to 25%.” While most of those who perpetrate sexual abuse are men, abusers are not necessarily homosexual or gay-identified, and the authors note that “in studies focusing on MSM, the perpetrators are 90% male.” The range of abuse varies in the different studies depending on the definition of abuse and the sample method. The researchers report that the rates of child sexual abuse for homo- or bisexual-identified men are significantly higher than those found among heterosexually-identified men.  They write that the rates for heterosexual men are usually “less than 10%,” and state that in five studies that compared the two groups, the homosexuals are “at least three times more likely to report CSA, however defined, than heterosexual men.”  This finding is reiterated in their conclusion: “Rates for MSM are 15% to 25% in the best designed studies, which is at least triple the rates reported among heterosexual men.” Some of the persistent emotional struggles reported by men who experienced CSA include anger and rage, betrayal and loss, intense fear, helplessness and loss of control, sexual identity confusion and struggle with masculinity, isolation and alienation, lack of belief in the legitimacy of both the abuse and the after-effects, enduring negative beliefs about self and others, repressed or compulsive sexuality, shame, and humiliation. They add “The fact that most childhood abusers of MSM were males suggests either an etiological link between CSA and adult sexual orientation, or the existence of childhood characteristics that are related to adult sexual orientation in men that increase vulnerability, or both.” They list some of the outcomes associated with childhood sexual abuse, including “sexual compulsivity;” “shame, guilt, and a long-standing uncertainty about sexual orientation;” “sexual identity confusion and struggle with masculinity;” “more lifetime sexual partners;” “increased risk for depression and partner violence” and “more sexual risk behavior and higher prevalence of HIV infection.”  Their sources are David W. Purcell, Jocelyn D. Patterson and Pilgrim S. Spikes, Jr., “Childhood Sexual Abuse Experienced by Gay and Bisexual Men: Understanding the Disparities and Interventions to Help Eliminate Them,” in Richard J. Wolitski, Ron Stall, and Ronald O Valdiserri, eds., Unequal Opportunity, (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2008), pp. 72-96.
he research of Tomeo et al., revealed in 2001 that nearly half of all “gay”-identified men who participated in research were molested by a homosexual pedophile: “46 percent of homosexual men and 22 percent of homosexual women reported having been molested by a person of the same gender. This contrasts to only 7 percent of heterosexual men and 1 percent of heterosexual women reporting having been molested by a person of the same gender.” The study was based on a non-clinical population of 465. (M. Tomeo, D. Templar, S. Anderson, and D. Kotler, “Comparative Data of Childhood and Adolescence Molestation in Heterosexual and Homosexual Persons.” Archives of Sexual Behavior Vol. 30 (3), 2001, pp. 535-541.)
 Diane Shrier and Robert L. Johnson found in 1988 that boys who had been sexually abused are seven times more likely to identify as homosexual or bisexual than their heterosexual counterparts. And this was gold-standard, peer-reviewed research. (“Sexual Victimization of Boys: An Ongoing Study of an Adolescent Medicine Clinic Population,” Journal of the National Medical Association 80).
 Richard C. Friedman and Jennifer I Downey discovered in 2009 that the boys who later identified as heterosexual had a mean average of 15.7 as the time of their first sexual experience. For the boy who later identified as homosexual, the mean average was 12.7. “Homosexuality,” The New England Journal of Medicine, vol. #331 (1994): 923-930, (27 April 2009) <>
Similar patterns and statistics are offered by researchers who deny that premature sexual activity is undesirable or harmful. Dr Bruce Rind, a psychologist at Temple University, Philadelphia, found that a very high percentage of homosexual and bisexual men have boyhood sexual encounters with older men. (“Gay and Bisexual Adolescent Boys' Sexual Experiences With Men: An Empirical Examination of Psychological Correlates in a Nonclinical Sample”, Archives of Sexual Behavior, Vol. 30, No.4, 2001. Academy of Sex Research) 
            Homosexualities: A Study of Diversity Among Men and Women (Simon and Schuster 1978) by Alan P. Bell and Martin S. Weinberg, reports that 25 percent of homosexual men admit to having had sexual relations with boys who are 16 or under. Their figures come from the Institute of Sex Research.
This is particularly worrying since findings published in the Journal of the American Medical Association show that 50 percent of male AIDS victims reported sexual relations with an adult male by the age of 16, and 20 percent of male AIDS victims had sexual relations with an adult male by age 10. In other words, early molestation is an open door to a life of promiscuity and disease.
          Homosexual Behavior & Pedophilia is an academic paper of 31 pages by Frank V. York and Robert H. Knight, published by the Family Research Council in the US in 2000. They write observantly, “Although most homosexual activists publicly deny that they want access to boys, many homosexual groups around the world are working aggressively to lower the age of sexual consent. Their cause is being aided by the professional psychiatric and psychological associations, which have moved in recent years toward normalizing pedophilia, much as they did with homosexuality in the early 1970s.” They present a wide range of very strong evidence for their case.
            This is true. Under pressure from the LGBT movement, the American Psychiatric Association removed pedophilia from its list of sexual perversions in 1994, while in 1999 the American Psychological Association published a report, "A Meta-Analytic Examination of Assumed Properties of Child Sexual Abuse Using College Samples," which "claimed child sexual abuse could be harmless and beneficial".
In 2011, Professor Mark Regnerus of University of Texas at Austin, carried out a study published in the Journal of Family Research. Using a new, “gold standard” data set of nearly 3,000 randomly selected American young adults, Regnerus looked at their lives on 40 measures of social, emotional and relationship outcomes. Regnerus's research concluded that children brought up by homosexuals are more likely to be sexually abused and the source of his information was the children themselves, questioned in later life. The reason is obvious: because they were mixing in circles where paedophile activity is very prevalent and morals are very scarce. When Regnerus’s research was published, homo-extremists tried to get him dismissed from his job at the university. There was a formal enquiry into “misconduct” which fortunately cleared him.
One of the world’s leading experts on this subject is psychologist Dr. Judith Reisman, a researcher at Regent University, USA. Reisman was the principal investigator for an $800,000 Justice Department grant studying child pornography and violence. According to her article Crafting "Gay" Children: An Inquiry, between 1-2 million gay males (2% of the adult male population of 90 million) abuse 6-8 million boys. The ratio is 3-5 boy victims to one gay male compared to one girl victim per eleven straight males. This is based on data from 33 million boys and 32 million girls under the age of 18. It is by far the largest-scale and most objective piece of academic research ever carried out on this subject. Reisman says that since 100% of gay males do not sexually assault boys, the 2% homosexual population harbors a vast pederast subculture committing multiple repeated child sex offences. In a study of advertisements in the influential homosexual newspaper, The Advocate, Reisman found advertisements for a "Penetrable Boy Doll … available in three provocative positions”. She also found that the number of erotic boy images in each issue of The Advocate averaged 14. She noted that homosexual newspapers and travel publications advertise prominently for countries where boy prostitution is widespread, such as Burma, the Philippines, Sri Lanka and Thailand.
Michael Munson of Hard Places Community is an American who has worked rescuing children exploited for sex tourism in Cambodia. He reports that boys are targeted as often as girls, and Ruth Elliott, founder of Daughters of Cambodia, agrees. In Ethiopia, Brazil, Peru, India and other sex-tourism hot spots, boys are as likely as girls to be victimized by travelling sexual predators. Some research even suggests that boys are more likely to be exploited.”
        A second more recent study agrees that boys are frequently ignored as victims of  sex trafficking. “Males remain a largely invisible population within the dialogue on sex trafficking. According to a 2008 study by the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, done in New York, boys comprised about 50 percent of sexually exploited children, with most being domestic victims. The mainstream media and well-intentioned but misinformed or inadequately trained professionals within the counter-trafficking movement have perpetuated the image of a young, foreign, female victim. Experts say that the law enforcement’s attitudes toward male victims are still weighed down by gender biases in trafficking discourse, which pins females as victims and males as perpetrators. Therefore, male victims in custody often fall through the cracks of services that could be offered to help them because they are not properly assessed for sexual exploitation.” This mass prostitution of boys to men in the USA is the hidden, ugly face of homosexuality.

In 2001, Californian Assemblyman Steve Baldwin, who is the executive director of the Council for National Policy in Washington, D.C. published a paper called "Child Molestation and the Homosexual Movement," (Regent University Law Review. Volume 14, 267. (2001-2002)),%20No.%202,%203%20Baldwin.pdf)
Baldwin correctly drew attention to the ratio element in analyzing statistics, and to the problem of media bias, concluding that child molestation and pedophilia occur far more commonly among homosexuals than among heterosexuals on a per capita basis. He gathers data that "confirms that homosexuals molest children at a rate vastly higher than heterosexuals, and the mainstream homosexual culture commonly promotes sex with children."
"The editorial board of the leading pedophile academic journal, Paidika, is dominated by prominent homosexual scholars such as San Francisco State University professor John DeCecco, who happens to edit the Journal of Homosexuality," Baldwin wrote.
A 1988 study detailed in Baldwin's report found that most pedophiles even consider themselves to be "gay." According to the study, in "Archives of Sexual Behavior," some 86 percent of pedophiles described themselves as homosexual or bisexual. Also, the study found, the number of teenage male prostitutes who identify as homosexuals has risen from 10 percent to 60 percent in the past 15 years.
Inevitably he was attacked and pilloried by the LGBT movement. Baldwin replied, "For them to say this theory is false is to call many of the homosexual movement's leaders liars. Most of my evidence comes right from the gay community….
"I managed to find enough evidence that my thesis – child molestation is an integral part of the homosexual movement – is a valid thesis," Baldwin told WorldNetDaily.
"Research on the homosexual lifestyle confirms it is almost exclusively a youth-oriented culture," Baldwin writes. Some homosexuals focus on teenage boys, some on prepubescent boys, and many cross over between categories.
Jay Heavener, spokesman for PFLAG – Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays, responded with denial, saying that federal crime data refute claims that homosexuals molest children at higher rates than heterosexuals. "According to data from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), this claim is false," he told WND by e-mail. "The gay and lesbian community calls into question any dubious research which flies in the face of our own experience." And Gary Schoener, a clinical psychologist who has been diagnosing and treating clergy abuse for 28 years, told, "There are far more heterosexual cases than homosexual." 

This term “cases” is vague and confused. Does he mean numbers of offenders or numbers of victims? If he is talking about numbers of victims, that is not true and furthermore he is completely failing to take demographics and ratio into account, so his argument is worthless. It’s like saying Switzerland is not a mountainous country because there are mountains elsewhere in the world. But the fact remains that Switzerland is a tiny country and has a remarkably high number of very high mountains for its area.

In terms of numbers of victims, the cases involving boys are far higher than is generally admitted, possibly half of all cases. In terms of numbers of offenders, there is a built-in fallacy as homosexual paedophiles typically have far more victims than heterosexual ones. The ratio factor has to be taken into account before we make sense of any statistics, and furthermore the data of the police are very questionable. Boy molestation is under-reported or reported in a gender-neutral way that conceals its true nature. Some figures are shown here below in the A-Z index of evidence under C for Catholic Church.

Even if the figures were 50:50 heterosexual:homosexual, when we consider that homosexuals are such a small minority of the population, 1.5%, such figures would still reveal far more paedophile activity within that tiny sector that in a comparable percentage of the heterosexual population. The ratio factor has to be taken into account before we make sense of any statistics, and furthermore the data of the police are very questionable. Boy molestation is under-reported or reported in a gender-neutral way that conceals its true nature.
Baldwin says evidence he examined disproves the assertion that child molestation is more prevalent among heterosexuals. Both he and Reisman found that media coverage of adult homosexual abuse of minors is slanted. “The National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association (NLGJA) recently boasted that although homosexuals are less than two percent of the population, three-fourths of the people who decide the content of the front page of the New York Times are homosexual," Reisman wrote.
           That one fact is especially noteworthy, experts point out, given the recent child sex scandals taking place within the American Catholic church. A survey by WorldNetDaily of recent news reports found that rarely did the media describe priestly sexual abuse as "homosexual" or "gay" activity – even though the majority involved male-to-male contact, and a spate of investigative reports has revealed that the Vatican is concerned about an upsurge of homosexuals in seminary schools throughout the world. Much of the evidence listed in this book's alphabetical Index indicates that homosexual men deliberately take positions in schools, care-homes, boy scout troops and other institutions where they can get access to young boys.
            The investigative journalist Nick Davies, who has made a long term study of sex abuse in Britain, and written articles for The Guardian and other national newspapers, now has his own website. He argues that sex abuse is organized, collusive and endemic, happening on a “vast scale”. The evidence he brings shows that homosexual men are at the centre of the problem and abuse most prolifically and most aggressively. Moreover they are working within the system to legalize what they are doing. He writes, “This vast scale appears to be confirmed by “prevalence studies” which take samples of the population and establish how many were childhood victims of sexual abuse. In the UK, the United States, Germany, Switzerland and Australia, studies consistently find that around 20% of women and around 8% of men suffered sexual abuse as children.” 

If we accept those figures, then the one per cent of homosexual men in the population molest four per cent. That makes four victims per male homosexual. Meanwhile the forty-nine per cent of heterosexual men molest ten percent, making approximately 0.2 victims per male heterosexual. Conclusion: a homosexual is twenty times more likely to abuse children. Davies finds that the homosexuals, who are persistently campaigning and lobbying to abolish the age of consent, have also systematicall infiltrated schools, care-homes and social services to ensure they can get what they want unhindered by “bigotry”. Davies is under no illusion that CSA is harmless, or that most victims "consent". It causes physical injury, disease and emotional trauma, often leading to long-term damage. And it is simply wrong.
Much of the research has been concerned with trying to establish whether CSA makes people become homosexual. In 1995 Dr. Thomas Schmidt wrote, “Nevertheless, it is disturbing to find that although under 4 percent of boys are molested by men, a recent major study found that the rate of childhood molestation by men among homosexual or bisexual men was nearly ten times that (35 percent). It is also notable that 75 percent of homosexual men report their first homosexual experience prior to the age of sixteen, as compared to 22 percent of heterosexual men reporting their first heterosexual experience.” Straight and Narrow? (Downers Grove, Illinois:  InterVarsity Press, 1995) p. 148, referring to J. M. Siegal, et al., “The Prevalence of Childhood Sexual Assault,” American Journal of Epidemiology 126 (December, 1986): 1141-1153.  Also to L.S. Doll, et al, “Self-Reported Childhood and Adolescent Sexual Abuse Among Adult Homosexual and Bisexual Men,’ Child Abuse and Neglect 16, (1992), p. 855-64; and to D.P. McWhirter and A. M. Mattison, The Male Couple: How Relationships Develop (Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prengice-Hall, 1984), pp, 269 and 271.
In 2000, Drs. Stanton Jones and Mark Yarhouse analyzed data from what is probably the best survey of sexual behavior in America. They write, “Experience of sexual abuse as a child, in other words, more than tripled the likelihood of later reporting homosexual orientation.”  They continue, “Other studies have reported the same trend.” Dr. Stanton L. Jones and Dr. Mark A Yarhouse, Homosexuality: The Use of Scientific Research in the Church’s Moral Debate, (Downers Grove, Illinois:  InterVarsity Press, 2000) p. 57; referring to Edward O. Laumann, John H. Gagnon, Robert T. Michael and Stuart Michaels, The Social Organization of Sexuality: Sexual Practices in the United States, (Chicago University of Chicago Press, 1994), table 9.14, p. 344.
Professor  Elizabeth Wells, a researcher based in the Department of Public Health and General Practice at the University of Otago, New Zealand, analysed data about sexual orientation and home life gathered as part of a major New Zealand mental health survey carried out in 2003 and 2004. Wells found that people who identify themselves as homosexual or bisexual, or who have had a same-sex encounter or relationship, tend to come from more disturbed backgrounds. Information extracted from 13,000 face-to-face interviews clearly showed those with same-sexual or bisexual orientation were more likely to have experienced molestation in childhood. People who had experienced violence or sexual abuse as children were three times more likely to identity themselves as homosexual or bisexual than those who had not experienced abuse. Also, the more often someone experienced abuse in childhood, the more likely they were to belong to one of the “non-exclusively heterosexual” groups.
Associations between adverse events and sexuality group were found for sexual assault, rape, violence to the child and for witnessing violence in the home. Other adverse events, such as the sudden death of a loved one, serious childhood illness or accident, were only slightly associated with non-heterosexual identity or behaviour. Prof Wells said there was no way of knowing from her study why there was a link between negative events in childhood and same-sex sexual orientation.We took a life-course approach, looking at where people had come from and where they have got to. But there was no opportunity to ask people why they [identified as homosexual or bisexual] and whether they thought that was linked to their childhood experiences.” (“Sexual orientation link to past: study” reviewed in Otago Daily Times Online News : Otago, South Island, New Zealand & International News. See
Dr Dean Byrd, M.D. Ph.D, was elected in 2007 as the President of NARTH for 2008. Byrd received his Ph.D. in psychology from Brigham Young University, a post-doctoral degree in Child and Family Psychology from Virginia Commonwealth University and Medical College of Virginia, and a post-doctoral degree in Behavioral Medicine from Loyola University, Chicago. He received an M.P.H. and an M.B.A.from the University of Utah and a diploma in forensic medicine.[11]
Byrd served as the Director of Clinical Training for LDS Social Services, was a Clinical Professor at Brigham Young University, and was, at the time of his death, a Clinical Professor at the University of Utah, School of Medicine, with appointments in the Department of Family and Preventive Medicine and in Department of Psychiatry, with an adjunct clinical appointment in the Department of Family Studies. As member of the faculty at the University of Utah, he lectured medical students about disparities in health care in the population. He was a member of the American Psychological Association, the Utah Psychological Association where he served on the Governing Board, with professional affiliations in the American Orthopsychiatric Association, where he was a fellow, the American Public Health Association, the American Board of Forensic Examiners and the Prescribing Psychologist Register. He was a former member of the Evergreen Board of Trustees; President of Thrasher Research Fund, a pediatric research granting institution; and had visiting professor appointments in Israel and Poland. Byrd also had training in genetics, biochemistry and neurochemistry from the University of California at Berkeley.” (Wikipedia) Despite all of that, his views on homosexuality are scorned by LGBT activists because they do not conform to LGBT dogma. People with no credentials themselves dismiss his research and call NARTH a “hate-group”.
          In 2009 Byrd said, “There is an interesting problem with the research – we have been asking the wrong question for many years. If you ask men if they were sexually abused, many will say “no,” because allowing oneself to be sexually abused is incompatible with masculinity. However, if you ask men how old they were at the time of their first sexual experience, the data seems more accurate. Sexual abuse causes havoc in the lives of boys – in part because of the way in which our culture differentially responds to boys and girls.  Such abuse can certainly have the impact of gender confusion which contributes to gender identity which determines sexual orientation….Most of the men that I have treated over the years have experienced some kind of trauma – some kind of premature introduction to sexuality either in the form of sexual abuse or some kind of pornography along with peer abuse.”
Dr James M. Cantor is a professor at the University of Toronto Faculty of  Medicine Department of Psychiatry, and one of the world leading experts on paedophilia. His research concludes that homosexual men are three times more likely than heterosexuals to molest children. That sounds like a very cautious under-estimate. He says that a large percentage of pedophiles are homosexual men, usually with adult partners who become their partners in crime. The number of victims molested by most male pedophiles is very high, so they commit a high proportion of such crimes across the population. (
In a study published in 2012, Maurice Berger, a psychiatrist and Professor of Child Psychology at CHU St-Etienne Paris, concluded that one in four children brought up by homosexual parents was sexually abused. He surveyed the existing publications that asserted homoparental upbringing was harmless or beneficial and said that all of it had glaring deficiencies from a scientific point of view and was so biased it should be regarded as mere polemic.
Hunting the Paedophiles, a Channel 4 Television documentary broadcast 7th December 2015, revealed that homosexual men are targeting boys for sexual abuse online all over the world. Investigators discovered as many as 18,000 boy victims aged 10-15, most of them in the UK, being tricked then blackmailed into providing nude photographs or even videos of indecent acts.

            In her book The Death of Right and Wrong (Prima Forum 2003), ex-lesbian and ex-feminist Tammy Bruce reveals that many homosexual males were victims of molestation in their childhood. This includes some of those raped in Dachau by homosexual Nazi storm troopers.  Her view is upheld by an ever-emerging body of evidence. See entries below on McQueen, etc.
           It is not the intention of this present book to argue that homosexuality is caused by childhood abuse, but merely to assemble evidence that male homosexuals per capita carry out such abuse far more widely than heterosexuals. Paedophilia is a characteristic of the homosexual mentality, part of the syndrome, indeed it is typical. An obsession with juveniles is inherent in the homosexual condition. The founders and leaders of the LGBT movement are predominantly paedophiles. So are many of the so-called academics who now earn salaries in “gender studies”.
Nevertheless, the aggressive LGBT movement is getting experts who expose the true facts blacklisted and dismissed from professional positions. In February 2011, Dr Hans-Christian Raabe was dismissed from the UK Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs for holding ‘embarrassing’ views about homosexuality. The idea that Raabe’s views were “embarrassing” resulted from an attack in the blog of homosexual ex-MP Evan Harris, who was still smarting after the shock loss of his parliamentary seat to a Christian Conservative in 2010. Left-wing journalists then lynched Raabe, attacking his views on everything because he was a Christian.
Christian drug expert sacked from Government advisory panel
By James Slack and Ian Drury
UPDATED: 08:39, 7 February 2011
Highly respected: Dr Raabe says his sacking sets a dangerous precedent
Home Office officials said he had failed to disclose being co-author of a study suggesting a link between homosexuality and paedophilia.
Anti-drugs campaigners described his sacking as an outrage. Many had welcomed him as a breath of fresh air on the ACMD, which has repeatedly called for softer attitudes to drugs, such as cannabis and ecstasy. By contrast Dr Raabe believes that children should be told to ‘say No’, rather than being told the safest way to consume a banned substance.
Dr Raabe told the Daily Mail: ‘My appointment has merely been revoked as a result of my views on matters completely unrelated to drug policy.’
Dr Raabe was appointed to the ACMD by minister James Brokenshire on January 10. But he immediately came under attack from Left-wing newspapers, a BBC internet blog and former members of the ACMD.
Following the criticism, Dr Raabe received a letter from the Home Office saying it was ‘minded to reconsider’ the appointment. Today it will confirm he has been sacked from the unpaid, three-year post. The department said he has been dismissed for failure to disclose a report which ‘raises concerns over his credibility to provide balanced advice on drug misuse issues’.
The comments on homosexuality and paedophilia attributed to Dr Raabe were taken from a scientific paper he co-wrote with six other medical practitioners in 2005. The paper, ‘Gay Marriage’ and Homosexuality: Some Medical Comments,” drew conclusions from research and studies by other academics. Using this data Dr Raabe and his colleagues concluded that there is a ‘disproportionately greater number of homosexuals among paedophiles’ and warn this is of ‘grave concern’.
Raabe’s paper was published in the prestigious British Medical Journal in 2005 but they have removed it from their website., The full text can be read on this website where it was copied
It presents in cogent and erudite terms the arguments against same-sex marriage with its concomitant, the adoption of children. The relevant passage about homosexuality and paedophilia reads, “The number of homosexuals in essentially all surveys is less than 3%. (Statistics Canada found only 1% of the population who described themselves as homosexual.) However, the percentage of homosexuals among pedophiles is 25%. (Blanchard R et al. “Fraternal birth order and sexual orientation in pedophiles.” Archives of Sexual Behavior 2000; 29: 463-78.) Therefore, the prevalence of pedophilia among homosexuals is about 10-25 times higher than one would expect if the proportion of pedophiles were evenly distributed within the (hetero- and homosexual) populations.”
The statistics come from The Dunedin Study (Dr Louise Arsenault 2002). Its conclusions about the links between homosexuality and paedophilia were considered so well-grounded that its conclusions were accepted by the British Home Office.
( -  page 14) But in 2011 the Home Office reversed this decision and has since then removed the document from its website. The archive is no longer searchable.

         The psychological profile of the adult male homosexual pederast is one of the commonest of all homosexual types. Many male homosexuals assert that all male homosexuals are inclined to pederasty. It is certainly true that many of them are. The word “pederasty”, derived from Greek via Latin and French, arrived in the English language in 1610 and was, together with “sodomy” the usual term for describing inter-male perversion until the introduction of the word “homosexuality” in 1891. Living in a relationship with another adult homosexual or even falling in love with one is no proof that the person is not a pederast. Indeed, they frequently hunt in pairs. Many male homosexual pederasts are keen to have physical relations with both adults and boys. Others desire adolescents aged 14-22 – this is termed ephebephilia. The preference for boys aged 11-14 is hebephilia. Many homosexuals target boys even younger.      
Although this book is called Homosexuality and Paedophilia, what really emerges from the evidence is a triangular relationship between homosexuality, paedophilia and the LGBT movement. They are inseparable and exist in a symbiotic relationship, feeding and being fed by each other. 
The LGBT movement has always been from the outset a paedophile movement. This is not, as some apologists claim, a matter of a temporary alliance between two separate movements in the 1970s or 1980s. ( The truth is that they have always been the same people. The “gays” who founded “gay liberation” were paedophiles and a lot of lesbian extremists go along with their views. The powerful international gay-alliance group ILGA, which gets hundreds of millions of euros of public funding per year, was founded by Ian Campbell Dunn, a convicted paedophile offender, and a founding member of the Paedophile Information Exchange. He worked closely with Peter Ashman, another paedophile. The evidence is under their names below.
While today they may hypocritically claim that they have changed and renounced the alliance, all that has happened is a change in terminology. Instead of saying openly that they are paedophiles, they campaign to lower the age of consent. It comes to the same thing. They craftily contrive to go into schools and purge them of “homophobia” or imaginary “gay bullying”. This is a front for recruiting, influencing and accessing young children, many of whom are seduced at LGBT youth groups.
Once the law has accepted the concept of a child’s legal consent, we are into the nightmare area where any molested child will have to prove that they did not consent. This is bad enough in cases where a woman is raped. If an adult woman often finds it impossible to prove that she did not consent, how much harder will it be for a child of 10, 8, 6 or even less? That nightmare is just around the corner.
This book does not advocate violence, or any illegal harassment of any person. The author merely believes that laws against child abuse should be enforced using the official channels. The research is offered simply because we, the public and the parents, HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW THE TRUTH. 

[next installment to follow] 

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