Saturday, 21 September 2013

New Proof that LMPT was not responsible for violent attack

The French police have confirmed again that the pro-marriage movement La Manif Pour Tous was not involved or implicated in any way with the attack on a homosexual man in Paris last April.
   Posters all over Paris slandered the morality movement as killers when Wilfred Brujin was attacked in the street. LGBT militant websites such as "Pink News" repeated the lies and spread them across the internet with insulting headlines.

But French police confirm that they have charged four young men aged 17-19 with the crime, and it was nothing at all to do with the pro-family movement. The crime was just an ordinary mugging

Moral: do NOT believe the propaganda of the LGBT militant movement. Even when they show you photographs and claim to have evidence, it is not reliable and they will twist any facts to vilify good, normal people and demonize those who campaign for sane, moral values.

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