Thursday, 26 September 2013

Leader of pro-Family Movement Bullied and Victimized b y French authorities

Virginie Tellen,  a.k.a. "Frigide Barjot", the original founder of the pro-family movement in France, has been hounded out of her home in a state-owned apartment block because of her defence of man-woman marriage and the rights of children.

France - Politique - Actualités - Un an après, La Manif pour tous tente de survivre

Barjot felt she had to make a stand against surrogacy because every child has a right to know its ancestry and roots, as well as to have a mother and father. She wanted to wake people up to realize that the introduction of same-sex "marriage" is simply a green light for selfish adults to buy babies like commodities.
When the movement took off, Barjot found herself demonized in the left-wing and liberal press, branded a "homophobe" and a "bigot" (surprise, surprise) and put on a hit-list by the socialist government. Very soon she found that she and her children were forced out of their rented apartment in Paris, which had been her home for more than ten years.
       Barjot says now that even though she has lost her home and many friends because of the campaign, she does not regret it. "Brigitte Bardot took up the cause of animal rights," she says, "and I have taken up that of children. It is an all-out battle."
 "Dans ce combat j'ai perdu mon appartement, des amis, un beau-frère. Et mon patrimoine est étalé dans la presse. Mais, oui ça en valait la peine. J'aurais donné ma vie pour que chaque être humain puisse savoir d'où il vient. Brigitte Bardot a fait les animaux, je ferai les êtres humains. C'est un combat à vie".

Monday, 23 September 2013

French President Moves to Take control of Ethics Watchdog

In a move of crude dictatorship, President Hollande of France has announced that he will be replacing 16 members of the Comité Consultaif National d'Éthique (National Council of Ethics) as advisory body that could have a decisive effect on the way the Loi Taubira is enforced.
The CCNE is the body that needs to be consulted about state provision of surrogacy services for same-sex couples who demand to have children as their "right".
On 22nd September Hollande declared his intention to simply sack 16 leading members who are too conservative or religious to vote for his policies. It is blatant tyranny and there has been an outbreak of violent protest on the streets of Paris and several others  cities today:-

Saturday, 21 September 2013

New Proof that LMPT was not responsible for violent attack

The French police have confirmed again that the pro-marriage movement La Manif Pour Tous was not involved or implicated in any way with the attack on a homosexual man in Paris last April.
   Posters all over Paris slandered the morality movement as killers when Wilfred Brujin was attacked in the street. LGBT militant websites such as "Pink News" repeated the lies and spread them across the internet with insulting headlines.

But French police confirm that they have charged four young men aged 17-19 with the crime, and it was nothing at all to do with the pro-family movement. The crime was just an ordinary mugging

Moral: do NOT believe the propaganda of the LGBT militant movement. Even when they show you photographs and claim to have evidence, it is not reliable and they will twist any facts to vilify good, normal people and demonize those who campaign for sane, moral values.

Friday, 20 September 2013

Demonstrations for Children's Rights Continue all Over France

These women in Bourg-en-Bresse are taking part in one of the many demonstrations going on all over France for La Manif Pour Tous.
In Paris and in dozens of provincial towns, people are publicly protesting against fake marriage and the sale of children to same-sex couples who falsely argue that owning a child is somehow their "right". They are upholding the natural right of every child to have a mother and a father, and the organic nature of marriage.
They are also organizing parent groups to resist the teaching of nonsense about "gender" to children in schools. Children have a right to know the truth. You are born into one sex, and you cannot change it. Men and women are different and designed to complement each other. People who try to change their sex are deluded and mad. They carry out harmful operations on their bodies or persuade unscrupulous doctors to do so. All this is anti-social.
        Well done, Meres Veilleuses!

Thursday, 19 September 2013

A Victory for True Liberty in France

The French Council of State has decided in favour of the liberty of conscience of those mayors who object to performing the absurd same-sex "marriages" brought in by the recent Loi Taubira.
A group of elected mayors called themselves the Collectif des Maires Pour l'Enfance,
brought a case to the council on July 2nd saying that the requirement to perform such fake "marriages" was against their freedom of conscience as guaranteed under the French constitution. After some deliberation, the Council of State, which is the highest court in the land, has pronounced in their favour.
     The mayors cannot be dismissed as they are elected, not appointed by the government.
    This verdict is in direct conflict with the declaration made last year by President Hollande that the law would be harshly enforced and that there would be no exceptions. The Council of State's verdict was welcomed by La Manif Pour Tous, the French movement for true marriage and the rights of children. Its leader, Ludovine de la Rochere, has said cautiously that this is a limited victory.
    In fact, the right to liberty of conscience is supposed to be guaranteed all over Europe by the European Convention on Human Rights, but it is being routinely violated by the LGBT extremists.
   All over France, the demonstrations against fake marriage are continuing week after week, and La Manif Pour Tous is holding a successful summer university where hundreds of young people are being trained to campaign successfully on these issues. If you wish to donate or get their newsletter, go to the link below.
      On 20th November, the anniversary of the President's nasty repressive and threatening speech, the Collectif des Maires Pour l'Enfance, which represents about 20,000 French civil servants, is going to hold a rally to remind him of it  - and to celebrate their defiance!

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Le Collectif des maires pour l’enfance invite par ailleurs les élus à venir en nombre au prochain Congrès des maires pour fêter ensemble, le 20 novembre, le premier anniversaire de la déclaration du Président de la République devant les maires : « la loi s’applique pour tous, dans le respect néanmoins de la liberté de conscience ».  

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Gender Madness Spreads to Italy

A Catholic cardinal has spoken out in defence of real, natural marriage in response to a crazy proposal by the regional council of Venice (a notoriously left-wing area) to replace the words Father and Mother on legal documents with Parent 1 and Parent 2.
This bullshit is tantamount to same-sex marriage.

Speaking in Rome, Cardinal Carlo Cafferra warned that this would send an earthquake through society  - and no wonder, because it is an attack on the family and on nature itself.
      Parenthood is not an ungendered proposition. Anybody who exists has parents and those parents MUST include a mother and a father. The homosexuals who want to deny this or call it "bigotry" are just stark, raving mad.
      To change the words Father and Mother is an insult to the vast majority of normal. heterosexual people, whose marriages are being made to fit an abnormal, homosexual model. Resist! Assert your right to heterosexual marriage as it has always existed  - because nature created it.

A Homosexual intellectual Strongly Opposes Same-Sex Adoption

Pascal, a 46-year-old French marketing director who is an open homosexual. speaks out strongly for the rights of children as upheld by La Manif Pour Tous.
Despite being a homosexual, he does not approve of same-sex marriage and is content with the laws on civil partnership. He says that it horrifies him to see how same-sex marriage leads to the trade in human beings, with children being deliberately bred by surrogate mothers for payment. It utterly degrades the child, the mother and the notion of parenthood...
Pascal says that he understands why people want children but he also acknowledges that having no children gives him freedom and financial advantages. This should be remembered when you talk of equality.

French Law Condemns Human Trafficking by Homosexuals

In France La Manif Pour Tous is as active as ever. Under its new leader Ludovine de la Rochere it is organising a series of new protests and events to highlight the erosion of children's rights under the disastrous regime of Francois Hollande.
Same-sex "marriage" has led to a sharp rise in human trafficking, as children are being imported from India like mere merchandise for adoption by homosexual couples.  It is obscene, it is shameful and it is all the result of a left-wing government that crawls to whatever the homosexual extremist lobby demands.
The Association of French Jurists has refused to condone the practise as legal despite being ordered to do so by the minister Madame Taubira who brought in the grotesque law of same-sex "marriage". On 25th January she circulated a letter to all the regional courts demanding that they register such babies as French born  - an utter lie.
This is an important step to uphold children's rights in France and across Europe. The court at Rennes refused to inscribe a child born to an Indian woman as the offspring of two French homosexuals and pointed out that it certainly amounts to selling a child when the mother is paid three years salary to give birth to a  child then abandon it.  Euphemisms like surrogacy or "gay" adoption are just whitewashing immoral behaviour.
Tomorrow La Manif Pour Tous will stage a face-to face protest as the President makes one of his increasingly rare public appearances   - he is shying away from the public ever since his unpopular policies caused an abrupt drop in ratings in the opinion polls!

Here is a  translation of the speech made by Ludovine de la Rochere in May:-
The truth as that we did not see equality as our opponents do. Our conception, held by the majority in this country, is that the most important equality is that of children, the right to a father and a mother, that is, a real origin, real parentage, and not fakes. Around this idea we can gather atheists, Christians, Jews, Muslims, right-wingers, left-wingers, heterosexuals, homosexuals. For us, the truth owed to children is sacred. We do not want lies to be the frame of children's lives in this country, we do not want the triumph of gender ideology. 
Because our opponents do not understand this, they refuse debate, they despise us, they slander us.