Thursday, 26 September 2013

Leader of pro-Family Movement Bullied and Victimized b y French authorities

Virginie Tellen,  a.k.a. "Frigide Barjot", the original founder of the pro-family movement in France, has been hounded out of her home in a state-owned apartment block because of her defence of man-woman marriage and the rights of children.

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Barjot felt she had to make a stand against surrogacy because every child has a right to know its ancestry and roots, as well as to have a mother and father. She wanted to wake people up to realize that the introduction of same-sex "marriage" is simply a green light for selfish adults to buy babies like commodities.
When the movement took off, Barjot found herself demonized in the left-wing and liberal press, branded a "homophobe" and a "bigot" (surprise, surprise) and put on a hit-list by the socialist government. Very soon she found that she and her children were forced out of their rented apartment in Paris, which had been her home for more than ten years.
       Barjot says now that even though she has lost her home and many friends because of the campaign, she does not regret it. "Brigitte Bardot took up the cause of animal rights," she says, "and I have taken up that of children. It is an all-out battle."
 "Dans ce combat j'ai perdu mon appartement, des amis, un beau-frère. Et mon patrimoine est étalé dans la presse. Mais, oui ça en valait la peine. J'aurais donné ma vie pour que chaque être humain puisse savoir d'où il vient. Brigitte Bardot a fait les animaux, je ferai les êtres humains. C'est un combat à vie".

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