Saturday, 19 October 2013

French Council's Shameful Decision to Crush Liberty of Conscience

    The French Constitutional Council has decided not to grant the appeal of the Maires Pour l'Enfance  group  -  defying the constitution of France that they are meant to uphold!!!
This reduces their function to nonsense.

      Maires Pour l'Enfance (Mayors for Children's Rights) is a group of elected French mayors who demand liberty of conscience so that they cannot be compelled to perform bogus "marriages" between two people of the same sex. The right to freedom of conscience and religious belief is written into the French constitution and has been there since the time of Napoleon, who banned the Inquisition.
  But it the socialists are imposing a new Inquisition and they recognize no rights apart from the demands of dogmatic homosexual extremists.
  Ludovine de La Rochere, leader of the pro-family group La Manif Pour Tous, denounced the decision as "liberticide", the killing of freedom. Maires pour l'Enfance has vowed to take their case to the European Court of Human Rights.

Write to your MEPs and to all human rights organizations that you know, including Amnesty International, demanding that the ECHR upholds the mayors' liberty of conscience according to the International Declaration of Human Rights, article 18.
   Support for the French government of Francois Hollande has slumped to less than 25% but he continues to impose his bizarre, extreme and vicious policies on an impoverished, austerity-torm, over-taxed country.

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