Sunday, 17 November 2013

Homosexual Intellectual Explains Why We Don't Need Same-Sex "Marriage"

Gay, Atheist, and Militant, Xavier Bongibault explains why he is AGAINST same sex "marriage":

"First I want to explain my point of view. The gay couple is not better, not worse. It is different and it is this difference that must be respected. Do not be afraid of difference. Humanity is humanity [in] that it has differences. " (Hooray   -isn't that exactly what we conservatives keep trying to explain? But we always get shouted down and abused as "bigots"!)

"The legislature can not deny this difference by trying to create the laws of reality all over again. The greatness of man is in the acceptance of his condition. The homosexual union is not fruitful." (Yes that is the reality we keep trying to explain). "Marriage is - and must remain - the foundation of the protection of children and parentage." (Bravo! A man with some moral sense).

"And this is an important principle, that we should not cut children off from their biological parentage, their genealogy. The child is not something you have by "right", the child cannot be claimed like property...." (Well said  - this is exactly why La Manif Pour Tous is opposed to human trafficking, the odious outcome of bogus same-sex "marriage").

Xavier Bongibault is one of the many intelligent, highly-educated homosexuals who campaigns with La Manif Pour Tous against same-sex "marriage". He is pictured above at a LMPT rally in the company of its leaders.

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