Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Disgusting Acts of Violence by Homo-Extremists in France

The homo-extremist group calling itself ActUp has carried out a series of violent attacks in towns across France, vandalizing churches and attacking Christians.

In the latest incident at Toulouse, these fanatics attacked the church of Saint-Pierre-des-Chartreux while a conference of young Catholics was being held there. They shouted, smashed windows and sprayed red paint as well as scattering abusive leaflets denouncing all those who resist their agenda.

ActUp claimed this was a "protest" against the pro-family La Manif Pour Tous movement, which they slanderously accuse of being "violent"  (they are unable to see the irony).  La Manif Pour tous has never carried out or advocated any violence, but simply defends the rights of children and the true natural meaning of marriage.
The diocese of Toulouse continues to hold the conference and is ignoring intimidation. So far police have not arrested any of the vandals.
Pierre-Emmanuel Desmaizi√®res commented, "The hatred here is coming from the LGBT activists. They falsely accused La Manif Pour Tous of being responsible for a "homophobic" attack in Paris. This incident reveals the delusions and the manipulative ploys of the LGBT movement."

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