Saturday, 3 August 2013

British Support for Real Marriage Ignored by the Press

     The British media have all been shamefully suppressing any news about the true extent of popular opposition to same-sex marriage.

     Newspapers have operated a policy of ignoring letters, ignoring protests and failing to report public demonstrations. When discussions take place, the editors usually make sure that supporters of redefining marriage, although they are a tiny minority, get equal space with the opponents, and give the impression that all homosexuals support the extremist agenda. Discussions are always arranged so that homo-extremists get the last word and they use abuse, aggression and contemptuous terminology instead of rational argument.

     TV is even worse. Same-sex marriage has been presented as a done deal, an inevitable step or even a form of "progress" instead of what it is   - a disaster and a symptom of degeneracy. When opponents launched rallies and marches, they were ignored by the media. TV in Britain gave daily reports of demonstrations in Turkey and Syria while ignoring what was going on here! It is a scandal.

      On March 24th, before the House of Commons voted on the issue, there was a large demonstration in London's Trafalgar Square by opponents of the bill. Despite the weather being absolutely freezing, ten thousand people turned up.

There were French expats from the La Manif Pour Tous movement and there were thousands of British people some of whom had travelled from as far as Wales to be there.

Both French and English people spoke about the reasons for opposing the bill - among which the right of a child to have a mother and a father is paramount.

They spoke about the way that confusing mere civil partnerships (which don't include fidelity) with true marriage will cheapen marriage and how same-sex marriage insults parents by calling us Parent 1 and Parent 2, as if we were all homosexual. It imposes a homosexual norm on society  - the abnormal is taken as the norm. That is offensive. 

     The organizers provided banners, flags and even scripts to help us chant their slogans, "Un Pere - une mere  - c'est elémentaire!" ( A father and a mother  - it's simple!)

Several speakers talked about how there is plenty of good research to back up the common sense belief that the best thing for children is to be brought up by their own father and mother. Same-sex marriage is a fraud and it involves telling children a lie  - that you can have "two fathers " or "two mothers". Nobody should ever lie to children.

Stirring speeches were given by the French leaders and by Alan Craig, who warned of the persecution to come as homo-fanatics are determined to compel teachers to conform to their ideology or face the sack. This is a shameful loss of freedom.

A family can only be a true family when it is organic, and the parents provide a child's link with its roots in the past. A child is better off with a kinship network, maternal and paternal, that can be supportive and provide it with a place in the wider community.

There were supporters of all ages, all social backgrounds, all races and all religions - or none  - at the demonstration. I spoke to Christians, agnostics, Buddhists and one Jewish couple. There were also some homosexuals, who are openly supporting La Manif Pour Tous.

The demonstration of La Manif Pour Tous was planned with police approval and had police security for protection. That was fortunate, because a gaggle of about fifty homo-fanatics in favour of same-sex marriage turned up to try to start a fight. They had no permission to be there. Dressed in bizarre clothes, they behaved in a disorderly way, and one of them, a woman, stripped off all her clothes to get attention, despite the cold! She was shouting hysterically when she was carried off by the police. The others were nearly as disorderly. They pushed their way to the front and tried to interrupt the proceedings, shouting obscenities and threats. Shamefully they insisted that nobody had any "rights" apart from themselves. Luckily there was a firm police cordon around the platform. One of the rowdies even tried to pull out the cable to the public address system. Police kettled them in a small area and the demonstration continued unabated for a total of four hours despite the chilly weather.

Without a doubt there were newspaper reporters there, as I myself was questioned by one, a tall black girl from the Guardian, and there were TV cameras. But neither the newspapers nor the TV reported the demonstration in any way. 
It was a news black-out. A disgraceful example of how we now live in a state controlled by the LGBT lobby.

The mainstream media, tightly controlled by the LGBT lobby, decided to pretend that the whole demonstration never took place.
But it did and these photographs are proof that it did.
Some homo-extremist news outlets even misreported the event claiming that their supporters had been equal in number or even a majority. That is false. I was there in person and these photographs confirm what I saw  - ten thousand people united to defend marriage and only a tiny, nasty minority opposing it, while also opposing freedom of speech, freedom of opinion, and human rights.
Later in the year, the British organisation Campaign for Marriage, held a demonstration outside the Parliament in Westminster, central London.

Several hundred people turned up and they were well-equipped with banners and placards.

This again was ignored by the press and TV news media. 

They mounted a very eye-catching float of a bride and groom dressed for a wedding, one man and one woman in the proper way, which is the only way...

The words inside the red hearts say "MAN TO WOMAN". Without that essential, natural core, there can be no real marriage! But the editors of the mainstream media were all too much in the control of the LGBT lobby to report the demonstration or admit it was a very effective way of getting their message across.
Don't let the deniers write their own history. Circulate this article and the pictures world -wide and set the record STRAIGHT.

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