Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Same-Sex Marriage Leads to Confusion and Fighting over Children

A lesbian couple in France who got a male friend to make one of them pregnant have been forced by a court to grant the biological father legal rights over the child.
While it may be thought that a man who behaves like this does not deserve any rights, the case is one more example of how the unreasonable demands of same-sex couples for children are leading to conflict, confusion, litigation and strife.
A child has a right to a mother and a father  - true. But this decision is not about the rights of the child  -which are disregarded under laws making it legal for homosexuals to adopt. It is only about the rights of a man who donated sperm. The child will have a father who visits the home from time to time and hardly knows the two lesbian "mothers". Will the so-called father take any responsibilities, financial or otherwise, for his child? If not, and if he does not show any care or love for the mother, he is a rather poor role-model of a father.
Madame Anne Bouillon (Magali) who gave birth, regarded the sperm donor as merely a tool. But the donor did not sign any contract renouncing his claims, and seven months after the birth, he decided that he wanted a meaningful link with his child  -  and he went to court to get it. The lesbian couple responded by moving away, making hard to arrange any contact. He persisted and the court in Nantes has now decided in his favour.
      The two lesbians were very indignant and accused the father of "immaturity". "When you donate blood, you don't go after the recipient and ask for it back, " wailed Magali...
Her partner, Flavie, also wants to adopt the little boy, and cannot do so without the consent of the biological father. They will tell the boy that he has three parents, of course. Why not?
   None of them thought about the needs of the child when they made this bizarre and unnatural arrangement....

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