Sunday, 15 December 2013

Massive LMPT Demo at Versailles, 30,000 Stand for Family

30,000 people attended a demonstration this weekend at Versailles in France in support of La Manif Pour Tous.
The huge crowd waved banners, balloons and posters defending the rights of children and asserting that they want to protect natural marriage and the family against state policies.

People of all ages joined to resist the teaching of freakish unnatural "gender" ideology in schools. They also rejoiced in the defeat of the Estrela Report, another crazy attempt to force homosexuality and paedophilia on children in the name of "sex education". The EU parliament rejected the Estrela Report, which called for abortion to be made an automatic right of any woman at any stage in pregnancy, in every EU country.

The leaders of La Manif Pour Tous, Ludovine de la Rochere and others were among those who made speeches reminding all that the family is the natural and the best environment for bringing up children. Surrogacy and bizarre alternatives are adult-centred, not child-centred.

One striking banner proclaimed "STOP FAMILYPHOBIA"!


At the same time there was a LMPT demonstration at Montpellier attended by 1,500 people


and another one at Blois attended by 3,000 people.

The Socialist government has been heard to ask "How long are these protests going to continue?" the answer is : "Until we get the laws changed and same-sex marriage abolished."

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