Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Protests Dent the EU's Homosexual Army

The EU spends public money on maintaining a full-time bureau that does nothing except promote homo-extremist ideology in the EU and beyond.
The Inter-LGBT group is part of the EU Human Rights apparatus and spends its time  - and our money  - pushing a pro-LGBT agenda in every country of the EU. It lobbies to re-define marriage, abolish the family, provide test-tube babies for same-sex couples on the NHS, carry out sex-change operations on the NHS and force an agenda of promiscuous bisexuality on children in schools.

   It also makes arrogant attacks on other countries not in the EU, demanding that they conform to the dictates of the loonies. In recent times it has launched grossly offensive accusations at the governments of Russia and Uganda, with inaccurate information and no respect for the sovereignty of other nations.
Now pressure is rising from the pro-family movement and La Manif Pour Tous has secured its first victory. The newly-appointed spokesmen for this antisocial, nuisance bureau, Nathalie Mestre et Mathieu Nocent, have both resigned after getting a barrage of critical letters and e-mails in the first two weeks of their tenure. Pro-family compaigners objected to the ideology, the aims and the methods of the extremists and protested against them getting public money.
    THIS IS GOOD NEWS. It can be regarded as a first small victory for the growing pro-family movement all across Europe. Next step is to get this pernicious bureau closed down completely and all similar institutions unfunded. Write to your MPs and MEPs opposing the funding of such groups and campaigns.

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