Monday, 2 December 2013

Croatia Votes Overwhelmingly to Keep Real Marriage

On Sunday the voters of Croatia voted in a referendum to define marriage in their constitution as the union of a man to a woman. The outcome was a a triumph for good sense. Croatian children are now protected from being purchased and brought up by same-sex couples, or by parents who decide to "change sex". They will know that the word "Father" means their male parent and "mother" means their female parent who gives birth to them. They will not be insulted with some nonsense about parent 1 and parent 2!
Croatia will face increasing pressure from the EU and the UN to change its stance. Let's hope they remain proud and brave.
Predictably the Western press reported the news in a negative way. BBC pictures gave prominence only to the banners of the defeated LGBT extremists, proclaiming that they are "born gay" (not true) and that anyone who opposes their agenda is guilty of "hate".
A Croatian lesbian moaned that now she had no right to inherit her girlfriend's property or to visit her in a care home. Both are false arguments. There is nothing to stop a same-sex couple putting their property into their joint names, and making wills in each other's favour. Anyway, she has not done anything to earn the right to inherit property  - not like a wife who has borne and brought up her husband's children, often cared for grandchildren as well, and devoted much of her life to doing this. There is also no law in any country in the world that only married couples can visit each other in hospitals or care homes. Hospital patients can choose who is allowed to visit them.
 Spot the gay myths!!!

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