Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Same-Sex Marriage Leads to Confusion and Fighting over Children

A lesbian couple in France who got a male friend to make one of them pregnant have been forced by a court to grant the biological father legal rights over the child.
While it may be thought that a man who behaves like this does not deserve any rights, the case is one more example of how the unreasonable demands of same-sex couples for children are leading to conflict, confusion, litigation and strife.
A child has a right to a mother and a father  - true. But this decision is not about the rights of the child  -which are disregarded under laws making it legal for homosexuals to adopt. It is only about the rights of a man who donated sperm. The child will have a father who visits the home from time to time and hardly knows the two lesbian "mothers". Will the so-called father take any responsibilities, financial or otherwise, for his child? If not, and if he does not show any care or love for the mother, he is a rather poor role-model of a father.
Madame Anne Bouillon (Magali) who gave birth, regarded the sperm donor as merely a tool. But the donor did not sign any contract renouncing his claims, and seven months after the birth, he decided that he wanted a meaningful link with his child  -  and he went to court to get it. The lesbian couple responded by moving away, making hard to arrange any contact. He persisted and the court in Nantes has now decided in his favour.
      The two lesbians were very indignant and accused the father of "immaturity". "When you donate blood, you don't go after the recipient and ask for it back, " wailed Magali...
Her partner, Flavie, also wants to adopt the little boy, and cannot do so without the consent of the biological father. They will tell the boy that he has three parents, of course. Why not?
   None of them thought about the needs of the child when they made this bizarre and unnatural arrangement....

Homosexuals' Show-Off Event Falls Flat in Marseille

The hard-working tax-payers of Marseille were forced to give 100,000 euros  - yes one hundred thousand euros!  - to subsidize yet another pathetic homosexual show-off parade last weekend. Entitled "Europride" the parade was intended to be a huge party for all the LGBT exhibitionists, perverts and flashers who have not yet had enough of displaying themselves in the capital cities of Europe. The money was totally wasted.

Actualités - Marseille : lendemains pas vraiment roses pour l'Europride

The event was badly-organized, people who were involved said that the communication and management were hopeless, the "grand opening" was so under-attended and ignored by the locals that it was a complete flop, and most of the musical performances were called off because of lack of interest.
This was despite the fact that 30,000 euros were spent on publicity for the event.
When it came to the big march, the turn-out was so shabby that even the gross bad taste and hideous near-naked bodies of the homo-freaks could not persuade passers-by to stop and stare. They just pushed past and got on with their own lives.
The enormous subsidy of public money was paid out to someone who may not even exist  - he communicated under the name of "Sebastien Chenu" from a PO box address, and his identity has not been confirmed!
Stéphane Corbin, one of the committee responsible for the event, was unable to produce any financial accounts, to explain where the money had gone. An opposition member of the city council of Marseille said, "This has all been characterised by arrogance, a lack of organisation and a lack of transparency.  I regard it as a terrible waste of public money."

Bit like the whole LGBT movement, then?

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Christiane Taubira Faces Corruption Probe

Mme Christiane Taubira, the French Minister of Justice who is behind the absurd same-sex marriage law, has been placed under scrutiny for financial misconduct.

She is one of three government ministers who are facing a parliamentary investigation about a cover-up of the facts concerning budget minister Jerome Cahuzac. Cahuzac was revealed as having a Swiss bank account where substantial assets were hidden to avoid tax.  The scandal is known as the "affaire Cahuzac". The other ministers are Manuel Valls, the hated minister for the interior who is urging the police to crack down on all protesters, and Pierre Moscovici, the finance minister. All three are part of the socialist government of Francois Hollande, which has imposed steep tax increases and only last week warned that more were likely to follow. Nice case of "Don't do what we do, do what we say..." While the masses suffer higher taxes, soaring unemployment and a steady rise in the cost of living, this gang of greedy socialist pigs is busy stashing away assets in off-shore accounts.

Taubira played stupider than she is, and told the investigators that she was "not aware of having done anything wrong".  She has a past career as a member of a violent anti-French independence movement in her native country, French Guiana. It seems incredible to some that this person from South America, has been able to just walk into France, a country she openly despises, and overturn its laws and civilization.
Her latest piece of bad taste is to issue a stamp on which the figure of Marianne, symbol of France, is replaced with that of one of the Femen, a group of mad sluts who appear topless shouting crazy slogans.
Loi Taubira...Dirty law, dirty minister.

French Police Suppress Protest at 14th July Celebration in Paris

Supporters of La Manif Pour Tous were rigorously cleared away from the Champs Elysées in Paris on 14th July so that they could not make their protest against same-sex marriage during the national festival. Before the President arrived to greet and inspect the troops, hundreds of armed police were sent to search out and remove any bystanders who were wearing the logo of LMPT or displaying any signs of banners. They were forcibly removed from the scene, taken away from range of TV cameras and hidden from view of the visiting dignitaries.

This video shows the police arresting a young man who chanted "political police" and resisted being removed. His friends courageously filmed him and shouted "This is a socialist dictatorship!"

Rolland Garros is Acquitted

La Manif Pour Tous, the pro-family movement in France, achieved a victory today when Rolland Garros, a prominent member of the Hommen group, arrested for demonstrating against same-sex marriage, was acquitted and walked free from court.
Despite pressure from the government, the courts do not want to repeat the embarrassing mistake they made when they imprisoned Nicolas Bernard-Buss, who was later freed on appeal.
The Hommen, young students who often appear with bare torsos, masks and body-paint to parody the anti-social Femen group, have been publicly calling for the President to be sacked. They buzzed a Paris homosexual parade by displaying a massive banner asserting children's rights against the demands of homosexual extremists.
The police have arrested 1,400 peaceful unarmed people for taking part in La Manif Pour Tous and 600 of them have been held in cells. This is a violation of the right to demonstrate and express your political views.
Here is a petition you can sign for Hollande to be fired.

20h00 : Audience terminée. Nullité de la procédure :
Les hommen sont donc libres. 

Bravo les avocats. Ne doutons pas que les Hommen ne vont rien lâcher...


Council Supports French Mayor Against Same-Sex "Marriage"

Xavier Lemoine is one of more than fifty elected mayors in France who have refused to perform same-sex "marriages" on the grounds that it is against their moral conscience.
M Lemoine, who is the mayor of Montfermeil in the Eastern suburbs of Paris, has brought a plea to his local municipal council asking them to uphold his constitutional right not to be forced to violate his beliefs.

According to the préambule to the French Constitution of 1946, "nobody may be discriminated against in their work on account of their origins, opinions or beliefs." The new constitution of 23rd November 1977 upheld liberty of conscience as a legal right and so does Article 9 of the European Convention on Human Rights.
The council voted 26 to 4 in favour of M Lemoine. The decision now has to be approved by a higher official, known as a Prefect.
Please support Xavier Lemoine by signing this petition in favour of the freedom of conscience of French Mayors.

Montfermeil is famous as the location of Thenardier's inn in Les Miserables. If this council decision is upheld it could be famous for something else too!

Friday, 12 July 2013

French Police Warn They Don't Want to Go on Repressing Pro-Family Movement

There have been many images on this blog of the French armed police, the CRS, suppressing protesters using violent and extreme means. But the police are only following the orders of M Valls, the Minister for the Interior. Many policemen don't want to carry out these duties and know perfectly well that it is illegal to attack peaceful unarmed protesters. 
        Now the police commissioners have warned President François Hollande that they feel uncomfortable carrying on with this sustained campaign of repression. There have been hundreds of protests ceaselessly all over France for the past six months and there is no sign of them flagging now even though the Loi Taubira has been passed. In fact the protests have mounted. especially after the illegal imprisonment of Nicolas Bernard-Buss, and the condemnation of the French government's tactics in the Council of Europe.
Des policiers face à des manifestants anti-mariage gay, le 2 avril 2013.

The police commissioners have complained that they do not want to police people's opinions, to or become what George Orwell called the "thought police". There ought to be no thought- crimes in a free democratic society.
      The writing is on the wall for François Hollande. His socialist government cannot hope to be re-elected now. Its ratings in opinion polls are abysmal.

veilleur debout

Many of the protesters do nothing except stand stock-still in a public place, to express silent opposition to the government's policies. This campaign of "veilleurs debout" was started by a young student, Jean-Batiste, aged 22, who decided that since his exams in finance were over, he would stage a protest at the Palais de Justice. He simply stood still for five hours in front of the office of Madame Taubira, the obnoxious Minister for Justice who has pushed through this mad law. 
Soon others came to imitate him and did the same in hundreds, many of them standing all day in the hot sun with small placards and a book to read...
All over France similar protests have been held. Madame Taubira has expressed exasperation and has asked "How long are these protests going to go on?"
The answer is : "UNTIL WE GET THE LAW CHANGED BACK".  The campaigners are young, they are healthy and they are very, very determined.  Undoubtedly France is giving a moral lead to the rest of Europe.
Meanwhile there is a corruption scandal brewing against Hollande's partner Valerie Treiweiller, and that won't do his party any good either. 
Corruption? In a party dominated by gays? Quelle horreur!

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Sign This Petition to EU to Declare Same-Sex Marriage Illegal

This petition to the European Union urges them to recognize that the hastily-passed laws redefining marriage are an unjust attack on the rights of the child.

The legal argument is that the Loi Taubira and all same-sex marriage laws in Europe are invalid because they violate children's rights.
Children's rights are made very clear in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, together with the right of a man and woman to marry, thus defining marriage as a heterosexual union. With the introduction of same-sex marriage, homosexual couples can buy and adopt children, even having them bred for sale using IVF and surrogate mothers. These children are cheated out of their right to have a parent of each sex and to know their biological ancestry and heritage. While there are children who lose these things by misfortune and accident, it is still not fair to deprive any child of them deliberately. Two fathers do not equal a mother, nor do two mothers equal a father. To call this bogus marriage "equal marriage" is sheer gobbledy-gook.

AND HERE IS ANOTHER PETITION, this time to the French government to recognize the freedom of conscience of mayors who do not wish to perform same-sex marriages.

More and more mayors across France are refusing to carry out this demand, and saying that their freedom of conscience is protected by the Constitution.
So far it has got 62 680 signatures !

Member of European Parliament Offers to Pay Fine for Nicolas

Luca Volontè, a member of the Parliament of the Council of Europe, has publicly offered to pay the 3,000 euro fine imposed on Nicolas Bernard-Buss by the French court.
M. Volontè is a supporter of La Manif Pour Tous and made his generous offer on Twitter yesterday. He wrote "May I have the honour of paying the fine for Nicolas?"

M. Volontè, who is Italian, has a leading role in the Council of Europe as he is the chairman of the European People's Party, a coalition of centre-right political parties combining Christian Democrats with social conservatives.

Nicolas was sentenced to four months prison, two of them in solitary confinement, for opposing the same-sex marriage law. He was treated appallingly by the system throughout. He was man-handled painfully by the police, who had the cheek to accuse him of being violent towards them. This accusation had to be dropped in court after his defence counsel challenged the prosecution to say which police officer had suffered exactly what sort of violence and what signs of marks cold be seen? None were found.

La Manif Pour Tous continues its campaign unabated, placing numerous signs and banners all the way around the track of the Tour de France cycle race, thus ensuring that they get TV coverage. Some of these signs are gigantic.

Photo: Le Tour de France Pour Tous - Etape du jour Fougères Tours
passage de la Loire sur un pont mérovingien - Langeais (37)

Trust the French to do something properly.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

French Family Campaigners Celebrate Release of Nicolas B

Supporters of La Manif Pour Tous met on the evening of 9th July at Odéon in the centre of Paris to rejoice in the release of Nicolas Bernard-Buss, unjustly imprisoned for protesting against same-sex marriage.
The release followed a national and international outcry, and tens of thousands of people signed a petition for his release. 

Banners of La Manif Pour Tous displayed everywhere along the route of the Tour de France.

Nicolas has issued this statement thanking all those who showed their support by attending protests,  sending cards or sharing the news via internet and social media.


"Je tiens du fond du coeur à remercier chacune des personnes qui se sont investies dans cet élan de soutien qui m'a beaucoup touché. J'ai une pensée toute particulière pour mes parents qui ont fait preuve d'une grande dignité dans ce contexte délicat. Un grand merci à mes avocats et à des personnalités aussi diverses que Chantal Delsol ou Christophe Girard. Je reprends mes révisions là où je les avais laissées avant cette épreuve, pour retrouver une vie étudiante"

However, since then, twelve more young people have been arrested in France just for wearing the LMPT logo.
The campaigners will be holding a major rally in Paris on Sunday 14th July. 

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Slanders Against French Pro-Family Movement Refuted

In Paris in early April two men, Wilfried and Olivier, were attacked by strangers in the street and one of them suffered severe face injuries.
Wilfried Brujin was quick to publish his injuries on social media where he said that he was homosexual and that he suspected he had been attacked by "homophobes" who were angry about the redefinition of marriage. Within days, this story and the picture had been copied to all the left-wing papers and websites, and LGBT magazines were circulating it with slanderous allegations that the pro-family movement was responsible.The notoriously unreliable website "Pink News" circulated the story branding the pro-family campaigners as "fascists" etc etc etc
   These allegations have now been shown to be complete lies.  The incident was a straightforward mugging. The police have identified the attackers, and it seems they had no connection at all with any pro-family movement. Their motives were not political and they did not know or care if their victims were homosexual.
This is typical of the way that the LGBT movement operates and even when their lies are exposed, they will not withdraw them or admit the truth.
At the same time, the LGBT press has made a martyr of a young thug named Clement Meric, who died after head injuries in a scuffle outside a railway station. CCTV cameras showed that Meric had been the aggressor, throwing himself on unarmed demonstrators and trying to provoke a fight. It was proved after his death that not only had he gone to the demonstration armed but he had been admitted to hospital one month earlier for injuries in another street battle!

NICOLAS HAS BEEN FREED....Case of Nicolas Comes up for Review and Appeal Today

This is a victory for La Manif Pour Tous.

However, his original fine of 1,000 euros has been raised to 3,000 euros.

>>There will be an impromptu celebration rally at Odéon in central Paris this evening at 19:30.
 BE THERE!!!!!!!!
The case of Nicolas Bernard-Buss, so shockingly imprisoned for protesting against the redefinition of marriage in France, comes up today Tuesday 9th July, for appeal and review by a court.
Nicolas has been in prison for 16 days at Fleury-Mérogis in France, and there has been an outcry all over France and the whole of Europe against this injustice.
Normality is criminalized. Nature is now considered deviant and those who uphold it are crushed and silenced by a mad law. This is intolerable. It is Orwellian. In France, as in England, the government is setting out to change the meaning of the words "marriage", "husband" and "wife" just to suit a tiny minority of stubborn freaks who are not content to call their relationship a civil partnership. Homosexuals are only 2% of society and most of them do NOT want to get married. The law completely undermines marriage as a union between man and woman that is the foundation of the family  - it also attacks the rights of children.

All over France there have been daily demonstrations of protest, many of them by the Veilleurs Debout  - people who just stand still, unmoving, for hours in a public place, witnessing for what they believe and reminding the authorities of their support for Nicolas, impossible to ignore and increasingly irritating to the police. Some of these silent watchers are positioned in the Place de Vendome and others in front of the Court of Appeal in Paris where the case of Nicolas is to be heard. Many more are demonstrating and testifying for good moral values elsewhere all over France.

There is going to be a big rally for La Manif Pour Tous in Paris on 14th of July (next Sunday). Come if you can, wear your illegal T-shirt or sweat-shirt and stand up for family values. We will be meeting at the Invalides in the centre of the Paris and fellow-campaigners from all over Europe are welcome to join us.

Two French people dressed as a bride and groom circuited the Place de Vendome in the centre of Paris in support of Nicolas, L:a Manif Pour Tous, and Real Marriage.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Same-Sex Marriage Used for Media Control and Tax Evasion

Pierre Bergé - AFP

This is the ugly face of Pierre Bergé, the homosexual owner of a large stake in the French newspaper Le Monde.

How did Bergé get so rich he could afford to buy Le Monde and several other newspapers and magazines? Answer: he was the homosexual lover of the fashion designer Yves St-Laurent.  The pair broke up twenty-five years ago, but just before St-Laurent's death, he and Bergé went through a ceremony of civil partnership, which meant that all St-Laurent's vast fortune, over 100 million euros, could go untaxed to Bergé instead of going to his blood relatives. 

Bergé has used his power in Le Monde to campaign for same-sex marriage and he is now threatening to sell his magazine <<La Vie>> because its editor is taking a stance sympathetic to La Manif Pour Tous. He is supporting the principle to true, real marriage, marriage between a man and a woman.
Did we say threatening? Frankly, what is there to fear about being sold off by Bergé? The less control people like this have in the media, the better for France.

We don't care if you do sell it Mr Bergé! What we find sickening is the way that people like you buy and sell babies.
Among the mottoes of La Manif Pour Tous is "My Womb is Not to Rent".

Pierre Bergé menace de vendre le magazine «La Vie»
Lors du conseil de surveillance du groupe Le Monde mardi après-midi, Pierre Bergé a poussé un coup de gueule contre les éditoriaux du magazine «La Vie», titre du groupe Le Monde, contre le mariage pour tous.

Et une nouvelle déclaration intempestive de Pierre Bergé ! D’après nos informations, l’actionnaire du quotidien «Le Monde» _ aux côtés de Xavier Niel et Matthieu Pigasse_ s’est emporté mardi après-midi contre le directeur de la rédaction de «La Vie», Jean-Pierre Denis. La raison ? Les éditoriaux de «La Vie» contre le mariage pour tous, qu’il a indiqué désapprouver en tous points, lors du conseil de surveillance du groupe Le Monde. Ce dernier aurait même menacé d’«abandonner» «La Vie» si de telles prises de positions devaient se reproduire, sous-entendant qu’il pourrait, à titre personnel, solliciter la mise en vente du titre, témoignent trois sources concordantes, présentes à la réunion.
Interrogé, Louis Dreyfus, président du directoire du Monde, dément catégoriquement que Pierre Bergé ait dit vouloir «abandonner» «La Vie». «Il n’y a aucun mandat de vente de La Vie», précise-t-il. Une telle décision impliquerait de toute façon l’accord de tous les actionnaires du titre et pas seulement de Pierre Bergé. C’est, en tout cas, un message pas très sympathique envoyé aux salariés de «La Vie» et aux représentants du titre qui venaient, hier, pour la première fois devant le conseil de surveillance du «Monde» pour exposer leurs projets et leurs évolutions récentes. Comme l’ont fait récemment d’autres titres du groupe, tels que «Télérama», par exemple.

Homosexual "marriage" Leads to Shameful Human Trafficking

Brave New World? Hardly.
The laws on same-sex "marriage" and adoption have created a sordid market in babies, where the child is sold to the highest bidder. It is not in any way melodramatic to compare this to slave-auctions.
A 34-year-old woman in Vendome, central France agreed with a male homosexual couple to give birth to a child for one of them. She was not a "surrogate mother" because the egg was her own. She agreed to SELL her own child for 15,000 euros and give it for adoption to two strange (very strange) men. They paid her a deposit of 9,000 euros.
After becoming pregnant by IVF, she gave birth to a little girl and decided to sell it to another couple, who paid her 15,000 euros. She told the first couple that the baby had died.
Subsequently, she got pregnant again and offered the second baby to the homosexual couple. They seem to have discovered from the clinic at Blois that the first child was not dead, and opened a court case against her for breach of contract.
But can the court enforce a contract that is in itself illegal, despicable and corrupt? To buy and sell children, your own or anybody else's, is against the laws on slavery and human trafficking And it should and must remain so always, everywhere. Queers seem to think they are above the law.
They deserve no sympathy, as those who make an immoral contract cannot complain when the contract is broken. Those whose own dealings are unethical cannot expect ethical behaviour from other people.

The LGBT movement has undermined morality and labelled it "bigotry". It has attacked and ridiculed all normal standards of social and ethical behaviour applying its own stupid terms such as "homophobia" instead. So why should they expect anyone to keep the moral laws against lying and cheating? If morality is bigotry, it serves them right. 

A recent case in America exposed two homosexual men who had bought a child from its mother in Russia and adopted him then used him for systematic homosexual abuse and making pornographic films. He was aged 2-6 when this happened.

The brave new world of same-sex "marriage" is a nightmare. Everything about it is shameful.

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Parisians Hold Proud Motorcade for Marriage

La Manif Pour Tous held a drive-through rally in Paris on Sunday 30th June. Hundreds of cars, vans and motorbikes decked with pro-family banners and filled with people wearing the man-woman marriage logo drove slowly through the centre of Paris.
 They hooted their horns loudly and waved clackers. Some stood up through the open-top vehicles and others chanted their slogans.  

Photo: "La grande traversée de Paris"

La préfecture est aux ordres, avec zèle elle veut nous faire taire...

Aujourd'hui la Résistance est en voiture. Prenez les bonnes habitudes : Klaxonnez en rythme : 


Partout & tous les jours.

On ne lâche rien.

Here is a full video of the event:

The atmosphere was festive, and the demonstrators were peaceful and civilised even when demanding the release of Nicolas Bernard-Buss, who is in prison for opposing same-sex marriage.

Sign This Petition to Say Nicolas Should be Free

Everyone in France is talking about Nicolas Bernard-Buss the young Frenchman goaled for opposing same-sex "marriage" and adoption.
Here is a petition for his release that you can sign   - and a very informative article if you can read French,

This newspaper is running an opinion poll  - should Nicolas be freed before the two months are over?
Signing YES may help him to get out!
Even some homosexuals such as Christophe Girard a mayor of a region of Paris, are speaking out against the savage sentence and publicly calling for the release of Nicolas. At present the answers on this poll say 94% YES.
Help to bring it up to 99%/

Monday, 1 July 2013

Happy Birthday Nicolas Bernard-Buss - We are thinking of you!

Today is the birthday of Nicolas Bernard-Buss the pro-marriage campaigner unjustly imprisoned in France.

Cofondateur des Veilleurs, Nicolas «Berns» (à terre) ne voulait pas céder à la violence. Dans la nuit du 18 avril, aux Invalides, il avait dû être évacué par les pompiers après une charge des CRS.

Send him your wishes via this site

or write to him at
Centre pénitentiaire de Fleury-Mérogis
Maison des hommes
M. Nicolas Bernard-Buss
N° d'écrou : 404-247
7 avenue des Peupliers
91700 Fleury-Mérogis

and if you have not yet signed the petition for his release please do so:-

Heterosexual rights are human rights! Stand up for civilised values!

Update: Nicolas is getting hundreds of letters in prison. Keep them coming!

Remember: There is no such ting as "homophobia". It is a fake word made up to fool you that homosexual extremism is normal and must not be questioned.

Severe Repression of the Pro-Family Movement in France

This video shows the brutal reality of how the homo-extremists are now repressing the people of France:-

Scenes of police violence and horrific use of tear-gas and mass arrest of peaceful people standing up for civilized values.

French police kneel or stand over the body of an innocent young person they have forced onto the pavement, while a young woman breaking away from another policeman falls to the ground. These people were arrested coercively just for wearing the LMPT logo.

These people La Manif Pour Tous are opposing the evil Loi Taubira, which was pushed through by the Socialist government without due debate and ignoring the petitions signed by millions of voters.
Please share this video and circulate it widely as the newspapers will not tell the truth.
Luckily there are some elected representatives and officials who are condemning the regime and if the conservatives get back to power in France they can repeal the bad law.