Sunday, 3 November 2013

First French Homosexual Divorce Already

Only six months after same-sex marriage was so contentiously pushed through in France, the first same-sex couples have started to file for divorce.
Just as in America and Canada, the pattern is that homosexual relationships do not last. They break up sooner and more acrimoniously than heterosexual ones...and no wonder. There is no basis in mutual complementarity to give them any stability.
The first couple to apply for SSD is a pair of females whose intention in getting "married" was bogus from the outset. They had gone through a wedding ceremony already in the USA in 2011 and by 2013 were living apart! They then carried out the ridiculous sham of a second marriage under French law, just so that they could apply for a divorce in France!!!
      The only reason they wanted this travesty of "marriage" was so that the courts would adjudicate their financial problems, such as shared debt.
       It is all so romantic isn't it? Marriage and family being trashed by politicians and trivialized by litigious lesbians.

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