Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Gender Madness Causes Tragic Death in Belgium. "Felt Like a Monster".

Gender madness is just that....insanity. 

Nathan Verhelst, 44, born Nancy, chose a medically assisted death after his sex change operation left him feeling like a 'monster.' Euthanasia is legal in Belgium, but a subject of controversy as more people are choosing it.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/life-style/health/belgian-transsexual-dies-euthanasia-botched-sex-change-article-1.1473875#ixzz2hEH8qAER

People who think they are "born in the wrong body" and cannot accept their birth sex are mentally ill. They don't need "rights" they need psychiatric treatment, and that is what they ought to get.
If they don't get it, they are likely to carry out acts of self-harm, which is after all one of the basic definitions of insanity.
Belgium has followed other Western European countries down the foolish path of introducing legal recognition for sex-changed people and the LGBT lobby has followed it up with an increasingly strident demand to stamp out "transphobia". But this is all lies. Nobody is "born in the wrong body". A conviction that you are "really" other than you are is a personality disorder. You cannot have a brain that is a different sex from the body it is in. It is a delusion  - an obsession - which is a form of insanity.
     So-called sex-change operations are only superficial. The chromosomes you are conceived with are either XX or XY.  These are in every cell of the body, including every brain cell. Removing male organs does not make you a woman as you can never grow a womb or ovaries inside. Removing breasts and sticking extra tissue onto your labia to imitate a "penis" does not make you a man. Even if you remove your uterus, you will never have the working testicles and fertility of a male. So-called transsexuals have to go on taking artificial hormones for the rest of their lives to change their body hair, and the distribution of fat. But they end up no sex at all, just a bundle of fakery held together by pills and make-up.
     Nancy Verhelst, born a woman in Belgium, was obsessed with the idea of becoming a man. She had a series of sex-change operations. She got legally recognized as a man and took the name of Nathan at the age of 42...but was never satisfied with the result. After her last operation she said she "felt like a monster".
    Don't condemn Nancy. Dr Michael Brown has researched the case and found that Nancy/Nathan was the product of a disturbed upbringing. Her mother had really wanted a boy and was deeply disappointed that Nancy was a girl. She brought Nancy up feeling that she was a failure for being female, and never even pretended to love her. When Nancy died, her mother did not even express any remorse or regret.
   After her repeated operations, Nancy was in such despair that she decided she no longer wanted to live. Dr Wim Distlemans then at her request gave her a lethal injection. Euthanasia is legal in Belgium but is completely against medical ethics. Wims argued that it was justified by her extreme psychological torment and lack of wish to live, but it was a disgraceful collaboration in murder.
      Write to your MP and MEPs now and protest against the transsexual agenda being pursued, indulged or paid for in any country.
It is shocking that nowadays the costs of all this crazy nonsense are forced onto the tax-payer.


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