Saturday, 14 September 2013

French Law Condemns Human Trafficking by Homosexuals

In France La Manif Pour Tous is as active as ever. Under its new leader Ludovine de la Rochere it is organising a series of new protests and events to highlight the erosion of children's rights under the disastrous regime of Francois Hollande.
Same-sex "marriage" has led to a sharp rise in human trafficking, as children are being imported from India like mere merchandise for adoption by homosexual couples.  It is obscene, it is shameful and it is all the result of a left-wing government that crawls to whatever the homosexual extremist lobby demands.
The Association of French Jurists has refused to condone the practise as legal despite being ordered to do so by the minister Madame Taubira who brought in the grotesque law of same-sex "marriage". On 25th January she circulated a letter to all the regional courts demanding that they register such babies as French born  - an utter lie.
This is an important step to uphold children's rights in France and across Europe. The court at Rennes refused to inscribe a child born to an Indian woman as the offspring of two French homosexuals and pointed out that it certainly amounts to selling a child when the mother is paid three years salary to give birth to a  child then abandon it.  Euphemisms like surrogacy or "gay" adoption are just whitewashing immoral behaviour.
Tomorrow La Manif Pour Tous will stage a face-to face protest as the President makes one of his increasingly rare public appearances   - he is shying away from the public ever since his unpopular policies caused an abrupt drop in ratings in the opinion polls!

Here is a  translation of the speech made by Ludovine de la Rochere in May:-
The truth as that we did not see equality as our opponents do. Our conception, held by the majority in this country, is that the most important equality is that of children, the right to a father and a mother, that is, a real origin, real parentage, and not fakes. Around this idea we can gather atheists, Christians, Jews, Muslims, right-wingers, left-wingers, heterosexuals, homosexuals. For us, the truth owed to children is sacred. We do not want lies to be the frame of children's lives in this country, we do not want the triumph of gender ideology. 
Because our opponents do not understand this, they refuse debate, they despise us, they slander us.

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