Friday, 28 June 2013

Council of Europe Condemns French Repression of Pro-Marriage Movement

It's official. The council of Europe has issued a condemnation of the way that the French government is using repression to silence protest against the destruction of marriage. It has decreed that French authorities are violating human rights by using tear-gas, smoke-bombs, imprisonment and random arrests to silence the huge opposition led by the organization La Manif Pour Tous.

Des manifestants de la Manif pour tous sont victimes de gaz lacrymogènes à Paris le 19 avril. La France est visée dans un texte du Conseil de l'Europe sur la répression policière des manifestations.

    The French government even tried to get the delegates of La Manif Pour Tous excluded from the chamber during the debate, another example of queer tyranny and arrogant left-wing dictatorship.
    This condemnation is a major step forward. Now we can all get behind La Manif Pour Tous and join forces with its work to preserve marriage, and defend the rights of heterosexuals and children.
The Loi Taubira is a crazy law. It abolishes the terms mother and father, husband and wife, and turns all marriages into nothing more than a "civil partnership" between two genderless people whose children only reside with them by permission of the state. It turns children into property bought and sold by homosexuals and businesses.
    Europe needs a massive new heterosexual rights movement now. Russia and Poland are ready to lead it  - we must follow their lead.

Here is a video of the hearing at the court in Strasbourg yesterday:-

If you have not yet signed the petition in favour of Nicolas Bernard-Buss, please sign it now! (See earlier post on this blog)

Monday, 24 June 2013

"Gay" Marriage Fair in Paris Deserted - No Customers...

After the ridiculous Loi Taubira came into force in France, permitting same-sex "marriage", a business venture put on a wedding fair for homosexual couples in the Parc Floral in the middle of Paris. They anticipated thousands of well-heeled visitors coming to browse and shop for fashion, accessories, reception venues, champagne, top-class florists, photographers and honeymoon venues. Not to mention the rings...

Dans les allées vides du Salon du mariage gay, dimanche, au Parc floral, à Paris.

But after two days opening with dozens of stands exhibiting their wares and services, there was a total of only 150 visitors. Very few of them were "gay" and the only orders that were placed were by ...heterosexuals!!!! The fair is having to close early because it is not making any money at all. Some stall holders are demanding their rental fees back.
At first the organizers said the low attendance was because homosexual are not usually early risers. But even in the afternoon and evening, the place was depressingly empty. IT IS A COMPLETE FLOP. 
We told you marriage was between a man and a woman!!!  
The social engineers who are enforcing same-sex marriage have forgotten one thing  - well, two things. One is that homosexuals are a tiny minority of society and the other is that most of them don't want to get paired off in any way. According the the UK Office of National Statistics, they are only 2.6% of the population, and the same percentage in France. If they want any relationship most are perfectly content with an informal one or a civil partnership. While the political power-game is to get marriage and destroy it, the homos themselves are mostly to be found at the gay-bars and gay-saunas or picking each other up on mobile phone "dating" networks like GRNDR.

Predictably the organizers blamed "homophobia..." According to the LGBT fanatics "homophobia" is to blame for everything from AIDS to global warming.

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Shameful Advertisements for Child Sale Appear on Facebook

In the wake of same-sex marriage comes the shameful trade in babies and human embryos.
In the margins of Facebook, advertisements appear for "Budget Surrogacy in India  - gay-friendly!"
This sick trade means that Third World women are being exploited to breed babies as pets and accessories for rich queer couples (who are always portrayed as being young and good-looking, unlike Elton John. Naturally the people who appear in the adverts are models, not the real customers).

They blandly assure customers they can get "Caucasian egg donors" because there's no reason gays can't be racist! You can look through photographs to select your egg donor. And no wonder there are so many available. In Britain, where lesbians can get free IVF in some areas, in others the health authority will not provide any fertility treatment even for a heterosexual couple with no children at all. So normal heterosexual couples have to pay thousands of pounds for IVF and they are pressurized into "donating" [i.e. selling] an egg or two at £750 each to reduce the cost of treatment.
The destruction of the family may be big business but La Manif Pour Tous is determined that it will not be accepted in France. EVERY CHILD HAS THE RIGHT TO A MOTHER AND A FATHER.

French Family Campaigners Gassed by Police at Lyons

The demonstrators in today's impromptu protest rally to support Nicolas Bernard-Buss have been savagely gassed by police in another astonishing violation of human rights and civil rights.
The young pro-family campaigner is being held in the prison of Fleury near Lyons. The supporters of the pro-marriage movement La Manif Pour Tous staged a public protest in Lyons, the nearest large city, to show their disapproval of such treatment of a peaceful political campaign.
The police responded with even more VIOLENCE, REPRESSION and brutality.
Many senior and distinguished members of the community attended the protest. They included Patrick Louis, a city councillor and former MEP (in the picture) as well as leading members of all the professions. A father complained that his sixteen-year-old daughter was gassed. They were all peaceful and unarmed and were disgusted to be treated like terrorists.
Shame on the French government and shame on the homo-extremists who have caused this harm to society.
The mounting brutality is proof that the hated same-sex marriage law can only be imposed by violence, not by democracy. It is an attack on the family and the rights of children, that the well-educated French will not tolerate and will not allow to slip past under the radar.
In Paris and other major cities there were simultaneous demonstrations today by La Manif Pour Tous. All were attended by thousands of people, undeterred by the crackdown on Nicolas or the harsh tactics of police.

The Hollande government is now desperately unpopular. The President gets only 26% support in the opinion polls. He has kept none of his election promises, about creating jobs, but has landed the middle classes with heavy new taxes and sent the rich into tax exile. Every day there are demonstrations against his unpopular rule and the next big rally against same-sex "marriage" will be held in central Paris on 14th July.
It happens to be the anniversary of the storming of the Bastille, a reminder that bad laws and unpopular governments do not always last forever....


Or this one:-

The latter petition has already been signed by the following people:
Les premiers signataires :
Pierre ALBERTINI, député honoraire, ancien maire de Rouen, Charles BEIGBEDER, chef d’entreprise, secrétaire national de l'UMP, Jérôme BESNARD, essayiste, Véronique BESSE, député de Vendée, Gilles BOURDOULEIX, député-maire de Cholet, Béatrice BOURGE, Présidente du Collectif pour l'enfant, Christine BOUTIN, ancien ministre, Christophe BOUTIN, professeur des Universités, Xavier BRETON, député de l'Ain, Emmanuel Caldagues, adjoint au maire du Ier arrondissement de Paris, Matthieu COLOMBANI, délégué général du PCD, Alexandre CUIGNACHE, avocat, Général Bruno DARY, général de corps d'Armée (2S), Olivier DAZAT, scénariste et écrivain, Chantal DELSOL, philosophe, membre de l’Institut, Renaud DOZOUL, architecte et essayiste, Jérôme DUBUS, secrétaire national de l’UMP, Jean-Marie FAUGERE, général d’armée (2S), François-Marin FLEUTOT, historien, Falk van GAVER, essayiste, Philippe GOSSELIN, député de la Manche François GUILLAUME, ancien ministre, Jacques de GUILLEBON, essayiste, Michel HANNOUN, député honoraire, Joël HAUTEBERT, professeur des Universités, François LEBEL, maire du 8e arrondissement de Paris, Gérard LECLERC, journaliste et écrivain, Jean-François LEGARET, maire du 1er arrondissement de Paris, Geoffroy LE JEUNE, journaliste, Jean-Marie LE MENE, président de la Fondation Lejeune, Théophane LE MENE, chroniqueur, Xavier LEMOINE, maire de Montfermeil Anne-Marie LE POURHIET, professeur des Universités, Jean-François MATTEI, philosophe, Olivier MAULIN, romancier, Charles MILLON, ancien ministre, Bruno NORTH, secrétaire général du CNIP, Jean-Frédéric POISSON, député des Yvelines, Frédéric ROUVILLOIS, professeur des Universités, Guillaume de THIEULLOY, historien, Denis TILLINAC, écrivain, Philippe de VILLIERS, ancien ministre, député européen, David-Xavier WEISS, secrétaire national de l’UMP

Thursday, 20 June 2013

"Gay" marriage Campaigners call for Nicolas to be Raped

A shameful outburst from the "gay" marriage contingent in France reveals them in their true colours.
A certain Stéphane Guillon has circulated remarks on Twitter to the effect that when young Nicolas encounters the homosexual inmates of the prison he has been sent to for two months, he will be treated to something that will change his mind about homosexuality. The "joke" has gone the rounds of liberal and socialist circles in France. It shows what underlies their demands for "equality"  - not such such nice normal people after all....

Nicolas Bernard-Busse has been sentenced to two months in gaol, two further months of tagging and a fine of 1,000 euros  -  all merely for attending a demonstration last Sunday against same-sex marriage, organized by La Manif Pour Tous. Hundreds were arrested and have spent time in police cells.
Far from quelling the unrest, the crackdown has stimulated more resistance and a protest demonstration has already taken place.

 LMPT are planning another really big rally in the centre of Paris on 14th July  - the anniversary of the storming of the Bastille.
If you want to send your sympathy to the young man this is the address to write to:-

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

French pro-Family Campaigner Gaoled for Two Months for Wearing Logo

We are sorry to report that the French protestor named Nicolas Bernard Buss, whose arrest and detention we reported here earlier, has now been sentenced to two months in prison, followed by two months tagging and a fine of 1,000 euros.
Nicolas, a 23-year-old student, was among those arrested in Paris last Sunday when French President Francois Hollande  appeared at the studios of the TV station M6, to give an interview. 1500 demonstrators were present, waving banners and singing slogans in favour of real marriage. There were more than 150 people arrested.  Nicolas was originally arrested merely for wearing a sweat-shirt with the pro-family logo of La Manif Pour Tous. He has now appeared before a tribunal. Desperate from some pretext to bring a criminal charge, the police accused him of running away from arrest!
Thousands of people have already suffered temporary detentions in police cells, of up to a week, without facing any criminal charge beyond that of wearing a banned sweat-shirt. Rebellious teenagers are now wearing the sweat-shirts to school and in case they are ordered to remove them, they wear nothing underneath.
 The police cannot cope with the continued protests and the authorities are getting desperate to quell the nationwide unrest and civil disobedience of those who oppose the Loi Taubira.

Please sign this petition in defence of Nicolas and his right to peacefully express his views:-

Photo: " Les derniers mots du condamné, avant de se retrouver à nouveau derrière les barreaux, furent « On ne lâche rien ! ».
A noter que les personnes présentes au dépôt afin de soutenir le moral de Nicolas ont été violemment parquées par les forces de l’ordre. Des téléphones portables ont été arrachés." 

...les "Européens pour La Manif" consternés pour la condamnation de Nicolas...non, nous ne lâcherons rien, ni personne, jamais !!

Meanwhile, more and more mayors are refusing to perform same-sex "weddings". The latest hero is the mayor of Mésanger in Loire-Atlantique (Western France).

French Student Held in Cell for 6 days for Wearing Pro-Family Slogan

A French student named Nicholas has been arrested and held in a police cell for six days just for wearing a sweat-shirt with the banned logo of La Manif Pour Tous.
 The LMPT movement stands for man-woman marriage and the right of every child to have a mother and a father. It is a completely peaceful, moral movement yet its symbol - a man, woman and two children holding hands  - has been banned by the repressive French socialist government.
The student was arrested along with several others and charged with disturbing the peace just because he was wearing the LMPT sweat-shirt.

He was hand-cuffed, forced into a lorry and transported lying face-down so that he could hardly breathe. He has been kept in prison now for five days and all for simply wearing a sweatshirt that the government doesn't like!
This is one of hundreds of instances of violence and brutality by the homo-extremist movement that got control of the French government. It is a violation of HETEROSEXUAL RIGHTS.
WE ASSERT THAT HETEROSEXUAL RIGHTS ARE HUMAN RIGHTS  and we denounce all forms of homosexual bullying and tyranny.

A crowd of fifty of his supporters gathered here outside the tribunal to protest against his detention.
A sixth-form school named Mademoiselle A was arrested in Paris last Saturday  just for wearing a polo-shirt with the LMPT logo on it. She was released after two days, 24 hours before sitting her Baccalaureate exams.
Free Nicholas Now!
 Abolish the Loi Taubira!

Sunday, 16 June 2013

French Pro-Family Campaign Carries on Gathering Force

Photo: #HollandeDémission par des Français en révolte hier soir devant la Sorbonne ! #ONLR !

The French are giving a moral lead to the rest of Europe. It is magnificent to watch the new demonstrations happening day after day, week after week, against the absurd Loi Taubira.
The authorities have cracked down in a brutal, undemocratic and shameful way that brings the socialist government of Francois Hollande into complete disrepute.

Along with "gay" marriage goes a whole package of nasty, authoritarian social engineering. The words mother and father are being abolished, children are being bought and sold like merchandise and the state is assuming the right to decide whether parents are fit to bring up their own child.
La Manif Pour Tous stands for the RIGHTS OF THE CHILD. Every child is entitled to have a mother and a father, just as nature intended. Even if the original mother and father cannot bring it up, adoption should be geared to the rights and needs of the CHILD, not the market power of homosexual couples who want to buy children.
Disgracefully, a pair of homosexual men in France recently purchased a child from its mother, a student in Brussels, and smuggled it illegally into Paris. They paid 5,000 euros  - about the cost of a very battered secondhand car. This kind of thing has not been seen since the days of the slave trade.
La Manif Pour Tous is responding heroically and every day there are fresh demonstrations, rallies, occupations and flash-mobs denouncing the President, the same-sex "marriage" law and the policies that go with it.
Across France many mayors have refused to carry out same-sex "weddings" and in one case, in the town of Arcangues, the mayor and his entire council have all said they will have nothing to do with it. The mayor cannot be sacked as he is elected but he can face severe fines or prison.

Friday, 7 June 2013

Council of Human Rights Denounces Repression of Pro-family Movement in France

M Grégor Puppinck, director of the European Centre for Human Rights and Justice at Geneva, yesterday denounced the violence and brutality being used by the French government to repress the pro-family movement La Manif Pour Tous. He called the violations "serious" and a disgrace to the human rights record of France.

Published on Jun 6, 2013
Intervention complète de M. Grégor Puppinck, directeur du Centre Européen pour les Droits de l'Homme et la Justice, au Conseil des droits de l'homme à Genève lors de la 23ème session régulière, le 6 juin 2013.

L'Examen Périodique Universel (EPU) est un mécanisme des Nations-Unies par lequel le Conseil des Droits de l'Homme passe périodiquement en revue les actions de chaque Etat membre de l'ONU dans le domaine des droits de l'homme. Chaque Etat examiné fait l'objet de critiques et de recommandations et présente en retour les mesures qu'il entreprend pour améliorer la situation sur son territoire. L'ECLJ, en tant qu'organisation non gouvernementale (ONG) accréditée auprès des Nations-Unies a la faculté d'intervenir oralement devant le Conseil des Droits de l'Homme, ce qu'elle fait régulièrement pour défendre et promouvoir en particulier les libertés de religion, de conscience et d'expression à travers le monde. C'est la première fois que l'ECLJ intervient pour dénoncer des violations des droits de l'homme par un pays européen. (voir ) De telles interventions permettent d'exposer publiquement des violations des droits de l'homme, et autant que possible, de contribuer à améliorer la situation dans les divers pays en cause.

Merci Monsieur le Président,

Dans le cadre de l'Examen Périodique Universel, l'ECLJ souhaite attirer l'attention du Conseil des droits de l'homme sur des événements graves qui se produisent actuellement en France en matière de contrôles d'identités, d'arrestations et de détentions arbitraires ainsi que de violences policières.

Depuis plus de huit mois, des millions -- je dis bien des millions- de français manifestent pacifiquement dans toute la France pour défendre la famille et les droits des enfants contre une loi nouvelle qui crée un droit à l'adoption d'enfants et au mariage par les couples de même sexe. Ce mouvement social est le plus important en France depuis Mai 68.

Plutôt que de tenir compte de ce mouvement, le gouvernement a menacé de l'interdire, il le réprime par l'usage abusif de gaz lacrymogènes contre la foule, par des violences policières, des arrestations et des détentions arbitraires par centaines, je dis bien -- arbitraires et par centaines.

Monsieur le Président,
Du 24 au 26 mai, ce sont 350 personnes qui ont été interpellées (par la Police parisienne) et détenues en garde à vue jusqu'à trois jours durant. Sur ces 350 détenus, sept seulement ont été condamnés, très légèrement. L'arrestation des 343 autres était arbitraire et politique.
En plus, des centaines d'autres personnes ont été arrêtés et retenus pendant plusieurs heures au prétexte de contrôles d'identités. Souvent, elles ont été arrêtées « au faciès », parce qu'elles portent ce vêtement marqué du symbole du Mouvement.
A aucun moment, la légalité de ces arrestations n'a été contrôlée par un magistrat indépendant.
Ces manifestants sont à présent fichés, leurs identités et empreintes sont conservées par la police. En outre, le gouvernement a ordonné l'identification dans l'armée des officiers proche du mouvement.
L'ECLJ documente tous ces cas de répression : nous recevons de très nombreux témoignages, notamment de victimes de brutalités policières, y compris sur des enfants et des mères de famille.
Monsieur le Président, cette répression doit cesser et être dénoncée.Elle démontre en particulier un dysfonctionnement grave des procédures de contrôles d'identité et de gardes à vues. L'ECLJ invite donc respectueusement le Conseil des Droits de l'Homme à se saisir de ces violations particulièrement graves pour un pays qui se targue d'être exemplaire dans le respect des droits de l'homme.

Je vous remercie.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

French Police Use Smoke Bombs and Tear Gas Against Pro-Family Campaigners

The French government has brought shame on itself, not only by degrading marriage, but by using violent and repressive measures against its own people. During the rally of La Manif Pour Tous in Paris on 26th May 2013 the armed police used tear-gas, smoke-bombs and missiles to disperse protestors. Others were bludgeoned with truncheons. Men, women and children, young and old, were subjected to violence. Elderly, even frail people were kicked, shoved and arrested, and one schoolboy aged only 14 is suing the police for assault and injuries.

Photo: Les amis,

ces dernières semaines, une grande violence s'est exprimée contre notre famille tout simplement parce que nous avons osé nous opposer pacifiquement et avec raison à une pensée qui aujourd'hui à la prétention de changer la civilisation sans jamais consulter les principaux intéressés.

Durant le simulacre de débat, nous avons régulièrement été traités d'homophobes, de réactionnaires et de ringards car nous défendions le plus naturellement la famille "père mère enfants" dont les valeurs ont été si malmenées depuis plusieurs décennies. Oui, je crois que nous pouvons l'affirmer, malgré plusieurs décennies durant lesquelles la société a mis à mal tous ces repères, nous continuons de croire haut et fort que : "Tout ne se vaut pas" et la grande nouveauté vient du fait que maintenant nous le clamons haut et fort.

Les dirigeants du pays eux même, au lieu de nous écouter et de reconnaitre notre existence dans la société, ont voulu nous effacer. Ils ont refusé parfois de recevoir nos représentants et ont régulièrement sous évalué le nombre de manifestants quitte à truquer des photos. Ces mêmes dirigeants avec la complicité des médias ont aussi cherché à nous discréditer en montrant une violence qui n'existait pas dans notre mouvement, combien de vitrines brisées, combien de voitures brulées, combien de CRS blessés ?

Plus récemment, constatant notre persévérance malgré cette pression, les forces de l'ordre ont de toute évidence reçues des ordres pour réprimer par la force cette fois ci notre mouvement. Plus de 700 personnes ont ainsi été mises en garde à vue sans raison. Heureusement, l'omniprésence des médias les a aussi dissuadés d'user des moyens plus de violents et plus radicaux.

En parallèle, avec l'enseignement de la théorie du genre dans les écoles, les collèges et les lycées, ils vont aussi chercher à détruire des « stéréotypes » que nous parents par notre simple manière d'être avons communiqués à nos enfants. Ce qu’il nomme pudiquement stéréotype est ce que nous appelons la famille

La société pour satisfaire à une liberté trompeuse a ouvert de nombreux chemins qui mènent pour la plus part vers une grande souffrance que nous dénonçons. Cette année 2013 marquera le début d'une reconquête des valeurs dans un monde devenu complètement fou en recherche permanente d’une liberté illusoire et destructrice.

This is the middle of Paris on 26th May 2013  - a battlefield, literally and morally. In the picture, a policeman hits a woman with a baton to drive her away from a public place. The fumes of the smoke bomb detonated earlier are visible.
More than a million people demonstrated to protest against the degradation of marriage by the infamous "Loi Taubira" which violates the rights of children.
Hundreds of people are now bringing legal actions for wrongful arrest.

The French Socialist government topped everything by hypocritically condemning the government of Turkey for putting down a public protest rally in Istanbul with violent means a few days later. They warned the Turkish government that such behaviour was really not very "democratic" and it went against "human rights"....!!!

Croatia Votes for Real Marriage

The Republic of Croatia has passed a resolution in its Parliament that true marriage will always be protected by its constitution. Croatians voted in a referendum overwhelmingly to defend marriage. Obviously they have got more intelligence than most of the British MPs and peers  - or was it just that nobody thought it worth bribing Croatia?

Croatia is currently ruled by the Social Democratic Party with Zoran Milanovic as President.

Already bad-tempered homosexuals on the internet are posting threats (we will not try to reproduce their language as it is somewhat gross). Some say they will retaliate by boycotting Croatia as a holiday destination. Sounds as if that could make it a lot more attractive for everybody else!!!
Croatia   - a beautiful, affordable and FAMILY friendly holiday in sunny southern Europe.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

French President Met by Pro-Marriage Protestors Even in Marseille

Every day for the past week, President Francois Hollande has faced vocal opposition wherever he goes from people opposed to the terrible Loi Taubira, which abolishes marriage and, for the sake of homosexuals, replaces it with a genderless contract of co-habitation.

The President travelled all the way down South to Marseille in Provence today, on the Mediterranean coast, but even there he was buzzed and confronted by organized protest. About a hundred demonstrators waving the banners of La Manif Pour Tous blocked his entrance to the museum MuCEM. They were wearing their banned T-shirts and sweat-shirts and displayed signs saying, "Provence for Man-Woman Marriage," and "Nothing better for a child than a mother and father".
The  demonstrators were illegally prevented from entering a public park shortly before the President's arrival.
Reports are still coming in about mass arrests and detentions, adding to the mounting list of hundreds of violations of human rights by the homo-extremist government.!mCSFSbVxXdfg/

New Generation in France Defends Heterosexual Rights

This is a group of young people demonstrating for La Manif Pour Tous in Paris this week:-

Photo: Les Salopards à La Manif Pour Tous dimanche !

They believe in the family as a unit where men and women complement each other. They believe in marriage as a stable, natural union where children can be conceived, born, loved and nurtured. They believe that marriage is for everyone, yes - but not between anyone, as that would not be a true marriage. Sex is naturally, organically between a man and a woman. So is procreation. Society needs the family to be strong and will only become degenerate without it. Children are a responsibility  - not an accessory.
They believe that nobody has a "right" to overturn the natural order or distort marriage.
    The homo-fanatics are snarling abuse calling these demonstrators "bigots" "homophobes" and "fascists" that what they look like to you?
      They look pretty normal to me.

Here are some homosexual activists:-

Do they look normal to you?
What about this one: -

Or maybe this one?

He thinks he is dressed for his wedding. I think he is bonkers and a danger to society. He should certainly not be able to buy a child and tell it that he is its "mother"!!!!

La Manif Pour Tous Defends the Rights of the Child

A banner at the recent demonstration of La Manif Pour Tous in Paris proclaims the rights of children to have a mother and father.
It reads "We who are adopted, we demand that it is our right to have a parent of each sex."
The iniquitous Loi Taubira makes it legal for same-sex couples to adopt or to acquire children through surrogacy.
This is against the UNICEF Declaration of the Rights of the Child, which states that all children have a right to a family life and may not be bought or sold.

Photo: Les adoptés désirent un père et une mère !

On June 3rd there was another demonstration outside the Ministry of the Family in rue Ségur (below).

Monday, 3 June 2013

More Arrests of Supporters of LMPT in Paris

Photo: Ce matin encore la police Politique de François à frappé...
6 jeune arrêtés et interdit de circuler depuis 1heure!!!

Armed police in France arrest six more young people today merely for wearing the sweatshirts of La Manif Pour Tous and asserting heterosexual values.
This is homo-fascism in action!

In this video some lawyers warn police that arresting people for such a reason is illegal and against the penal code.

The police continue to put the protesters in a van, the lawyers warning them that there will be legal appeals against this and possibly an appeal to the European Court of Human Rights.

Young French Couple Marry Wearing Banned Sweatshirts of La Manif Pour Tous

This is really something. When the oppressive French government of Francois Hollande banned the display of the logo of La Manif Pour Tous, they triggered off a nationwide craze. Nothing is more fashionable than the T-shirts and sweat-shirts with this illegal logo. You can actually be arrested for wearing it  - but thousands of people are wearing them!!! They are being sported all over the capital and in other towns all across France.
People are putting pictures of themselves wearing the banned logo on their Facebook pages, and this young couple, ardent supporters of the pro-family pro-heterosexual sanity campaign, actually wore their matching LMPT sweatshirts today to get married in!
Photo: Mariage Civile !

In France you have the civil ceremony the day before the church wedding, so perhaps tomorrow they will be clad in somewhat more formal attire for their religious union, but today they have made a wonderful and memorable gesture of support for the true meaning of marriage.
We can all be very proud of them, and wish them a lifetime of happiness and joy.

Photo: Mariage Civile !

 Félicitations!  Congratulations!

Another Demonstration by La Manif Pour Tous today in Paris

3rd June 2013

La Manif Pour Tous held another demonstration today in Paris outside the Ministry for the Family in rue de Ségur.  The protest was against the iniquitous anti-gender ideas to be introduced in French schools. Similar foolish and unscientific ideas are already being taught in schools in Britain, the USA and Canada.

Photo: Les amis,

la Manif avenue de Ségur a rassemblé plusieurs centaines de personnes dans une ambiance toujours festive. Tugdual Derville et Ludovine de la Rochère se sont exprimés sur cette loi visant à introduire le genre à l'école, personnelement je trouve qu'ils prennent de l'envergure. Je suis heureux de vous apprendre deux nouveaux slogans :

Hollande tes lois on en veut pas
L'altérité c'est la réalité.

Sinon, nous avons tous réaffirmé que nous ne lâcherons rien et les organisateurs nous ont annoncé d'autres rassemblements similaires. Pour finir, Albéric Dumont a donné l'ordre de dispersion.

Enfin, pour clamer notre liberté et aussi pour rentrer chez moi, j'ai traversé tout Paris habillé du sweat de La Manif en vélo avec le drapeau accroché au siège bébé.

Vous savez quoi, je crois bien qu'on est vraiment pas prêt de lâcher !

With banners, posters and French flags, they gathered and chanted the latest versions of their slogans:
Hollande tes lois on en veut pas   [Hollande we don't want your laws]
L'altérité c'est la réalité.   [Opposite sexes are reality]

The crowd was addressed by Tugdual Derville et Ludovine de la Rochère, the two new leaders of La Manif Pour Tous. Both spoke about the harm that children will suffer as all this crazy codswallop is forced onto them in schools. Worst of all they are being taught the myth of "homophobia" i.e. that anyone who even questions the dogmas of the LGBTs is a criminal. That is a terrible attack on freedom and a violation of human rights.
You can see the demonstration and hear some of the speeches on this video:-
The demonstration was orderly, peaceful and well-disciplined. 
Let's hope the MPs in parliament listen.

After the demo, one protester rode home on his motorbike all the way through Paris wearing his illegal LMPT sweatshirt with its logo and flying the banner from the pillion!!!!

Sunday, 2 June 2013

The Ugly Face of Homo-Fascism in Britain

The homo-fascists have infiltrated the media in the UK to such an extent that there is no longer any such thing as fair or unbiased news coverage. This example of how one innocent person was bullied and harassed should shock all those who value truthfulness or democracy.

In January 2013 the Sunday Mirror, a left-wing newspaper that favours the Labour party, and has long had the nickname of the "penny liar", decided to publish a smear article about the UK Independence Party, which it saw as a "right-wing" party and therefore a legitimate target. Using information leaked by infiltrators it published a feature article that attacked six party members as "racist" and "homophobic". The sources were messages put on a private discussion board, and they were all luridly twisted and made out to be scandalous when they were perfectly reasonable. One member for instance was denounced for writing that there was a connection between homosexuality and paedophilia  - which of course research proves to exist. Another member, Dr Julia Gasper, was accused of "comparing homosexuality to bestiality" which was something she had never said. 
When the article was shown to her, she put in a complaint to the UK Office of Communications, about slander, but after a long and tiresome investigation they refused to take any steps at all. She then attempted to find a lawyer who would bring libel action, but she found that every solicitor she approached was scared to do so. They said that the Law Society, the professional body for UK lawyers, had a pro-homosexual policy and any lawyer who took such a case and was seen to defend a so-called "homophobe" would face reprisals, and possible expulsion from the profession. She  complained to the newspaper and asked them to take the libelous article off the web, but they refused and moreover said that if she brought legal action, they would simply run up a £ million in costs, which she would have to pay because being a "homophobe" would make the court take a dim view of her. "Libel" in the UK does not cover every false statement, but has to be something that has damaged the victim's reputation. If the defence can prove the victim was already despised, unpopular or just unknown, a lie may not be found to be libel. Even winning a case in the UK does not automatically mean that your opponent has to pay costs.

Meanwhile the insulting material was copied to an LGBT website, Pink News, which repeated everything they read in the Sunday Mirror with a bit of exaggeration of their own, and picked on Julia Gasper as she was the only woman. She was bombarded with pathological messages from its readers - death threats, rape threats, racist slurs and obscene hate-mail including some in the form of hard-core pornography. One reader called Pigface commented on the Pink News site that she should be pushed off a cliff, and this was typical.

The extreme nature of the misogynistic and racist abuse was such that it led to an extended altercation on the Pink News site between readers who felt embarrassed at the attitudes displayed. There was even a threat to report the site to an internet watchdog but no steps were taken.

 After the Pink News article was published, and its ideas repeated parrot-fashion on hundreds of social media websites by credulous chatterers, Nick Cohen, a journalist on Pink News, decided to go one step further. He went to a national newspaper, The Guardian, and repeated the false allegations about Julia Gasper in a further article that had no purpose apart from an odious personal attack. Neither he nor the Guardian ever attempted to investigate at any point whether the allegations about bestiality were true, nor did he give the victim any chance to reply or to rebut the libels. The whole thing was an exercise in personal bullying and defamation of the most unscrupulous kind. 

For years she found that versions of this libel would be repeated and re-circulated on websites, proliferating in such a way as to be impossible to remove by any legal action. Aggressive homosexuals wrote insults about her to her employer, her friends, and even abused and menaced her family. At one point she had to ask for police protection, yet the established churches expressed no support. 

Deeply depressed and intimidated, she resigned from her (unpaid) post as a local branch chairman of UKIP, and became ill. But the homosexual hounding did not stop there.
The LGBT activists set up fake Facebook pages and fake blogs in her name just for the purpose of further defamation and obnoxious malice. They placed abusive messages on the "review" websites of her books, (which of course they had never read) and more abuse on a literary website that interviewed her. 
They put the same allegations on Wikipedia, which admittedly no educated person would believe, but the world is full of uneducated people. 

This is how the Gay Mafia has taken control of Britain with its campaign of lies, aggression and abuse. It is just as bad here in the UK as it is in the USA, where Brendan Eich was shamefully bullied out of his job as CEO of Mozilla. It is really no exaggeration to call it homo-fascism.

[Article updated and revised 2017]

Luca Volonte Praises La Manif Pour Tous, Condemns State Repression

Luca Volonte, a member of the Parliament of the Council of Europe, was invited to attend the rally of La Manif Pour Tous in Paris on 26th May 2013 as an official observer.

He has since submitted an official protest to the Council of Europe about the way that the French police, with government approval, used brutality and extreme violence to suppress the peaceful demonstration.
Volonte was invited to make a speech and said "There is a powerful movement among the people of Europe and the whole world, to assert their true human nature against the tyranny of this "gender-agenda". Homosexual extremism is an insatiable tyranny that is seeking to sexualize and homosexualize even young  children aged 4. The aim is to destroy the family and create isolated individuals completely at the mercy of the power of the state.
No citizen of any political party can remain neutral. It is plain that to defend the family is to defend your nation. The supporters of the gay marriage law, or those who remain apathetic, are selling this country into slavery, slavery to this shallow ideology of homosexual extremism, and its followers who are ever hungry for power. "

La Manif Pour Tous Goes Pan-European

The pro-family movement La Manif Pour Tous is spreading rapidly across Europe. There are sister groups that have sprung up in the last few weeks in Spain, Italy, Poland and Germany.
Now there is even an all-European group that has set itself up on Facebook. Migrants and people of all nationalities can join in the movement to defend true marriage as a distinct, heterosexual institution and defend the rights of children.
Acting together makes sense, since there is a powerful LGBT lobby in the heart of the EU and it is determined to impose a nonsensical gender-agenda on all member states unless there is a huge outcry now. For far too long the EU has been financing those who pose as an oppressed minority in order to foist their deranged, bizarre ideas onto society.
They are protesting at the way that homo-extremism imposes so many forms of censorship and policing of everyday life. This is not freedom  - it is tyranny. The tyranny has got to stop. Politicians until now have not listened, but we are going to make more and more noise until we make our voices heard. We will not just stand back and allow the family to be trampled on, or children bought and sold.
Europeans for La Manif is showing a poster that compares the dictatorship of the French government to Stalinist Russia. Under Stalin, dissidents who spoke out were silenced and arrested. That is exactly what President Hollande is doing to the pro-family campaigners now.
Photo: « Je vais être réprimé par la police politique du gouvernement »
Parmi les slogans entendus : ‘dictature socialiste’…

De son côté, l’hebdomadaire Le Point intitule son article : « Des opposants au mariage pour tous interpellés pour convenance personnelle du chef de l’État ? ».

They are also raising awareness of the brainwashing techniques that have been used over the past thirty years by the homo-extremist faction, to gradually take over the media and impose their dominance and censorship.
Cette interview étonnante a été faite en 1985 avec un ancien agent du KGB qui a été formé aux techniques de subversion. Il explique les 4 étapes de base pour dominer un peuple. Notre nation va être transformée de la même manière en suivant exactement les mêmes étapes ?
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La Manif Pour Tous will widen its scope and fight on, says new leader


Manif pour tous : "Nous allons élargir notre combat"


Ludovine de la Rochère, leader of La Manif Pour Tous, reflects on the most recent rally, the departure of the last leader and the movement's future. 

Ludovine de la Rochère LOIC VENANCE / AFP

She said they planned to go on with their programme of demonstrations, confronting ministers everywhere in public, explaining to people the true implications of the destruction of marriage, demanding a referendum of French people because the Socialist government does not have an outright majority of the vote, and organizing other events such as a university summer school to educate people about what is truly going on. She said the movement would remain strictly non-party-political.
La Manif Pour Tous will broaden its scope into combatting the entire movement towards deconstructing gender in culture and society. Gender is a reality, not a fantasy.
As to the number of supporters, the second rally on May 26th may have have fewer supporters than the first in March, but that was because Manuel Valls, the minister for the Interior and Security, had warned parents not to bring their children.
When asked if the change of leader would make people any less committed to the movement, Madame Rochere replied, "Of course not. People did not get involved because of one personality leading it, it is because they understood that this law is aberrant. "

Saving the Family Becomes Major Issue in French Local elections

The next round of local elections are starting soon in France and the thousands of supporters of La Manif Pour Tous are determined to make the defence of the family a big issue. Every candidate will have to declare whether they are for or against the hated "Loi Taubira" that equates homosexual relationships with natural, organic marriage. 

Paris : plus que quelques jours pour participer aux primaires !

La Manif Pour Tous et les élections municipales à Paris...
Aux amis de La Manif Pour Tous : envoyez à vos amis Parisiens le lien de cet article !
Les primaires visant à désigner le candidat UMP à la Mairie de Paris sont ouvertes depuis plusieurs semaines. Tous les parisiens peuvent y participer. Il n’est donc pas nécessaire d’être adhérent de l’UMP. Vous pouvez vous inscrire sur jusqu’au 3 juin.
Nous sommes dans la rue, nous serons dans les urnes pour défendre la famille et le mariage entre un homme et une femme. La Manif Pour Tous rappelle le positionnement des candidats sur le mariage et l’adoption pour tous.

Jean-François LEGARET, Maire du 1er arrondissement de Paris, Président du Groupe UMP au Conseil de Paris –  OPPOSÉ
Jean-François LEGARET a été présent aux manifestations du 17 novembre  2012, 13 janvier 2013, 24 mars 2013, et le 21 avril 2013.
Jean-François LEGARET est intervenu lors de la séance du Conseil de Paris du 25 mars sur la gestion de la manifestation du 24 mars par les forces de l’ordre et a invité les élus UMP de Paris à manifester.

Franck MARGAIN, Conseiller régional d’Ile de France – OPPOSÉ
Franck Margain a été présent aux manifestations et est opposé au projet de loi Taubira. Il souhaite protéger l'institution du mariage et de la filiation.
"Ne laissons pas une minorité transformer nos institutions, et créer l'enfant "produit"."

 Nathalie KOSCIUSKO-MORIZET, Député de l’Essonne – ABSTENTION EN 1ère et 2ème lecture
Nathalie KOSCIUSKO-MORIZET s’est abstenue lors du vote du Projet de loi sur le Mariage et l’adoption pour tous  en première et deuxième lecture à l’Assemblée nationale. « Je choisis une abstention militante et engagée » a-t-elle expliqué sur son compte twitter.  Elle a proposé un amendement visant à sanctionner les maires qui refuseraient de célébrer des mariages homosexuels.

 Pierre-Yves BOURNAZEL, Conseiller de Paris, Conseiller régional d’Ile de France – FAVORABLE à une union civile
Sur le mariage gay, Il a voté le voeu présenté par le groupe communiste en faveur de l'ouverture du mariage aux personnes de même sexe ( séance des 20 et 21 juin 2011 du Conseil de Paris).

Source : débat des primaires UMP, 26/04/2013