Saturday, 14 September 2013

Gender Madness Spreads to Italy

A Catholic cardinal has spoken out in defence of real, natural marriage in response to a crazy proposal by the regional council of Venice (a notoriously left-wing area) to replace the words Father and Mother on legal documents with Parent 1 and Parent 2.
This bullshit is tantamount to same-sex marriage.

Speaking in Rome, Cardinal Carlo Cafferra warned that this would send an earthquake through society  - and no wonder, because it is an attack on the family and on nature itself.
      Parenthood is not an ungendered proposition. Anybody who exists has parents and those parents MUST include a mother and a father. The homosexuals who want to deny this or call it "bigotry" are just stark, raving mad.
      To change the words Father and Mother is an insult to the vast majority of normal. heterosexual people, whose marriages are being made to fit an abnormal, homosexual model. Resist! Assert your right to heterosexual marriage as it has always existed  - because nature created it.

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