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Peter Campbell, the Conservative Party Paedophile behind Gay Marriage

         Under the leadership of the late Margaret Thatcher, the UK Conservative Party was just that  - a conservative political party that defended established institutions, not least the family, one of the basic structures of civilisation, and one that makes a society well-organized and strong.
        So how did the Conservative Party, in just one generation, morph into the misshapen monster it is now? Under the leadership of David Cameron it has rushed into imposing same-sex "marriage" on the UK with no mandate from the voters. Nothing was said about it in any party manifesto before the 2010 elections. In fact, David Cameron said on Fox News a few days before the election in May 2010 that he had "no plans to re-define marriage". He lied. 
Under the Coalition government today, even the youngest children in UK schools are being taught to regard dangerous sexual perversion as "diversity" and corruption as "tolerance".
       Even in Thatcher's time, things were changing inside the Conservative Party. In 1975, a Conservative Group for Homosexual Equality was formed by party members, led by Peter Walter Campbell, a Professor of Politics at Reading University. Campbell belonged to the Monday Club, a sub-group of ultra-libertarian Conservatives who believe in privatising everything from the prisons to the police. He was a member of the Albany Society which had campaigned for homosexuality to be legalised in 1967, and the very left-wing dominated Campaign for Homosexual Equality. They might have regarded him as an oddity, but he was like many of them in one striking way - he was a paedophile.

The name "Peter Campbell  - Monday Club" is found on this list of clients of the Elm Guesthouse, a boy-brothel flourishing in South-West London in the  1970s and 1980s. The brothel was run by Haroun and Carole Kasir, and it offered boys for male customers, . Boys mostly 10-14 were brought in from nearby care-homes, dosed with drugs and alcohol, and then left to the mercy of wealthy deviants who raped and molested them. Some of the goings-on were photographed or filmed for more titillation. There was even a bondage room equipped with ropes, handcuffs and whips.  The place was closed down in 1988 but before she died, Mrs Kasir gave a list of regular clients to a former child protection officer, Mary Moss, who was investigating allegations made by victims. It was stunning, full of famous names from the world of show-business, M15 and politics. It included numerous MPs, and "Peter Campbell  - Monday Club". It could not refer to anyone else. Other Monday Club members on the list were Conservative MPs Charles Irving, Peter Bottomley and Harvey Proctor. 
        Not only did Peter Campbell use the boy-brothel, but he advertised it in the newsletter of the Conservative Group for Homosexual Equality, which he edited. The advertisement mentioned that Elm gave a discount to members  of the "Spartacus club"  - an infamous pederast network that fixed up paedophiles with victims to molest while on trips abroad.


       Researchers for NAPAC (the National Association of People Abused in Childhood)  have tracked down a letter Campbell wrote in 1982, at the time of this advertisement, with a handwritten note on it from Peter Campbell to John Rowe, another frequenter of the Elm Guesthouse, saying "I have now inserted the entry about the hotel but can't find the text about the Dutch adventure   - could you please let me have another copy? - Pete". The Netherlands was the nearest and most popular destination for the boy-molesting holidays organised by Spartacus Club.  
       Campbell could hop on the train at Reading and be in Paddington in forty-five minutes. From there he could take the Central Line Tube or more likely, on his professorial salary, he could afford to take a taxi to Barnes in Richmond. There he would select whatever bewildered, depressed young boy took his fancy, take him to a bedroom or even into the sauna, perform obscene acts on him, check him back in, and then have a drink in the bar before going on to meet friends at the House of Commons, or home to Reading. He was probably a member of the Spartacus club himself, and despite all of that he went on teaching in a British university. This molester of children was paid to teach teenagers aged from 18 upwards. These are the sort of people who have foisted "gay marriage" onto us.
        Under the leadership of John Major, the CGHE increased in size and strength and by 2010 it had quite simply taken over the party. So many "gay" activists had joined or infiltrated it, that the Conservative party was no longer committed to family, tradition or moral standards of behaviour, but had sold out entirely to the porn-prostitution-and-drugs brigade. That's why it's not surprising now to find the likes of Mark Menzies or Connor Burns sitting as Conservative MPs, and voting for "gay marriage". 
    Some would say that the rot in the Conservative party set in even before Mrs Thatcher's time. In 1975, the Conservative leader was Edward Heath, and he is now after his death revealed to have been not only a homosexual but a man who loved to rape boys. 

He had close links with Jimmy Savile, and the child-prostitution ring run from the care-home at Haut de la Garenne in Jersey. These allegations are not merely made by journalists or bloggers, they are publicly stated by barrister Michael Shrimpton.
 All of these facts, and many more, are taken from the book Homosexuality and Paedophilia: A Reference Guide.
With acknowledgements to NAPAC and their website The NeedleBlog.

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