Saturday, 3 August 2013

Spain Fights Back Against Brainwashing of Children

The Spanish government has been trying impose what it calls "Education for citizenship" on school children .
 This is a crude mixture of Marxist dogmas and pro-homosexual indoctrination. Using cartoons and photographs with bubbles coming out of people's mouths, it tells children that "rich countries are rich because historically they exploited poor countries". It warns them "Our parliamentary systems are not really democratic  - they are essentially economic dictatorships hidden under a parliamentary facade."
All standard Marxist stuff of course.
Then it goes on to tell them that the family has "changed a lot"... the old family is represented by a black and white photograph of a Victorian father and mother. Then they show a modern little girl with two smiling women, presumably lesbians, and call this a "family". Subliminal message...homosexuality is modern and cool! Heterosexuality is outdated!
A cartoon shows a boy describing himself as having "two daddies". The course material tells them that people "fall in love" with others regardless of gender, and encourages them to go and experiment with sex as soon as possible. In fact, it even tells them to make a "body pleasure map" to indicate what parts of their body are most pleasurable. There is absolutely nothing here about love, responsibility, procreation, or commitment. All that is regarded as "outdated". The harm that such teaching can do to a whole society is incalculable...

There has been a lot of angry resistance to this. So far across the country there have been 55,000 conscientious objectors, and 2,300 judicial complaints. 70 associations have been set up to organize resistance to the programme.
Spain is fighting back.  It is not inevitable that our children will be taught like this and it does not have to be the future. It is just a policy that will damage and weaken any country that adopts it. The time to speak out is now. Stop the indoctrination of all of Europe's children.

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