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N-S Homosexuality and Paedophilia : Part 5, N - S

The fifth installment of our serialised book Homosexuality and Paedophilia: A Reference Guide. This is N-S.
The last section and index will follow.

NAISMITH, Donald, head of the Board of Education of Borough of Richmond, advisor on education to the Conservative government. Listed as client of Elm Guesthouse*.

NAMBLA--the North American Man-Boy Love Association--A group lobbying for the normalization of paedophilia. NAMBLA representatives march in gay-pride parades as a key element of the gay-rights movement. NAMBLA publishes its own Bulletin. The issue for Jan/Feb 1993 includes on page 30 "Letter to a Young Boy-Lover" advising pederasts to go abroad to Thailand and other far-eastern countries where young boys can be easily obtained for money. Numerous members have been convicted of child-rape, and one was found to be running a “foster-home” in Thailand which was a front for a boy-brothel. The leaders claimed they were unaware of this.
NAMBLA was set up by “gay” rights founder-leaders Harry Hay*, Allen Ginsberg*, and David Thorstad*, and supported by Franklin Kameny* as well as prominent homosexual writers such as Gore Vidal.* It started after an incident in Boston in December 1977, when police raided a house in the Boston suburb of Revere. Twenty-four men were arrested and indicted on over 100 felony counts, including child pornography and statutory rape of boys aged eight to fifteen. Suffolk County District Attorney Garrett Byrne alleged that the men used drugs and video games to lure the boys into a house, where they photographed them as they engaged in homosexual activity. Byrne accused the men of being members of a "sex ring", and said that the arrest was only "the tip of the iceberg." The arrests sparked intense media coverage, and local newspapers published the photographs and personal information of the accused men.

Staff members of the “gay” newspaper Fag Rag saw this as an anti-“gay” witchhunt. On December 9, they organized the Boston-Boise Committee, a name intended as a reference to a similar case in Boise, Idaho in the 1950s. The group sponsored rallies, provided funds for the defendants, and distributed leaflets.

Byrne was defeated in his re-election bid. The new DA said that no man should fear prison for sexual relations with a teenager unless coercion was involved. All charges were dropped. The few who had already been found guilty received only probation.
On December 2, 1978, Tom Reeves of the Boston-Boise Committee convened a meeting called "Man/Boy Love and the Age of Consent." Approximately 150 people attended. At the meeting's conclusion, about thirty men and youths decided to form the North American Man/Boy Love Association.
A number of gay rights groups already opposed age-of-consent laws at the time of NAMBLA's founding. A "Gay Rights Platform" formed and adopted by about 200 gay activists at a convention in Chicago held in 1972 by the National Coalition of Gay Organizations (NCGO), called for the "repeal of all laws governing the age of sexual consent" at the state level. (The NCGO, which was formed at the Chicago convention, primarily consisted of New York's Gay Activists Alliance (GAA), which was composed of many small gay activist groups organized mostly on college campuses throughout the U.S.). The GAA opposed age of consent laws and hosted a forum on the topic in 1976. The Canadian Lesbian and Gay Rights Coalition also supported eliminating the existing age-of-consent laws.
The age-of-consent issue became a hotly debated topic within the “gay” community, and disputes over the age of consent issue within and between gay rights groups -- many of which directly or indirectly involved NAMBLA – became frequent.
Disagreement was evident following the conference that organized the first “gay” march on Washington in 1979. In addition to forming several working committees, the conference was responsible for drafting the basic organizing principles of the march (“the five demands” [see p. 23]). Originally, the Gay Youth Caucus had won approval for its proposal demanding “Full Rights for Gay Youth, including revision of the age of consent laws.” However at the first meeting of the National Coordinating Committee, a contingent of lesbians threatened not to participate in the march unless a substitute was adopted. The substitute, stated: “Protect Lesbian and Gay Youth from any laws which are used to discriminate against, oppress, and/or harass them in their homes, schools, job and social environments.”
In 1980 a group called the “Lesbian Caucus – Lesbian Gay Pride March Committee” distributed a hand-out urging women to split from the annual New York City Gay Pride March because the organizing committee had supposedly been dominated by NAMBLA and its supporters. The next year, after some lesbians threatened to picket, the Cornell University Gay PAC (Gay People at Cornell) rescinded its invitation to NAMBLA founder David Thorstad to be the keynote speaker at the annual May Gay Festival. And in the following years, gay rights groups attempted to block NAMBLA’s participation in gay pride parades, prompting Harry Hay* to wear a sign proclaiming “NAMBLA walks with me” as he participated in a 1986 gay pride march in Los Angeles.
Thus by the mid-1980s, NAMBLA was virtually alone in its positions and found itself politically isolated. Gay rights organizations, accused of child recruitment and child abuse, had abandoned the radicalism of their early years and had "retreat[ed] from the idea of a more inclusive politics," opting instead to appeal more to the mainstream. Support for "groups perceived as being on the fringe of the gay community," such as NAMBLA, vanished in the process. Today almost all gay rights groups disavow any ties to NAMBLA  - officially that is.
In 1993, the International Lesbian and Gay Association, of which NAMBLA had been a member for a decade, achieved United Nations consultative status. NAMBLA's association with ILGA drew heavy criticism, and many gay organizations called for the ILGA to dissolve ties with NAMBLA. Republican Senator Jesse Helms proposed a bill to withhold $119 million in U.N. contributions until U.S. President Bill Clinton could certify that "no UN agency grants any official status, accreditation, or recognition to any organization which promotes, condones, or seeks the legalization of pedophilia, that is, the sexual abuse of children". The bill was unanimously approved by Congress and signed into law by Clinton in April 1994.
ILGA passed a resolution in 1985 which stated that "young people have the right to sexual and social self-determination and that age of consent laws often operate to oppress and not to protect." In spite of this apparent agreement with NAMBLA on the age of consent issue just nine years before, ILGA, by a vote of 214-30 expelled NAMBLA and two other groups MARTIJN and Project Truth in early 1994 because they were judged to "support or promote pedophilia."
Gregory King of the Human Rights Campaign later said that "NAMBLA is not a gay organization ... They are not part of our community and we thoroughly reject their efforts to insinuate that pedophilia is an issue related to gay and lesbian civil rights." NAMBLA responded, "man/boy love is by definition homosexual," and "man/boy lovers are part of the gay movement and central to gay history and culture," and that "homosexuals denying that it is 'gay' to be attracted to adolescent boys are just as ludicrous as heterosexuals saying it's 'not heterosexual' to be attracted to adolescent girls."
In 1994 the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) adopted a "Position Statement Regarding NAMBLA" saying GLAAD "deplores the North American Man Boy Love Association's (NAMBLA) goals, which include advocacy for sex between adult men and boys and the removal of legal protections for children. These goals constitute a form of child abuse and are repugnant to GLAAD." Also in 1994 the Board of Directors of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force (NGLTF) adopted a resolution on NAMBLA that said: "NGLTF condemns all abuse of minors, both sexual and any other kind, perpetrated by adults. Accordingly, NGLTF condemns the organizational goals of NAMBLA and any other such organization." Nevertheless leading LGBT activists all over the world such as Peter Tatchell* have continued to campaign for abolition of the age of consent, using the strategy of recommending gradual reduction.
Benoit Denizet-Lewis. American Voyeur: Dispatches From the Far Reaches of Modern Life.

NAPAC The National Association for People Abused in Childhood. UK charity that runs a helpline for people who wish to talk about their experiences as victims of childhood sexual abuse. Since its foundation in 1996, it has helped more than 20,000 people, including a high percentage of men molested in boyhood by older men. If there were no correlation between homosexuality and paedophile, the percentage of male children molested by men would be only 1 or 2% - consistent with the percentage of homosexuals in the population.

NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF YOUNG PEOPLE IN CARE (NAYPIC), a UK charity to help young people who have been brought up in orphanages or by paid foster-parents. Their investigations have revealed extensive organized sex abuse of such vulnerable children. The victims are as likely to be boys as girls, in fact rather more so. NAYPIC has collected testimonies of victims of PIE, Elm Guesthouse, Haut de la Garenne and others. These have led to many charges being brought against high-up homosexual pederasts, living and dead.

NAPIER, Charles. Homosexual, “gay” activist, member and treasurer of the Paedophile Information Network,* In 1972 Napier, a teacher, was convicted for molesting a boy. He was allowed to work again only because he got a report from his friend Peter Righton*, then head of education in England, saying that Napier was no longer a risk to children. Righton has since been exposed as the founder of PIE* and an arch-paedophile. In 1978, Napier went to teach in Sweden in 1978, where he corresponded with Righton about the availability of boys there. Righton visited him there so they could hunt boys together. Napier then became an English teacher in Cairo, where the laws on abusing boys were less strictly enforced. He travelled in Turkey and boasted of sending child porn videos to England in diplomatic bags. By 1995, Napier had returned to England and was teaching at a school in Somerset. There he invited a boy aged 14 to his home where he indecently assaulted him, leading to a criminal conviction. Police searching his home found a huge collection of his correspondence with other pederasts such as Righton.* The correspondence revealed that Righton and Napier, together with their PIE friends, planned a network of pederast schools, national and international, where their activities could go on undetected and for many years they were successful. Napier was sentenced to 15 months in prison for a rape committed in the 1980s.
A 1994 documentary explored Righton’s links with Napier and showed film of the two with young boys in Sweden. The Metropolitan police investigation into their network was called Operation Fairbank*.

NATIONAL GAY TASK FORCE, homosexual group in USA. Get public funding and organizes an annual homosexual “March on Washington” where it always releases a “statement of demands” which includes abolishing age of consent laws.

NEIL, Christopher, Canadian schoolteacher convicted in 2008 for molesting boys in Thailand. He got three years. The victims were a 13-year-old boy and his younger brother. “Hundreds of photos allegedly showing him [Neil] abusing Asian boys were uncovered.” Police had tracked Neil down for four years, after finding photographs online in 2004 of a man abusing dozens of boys in Vietnam and Cambodia.The face was scrambled but with digital technology police unscrambled it., a pro-paedophile website that hosts a magazine Uncommon Sense, sympathetic to the problems of “minor-attracted” individuals . It refers to the “minor attraction movement” as a “radical” movement, which may be true, as radical simply means seeking major change, but it does not mean that the change is a good one or to be regarded as progress in any respect. Like NAMBLA*, its forums and articles are  dominated by male pederasts. Donald Mader used it in 1996 to beg for money to pay his legal fees when prosecuted on porn charges.

NEVISON, Howard, American homosexual convicted in 2006 of protracted sex abuse of his nephew aged 3 to 7. Cantor Nevison of Temple Emmanu-el in Manhattan, molested the child repeatedly on visits to His brother’s house in Pennsylvania. Nevison’s brother Lawrence and his son were both convicted of long-term molestation of the same boy.

NEWTON, Mark J. and Peter TRUONG.
Two male homosexuals, both LGBT activists, adopted a boy from Russia in 2005 and paid his mother $8,000 for him. They then sexually abused him from the age of two weeks, and used the child to make pornographic videos, taking him to three countries to be molested by eight other homosexual pederasts. They contacted other paedophiles on the website*. They were convicted in LA in June 2013 but mainly ignored by the mainstream media. The crime was accidentally revealed when police in the USA found a video, in the possession of another paedophile, of the child being abused by Newton and Truong. Until this exposure, Newton and Truong were featured in several TV programmes and magazine articles about their loving perfect “gay” family.
Newton and Truong’s crime is an example of ultra-vile, premeditated and intensive child abuse, heinous even beyond the standards of most paedophilia. It is not an isolated incident but reveals the existence of a global homosexual pederast network with thousands of active members.

NICHOLS, Jack, homosexual activist, co-founder of the Mattachine Society, whose agenda was to legalize homosexual relations between men and boys, abolishing the age of consent. Nichols edited “Gay” the first magazine for homosexuals. Author of Men’s Liberation (1975~) and The Gay Agenda: Talking Back to the Fundamentalists (Oct 1996). Author of novel The Tomcat Chronicles (2004).

NORRIS, Stephen, a care worker at Bryn Estyn children’s home in North Wales, received a suspended sentence in 1993 for sexual offences against nine boys in his care. Two brothers, Keith and Tony Gregory, recalled the brutal regime imposed on pupils in the 1960s and 70s, with beatings and sexual abuse meted out regularly. Norris was found guilty of multiple charges of b-gg-ry and assault, of boys as young as 12, yet was not gaoled. The full scale of the scandal was still not admitted. See North Wales Child Abuse Scandal.*

NORTH WALES Child Abuse Scandal. First investigated in 1996, then suppressed, this story re-emerged in 2012. An official enquiry, the Waterhouse Report said that there was a long-standing paedophile ring in the Wrexham and Chester area of North Wales, with links to the Campaign for Homosexual Equality*. Boy inmates of as many as forty children’s homes such as Bryn Estyn and Bryn Alyn Hall, both near Wrexham, had been regularly accessed by powerful men and politicians over a period of decades, from 1963-1992. They would be taken out of the home for a few hours then returned and warned to say nothing. Sir Ronald Waterhouse wrote that CHE “saw it [the paedophile ring] as a useful agency for identifying and contacting potential victims." A new investigation codenamed Operation Pallial’ was set in motion by Home Secretary Theresa May. Victims claimed that in the 1996 investigation the police had not allowed them to make complaints about certain high-up and powerful people. Photographs discovered in a flat in Wrexham in 1979 showed that there was molestation of young boys going on and some of the pederasts were not local. But these photographs were destroyed on police orders, leading to allegations of a cover-up. The affair was put into the hands of the Children’s Commissioner for Wales. By April 2013 a total of 140 complaints had been received from victims, all boys. The ages of the victims when molested ranged from 7 to 19, most of them being in the 12-15 age range. Several of the victims alleged that they had been molested by senior politicians. One victim, Steve Messham, said, “One particular night that I always recall is when I was basically raped, tied down, and abused by nine different men”.
A police source alleges that there are still high-up offenders avoiding exposure. One was said to have enjoyed tormenting young boys by putting them in coffins, shutting the lid and sprinkling gravel on top. When the child is screaming with terror he will co-operate with bizarre perversions. This person is alleged to have murdered at least two boys and buried their bodies on his estate.

NORWAY. An active paedophile network set up and run by male homosexuals was discovered by police in Bergen in 2010. After a tip-off by a 15-year-old boy, police discovered an international network with 35 members all over the world. The head quarters appeared to be in Hollywood. A Norwegian policeman was implicated. Johan Martin Vie, who was arrested in Bergen, was sentenced to 10 years for assaulting several young boys, and for having taken pictures to distribute as pornography. It was also revealed that he shared the images with other pedophiles.

NOTTINGHAMSHIRE care-homes scandal. In 2014, Mickey Summers told newspapers that he suffered serial sexual abuse whilst in care homes in Nottinghamshire in the 1960s. He ran away, repeatedly. He climbed trees to avoid abuse. He says he witnessed other children, some with severe learning needs, being raped.
In 2003 he reported his abuse to Nottinghamshire Police and asked them to investigate. He went to Nottingham City Council, and to Nottinghamshire County Council. They told him that his records had been destroyed. Police failed to carry out an effective investigation.
The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) has ruled that his initial complaint should be reinvestigated.

NUWAS, Abu (756–814). Arab poet and pederast whose writings fully attest the male homosexual taste for boys. According to the website Queers in History “In earlier times in the Moslem lands, famous Iranian and Arab poets such as Hafiz i-Shirazi and Abu Nuwas praised and rued the charms of boys (whom they plied with wine and seduced). Abu was born in the city of Ahvaz, in Persia, where his father was from southern Arabia and his mother was Per­sian. His first teacher was the poet Waliba ibn al-Hubab (d. 786), who initiated him into pederasty as well as poetry. Originally trained in theology and grammar, Nuwas gained his great fame as a poet who excelled in lyrical love poetry, in lampoons and satire, and in "mujun" - frivolous and humorous descriptions of indecent or obscene matters. As with many other Islamic poets, he particularly celebrated in his poetry the love of wine - and boys. As one of the earliest Arab poets to write lyrical love poetry about boys, his achievement and influence helped to bring the genre to great heights."
Abu Nuwas' poetry is very explicit in its confession of pederasty , leaving no doubt that the desired boys were sodomized.

O’CARROLL, Tom (Thomas Victor, b.1945).  Homosexual and “gay” rights activist prosecuted for paedophile activities. In 1979, he was secretary of the Paedophile Information Exchange*. When it was officially disbanded he carried on as a prominent  member of its successor, IPCE, the International Paedophile and Child Emancipation group. He was also a press officer for the Open University, a publicly-funded institution with a crudely pro-homosexual bias. In 1981 Tom O’Carroll was jailed for “conspiring to corrupt public morals” by publishing ‘contact’ advertisements (which put readers in touch with vendors of child porn) in an edition of PIE’s publication The Magpie.
In 2002 O'Carroll was found guilty of evading a prohibition on the importation of indecent photographs of children from Qatar. He was given a nine-month sentence on the basis of three images, a sentence later overturned by appeal. O'Carroll was convicted again in 2006 of conspiring to distribute indecent photographs of children. . He was arrested after undercover police infiltrated the International Paedophile Child Emancipation Group and its subsidiary, Gentlemen with an Interesting Name. “According to police O’Carroll saw the groups as a base for an “international secret society” of “academic” child abusers…Children, mainly boys and some as young as six, had been filmed and photographed being raped and tortured.” The cache was found in the surrey home of a former vicar, Michael John De Clare Studdert, exposed as a PIE member.  O’Carroll was arraigned 1 June 2006 on child pornography charges. In September 2006, he admitted to two counts of distributing indecent images of children. On 20 December 2006, he was jailed for 2½ years. Police investigating the case seized more than a quarter of a ton of indecent images, from a variety of addresses. Some showed images of a man abusing a one-year-old boy. A detective who had worked on the prosecution told reporters: ‘I’ve been dealing with hard pornography for ten years now, but what I saw in this case made me go outside for a walk. It was awful. Awful.’
Author of “Paedophilia: the Radical Case,” published in 1980, O'Carroll insisted that children can consent and displays a blinkered refusal to consider any of the harmful consequences.
Reviewers of the book in the upmarket broadsheets and periodicals were sharply divided, ranging from scathingly dismissive to strongly supportive of the author, if not entirely of the "radical case" he had set out. The “gay” press was broadly sympathetic. Sexologist Richard Green included O'Carroll's book as recommended reading for his criminology students at Cambridge University and in 2000 invited O'Carroll to speak at the annual meeting in Paris of the International Academy of Sex Research.
O’Carroll is still active in academic circles. So corrupt is our modern academia that in July 2013 he was invited to speak at a conference on paedophilia at Cambridge University. There he found other “gay” academics leaning towards his views. Unrepentant, he continues to campaign for paedophilia using his blog and any other means.
The personal blog of Tom O'Carroll

OCCHIPINTI, Ronald, Boy Scout troop leader in Queens, Ohio, USA. In 2006, he was convicted for admitted molesting two boys in his Scout troop, one at his home and one at a Little Neck church where the troop met. One victim was 11 when the abuse started.
Occhipinti pleaded guilty yesterday to first-degree course of sexual conduct against a child, second-degree aggravated sexual abuse and use of a child in a sexual performance, all felonies.

OLIVER, Robert. Homosexual pederast and child molester connected with the Sidney Cooke gang. Oliver was gaoled in 1985 for his part in the molestation and murder of 14-year-old Jason Swift, but as released eight years later. Oliver, who lives with a male partner, was gaoled again in 2013 for letting children into his home despite a ban.

O’NEILL, Charles, and LAUGHLAN, William, homosexual couple gaoled in Scotland in 2010. They carried out systematic sexual abuse of several boys and murdered their lodger Allison McGarrigle to stop her informing the authorities. In June 1997 Mrs McGarrigle discovered them molesting a young boy in their house in Largs, Ayrshire and said she would inform the police. O’Neil and Lauchlan strangled her, put her body into a wheelie bin and dumped it in the sea nearby. The murder was unsolved until one of the boy victims, grown up, informed the police that he had overheard them talking about killing her. A year after the murder, O'Neill and Lauchlan were found guilty of THIRTY-ONE child abuse charges. They had preyed on six boys, aged 11 to 15, at a house in Skelmorlie, Ayrshire, and elsewhere, plying them with drink and drugs before raping and abusing them. The victim who informed the police about the murder clues said that his ordeal went on for five years. O'Neill was jailed for eight years and Lauchlan for six.
Both were freed early, in 2002, and O'Neill was soon terrorising children again. He drugged and molested a boy of 14 in Irvine, Ayrshire, after worming his way into the trust of the lad's family. The following year, when O'Neill and Lauchlan were living in Spain, they abducted a 15-year-old English boy in Benidorm and subjected him to three days of horrendous abuse.The Spaniards deported them and they were sent back to jail in Scotland for breaking their parole.
But in 2007, the authorities again put O'Neill and Lauchlan back on the streets. And in 2008, police surveillance of their phones suggested they were grooming another child. This time, the lad was only six. The perverts, who posed as cousins to fool the families of their victims, had hatched a plot to take the boy and his mother to Spain. They were arrested before they could put it into action.
O'Neill and Lauchlan were convicted last month of abusing the boy in Benidorm and grooming the six-year-old. O'Neill was also found guilty of molesting the boy in Irvine.
Police fear O'Neill and Lauchlan abused dozens more children who have not been found.
The perverts were quickly identified as the prime suspects for Allison's murder yet it took years to nail them. In 2005 they were charged with the crime but prosecutors decided not to take the case to trial. O'Neill and Lauchlan were charged with the murder again after their 2008 arrest. This time, Crown lawyers decided to go ahead with the prosecution.
And in the end, the killers were brought to justice by their sick boasts about what they had done.
O'Neill could not resist bragging about his crime. Shortly after the murder, he nodded towards the Firth of Clyde and told one of the boys he was molesting in Skelmorlie that Allison was "feeding the fishes down there". The killer added later that if police couldn't find a body, "you don't have a crime".The boy, now 27, told the jury: "I will not forget it. It chilled me to the bone." He added that O'Neill had made "disgusting" comments about Allison, which Lauchlan had found "amusing".
O'Neill also told a fellow-prisoner at Barlinnie in 1998 that Allison had been "done away with". And Lauchlan made similar boasts in 2004 to a man he met in Spain.
Another witness, a child rapist who recently committed suicide, revealed under police interrogation that O'Neill and Lauchlan had access to a boat at the time of the murder. Despite the evidence against them, amassed in a huge police investigation involving several forces, the two paedophiles said they were innocent. O'Neill tried to blame Allison's husband for the murder. But following a three-week trial and more than seven hours of deliberation, the jury at the High Court in Glasgow convicted both men by majority.
Sentencing, Lord Pentland told them they had committed a "despicable murder". And he branded them "determined and dangerous predatory paedophiles, with no respect for the law or the values of a civilised society". Sounds like the leaders of the LGBT movement then, doesn’t it?

Operation Fairbank, police investigation into activities of PIE leaders Napier and Righton, who ran a pederast network reaching as far as Sweden.

OPERATION ORE. In 1999, an international investigation of child pornographers and paedophiles run by Britain's National Criminal Intelligence Service, code named Operation Ore, resulted in 7,250 suspects being identified in the United Kingdom alone. Some 1850 people were criminally charged in the case and there were 1451 convictions. Almost 500 people were interviewed "under caution" by police, meaning they were suspects. Some 900 individuals remain under investigation. In early 2003, British police began to close in on some top suspects in the Operation Ore investigation, including senior members of Blair's government. The investigation was carried out in tandem with a simultaneous American investigation, and The Sunday Times is reported to have obtained an FBI list of Labour MPs who have used credit cards to pay for internet child pornography. However, Prime Minister Tony Blair issued a D-Notice, gagging the press from reporting the story. Blair cited the impending war in Iraq as a reason for the D-Notice. Some have suggested that the high number of homosexuals in the Blair government and inside the Labour party may have had something to do with it, together with the fact that Blair relied on the votes of the “gay community” to get into power, making deals with them to repeal, for example, Section 28. One of his own team, senior Commons clerk Philip Lyon, was convicted in 2007 of downloading obscene material from the internet. Police found on his personal computer thousands of images of children performing sexual acts. The judge told jurors: "This case is about child pornography – what others might call photos of child abuse. When I say child abuse, it may sound harsh, but it is the nature of these images which is central to the case. They are unpleasant and disturbing."

ORKOPLOUS, Milton. Australian MP fêted for being one of the first “openly gay” in their national parliament. In 2007 he was arrested on child pornography charges and was eventually convicted on 54 charges of molesting underage boys and drug-related activity.  The victims included boys aged from ten to 18. Orkopoulos, 49, was found guilty of 12 counts of supplying a prohibited drug, which include eight counts relating to cannabis and four to heroin, six counts of homosexual intercourse with a child aged between 10 and 18, and three counts of indecent assault.
In one case he befriended a 16-year-old boy and plied him with alcohol and cannabis and taught him how to shoot up heroin while he sexually abused him over three to six months.Orkopoulos allegedly became acquainted with the boy in 1995 and then met him "two or three times a week", usually in the back of his car at a Lake Macquarie park. Detective Sergeant Kristi Faber told the court the boy had never tried heroin before meeting Orkopoulos, but became addicted to the drug, as well as cannabis, and left his family at the age of 17. At first the boy had only smoked heroin, but he began injecting it after Orkopoulos allegedly "instructed the victim on how much to have and how to inject it".
It is believed that another of Orkopoulos's alleged victims has been expelled from the Labor Party for writing to newspapers two letters critical of the ALP.
But the young man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, claimed last night that Labor friends of the former minister wanted to see him drummed out of the party because he made the allegations that forced Orkopoulos to resign, and sparked a policy inquiry that has led to Orkopoulos now facing 54 drugs and sex charges involving three boys between 1995 and 2006.
In opposing bail, police prosecutor Sergeant Adam Hahn described Orkopoulos's behaviour as "predatory conduct … over a very long period of time".

ORTON, Joe (1933-1967) Homosexual playwright feted by the Left. Died young in horrible circumstances in London murdered by his male partner Kenneth Halliwell. His writings are sickening, full of macabre violence and often feature man-boy sex. Ortons’s diaries record his marked pederastic tastes. Orton was battered to death aged 34 by Halliwell in their bedsitter in Islington, North London, on 9 August, 1967.  Halliwell used a hammer to smash Orton’s brains right out of his skull, then he committed suicide by taking a massive overdose of Nembutal.
Although Orton and Halliwell lived together, Orton was wildly promiscuous and Halliwell was jealous. He was also envious of the success of Orton’s plays that were making him a celebrity. “Often clad from head to foot in black leather, Joe revelled in lowlife sleaze, constantly cruising the red-light districts of London in search of anonymous roughtrade sex, returning home to fill his diaries with shocking details of 'frenzied homosexual saturnalia' in public lavatories. He would proposition any attractive male who took his fancy, myself included, regardless of their persuasion,” writes Michael Thornton, a theatre critic who met him.
Halliwell’s jealousy led him to make repeated threats of suicide (he came from a traumatic family background). “As Orton's promiscuity increased, Halliwell raged: 'I'm disgusted by all this immorality. Homosexuals disgust me!' And on a drink and drug-fuelled holiday in Tangier in June 1967, where both had sex with underage boys, Halliwell hit Orton about the head with his fists, told him that his plays were 'ultimately worthless', and that they were 'finished'.”
Orton and Halliwell were prosecuted and gaoled in 1962 for borrowing books from the public library and defacing them with obscene pictures and writing. They cut pages or parts of pages out of certain books and replaced them with vile pederastic pornography. Some of these books were taken from the children’s section and their additions were intended to be seen by children using the library.
The day before he died, Orton told a friend that he was getting treatment for a venereal disease, and also that Halliwell was taking “valium, librium, speed, Nembutal and every other pill he can lay hands on.” This pattern of drug-abuse is typical of homosexuals  - as of course are both promiscuity and pederasty. And bashing your partner’s brains out with a hammer.
“Why I blame myself for the murder of Sixties playwright Joe Orton”

OWEN, Wilfred (1893-1918). English poet who died in the First World War. When Owen was aged twenty and working as a lay assistant to the Vicar of Dunsden near Reading, he had a significant intimacy with a twelve-year-old boy. Owen was homosexually-inclined but never very active, and died tragically young in the final days of the war.
Wilfred Owen: An Illustrated Life by Jane Potter. Pub.Bodleian Library 2014.

PAEDOPHILE ACTION FOR LIBERATION (PAL) was the first UK based pro-paedophile group. It was set up in 1973 by male homosexuals who had all been members of the Gay Liberation Front. PAL published its own newsletter Palaver. This group was attacked in the Sunday People which labelled them ‘the vilest men in Britain’ on 25 May 1975.  The members protested that they were victims and were in danger of lynching, and obtained the sympathy and support of the NCCL. The homosexual magazine Gay News wrote about PAL sympathetically. Although it officially disbanded in 1977, many of its members and supporters went on to join the Paedophile Information Exchange*.

PAEDO Alert News, (PAN) Pederast magazine founded and run by PIE* member John Stamford*. It included articles and photographs “illustrating the beauty and grace of boyhood”. The issue of April 1981 contains an article by Edward Brongersma* about one-night stands with boys, and a discussion of 12th-century Hebrew pederast poetry. It also advertised a paedophile novel by frequent contributor Fritz Bernard*, entitled Verfolgte Minderheit (Persecuted Minority) published in German. Price 18 marks.

PAEDOPHILE GROUP, The. Pro-paedophile group set up in Denmark in 1985, with spokesman Dan Markussen. He used all the same arguments that LGBT activists use - saying paedophiles are oppressed, that what they want is their “orientation” and their right, and that they are misunderstood. Members always denied that they were engaged actively with under-age partners, but several were convicted of possessing child pornography and a police investigation in 2000 revealed that they were active pederasts, molesting boys as young as five years old.
“Man arrested after paedophile TV documentary.October 31, 2000
Web posted at: 10:45 AM EST (1545 GMT)
By CNN Denmark
COPENHAGEN, Denmark -- Police in Copenhagen have arrested a 60-year-old man on charges of sexually abusing under-age boys, following a TV expose of an alleged paedophile ring.
A journalist from the television station TV-2 went undercover for almost a year to investigate the activities of the legal organisation, the Paedophile Group. In the documentary, called 'The Paedophile Danes,' group members were shown exchanging child porn and giving advice on how to contact children in Internet chat rooms.
The programme has prompted calls for a ban on the organisation but many politicians appear reluctant.
Minister of Justice Frank Jensen has promised a thorough police investigation to determine whether, and to what extent, members of the Paedophile Group have engaged in illegal activities. Only then, Jensen said, would the government discuss a possible ban.
The Paedophile Group says its purpose, apart from supporting convicted and reformed paedophiles, is "to promote public knowledge and reduce prejudice against paedophilia, children's sexuality as well as voluntary emotional and sexual relations between adults and children".

PAEDOPHILE INFORMATION EXCHANGE [PIE] Organization set up in England in 1971, (sometimes said to be founded in 1974), to legalize and normalize paedophilia. Although PIE included heterosexuals, it was founded, led and always dominated by male homosexuals. Male homosexuals far outnunbered the heterosexuals. No heterosexual women joined, just a few lesbians (see Rule). Most of them were also prominent “gay” rights activists and they worked closed with the leaders of the “gay” rights movement e.g. Peter Tatchell*. PIE offered support to adults "in legal difficulties concerning sexual acts with consenting 'under age' partners". Their annual membership fee was £4 with a reduced rate of £1 for old age pensioners.
PIE held public meetings in the middle of London at the Conway Hall. It got the support of the left-wing dominated National Council for Civil Liberties and through that got close connections with the Labour party, and members of the British government and civil service. In the late 1970s under the Socialist government in Britain PIE actually got public funding and it was registered as a charity. After a FOI request, the Home Office confirmed in March 2014, that it had made two grants to PIE of £70,000 and £35,000. This was discontinued by the Thatcher government.
Many members of PIE have since been convicted of criminal paedophile activities. See Tom O’Carroll, Barry Cutler, Ian Campbell Dunn, Charles Napier and Steven Adrian Smith/Freeman, Peter Thornton, Richard McCance, John Stamford.
Smith, chairman of PIE, was employed as a security guard in the basement of the Home Office and is thought to have set up establishment paedophile ring which included high up government officials. See website of UK Paedos Exposed.
PIE officially disbanded in 1984 after a petition for its closure, launched by the MP Geoffrey Dickens, was signed by a million people. But its members re-formed under another name The International Paedophile Child Emancipation Group also founded by Tom O'Carroll. They are working for the same purpose calling it by other names e.g. “children's sex rights” or “lowering the age of consent” and at the present time they have acquired huge influence in UK political parties, the teaching profession and in teacher training. If they can train children not to complain about molestation it is a triumph for their agenda.
A PIE ‘information’ leaflet published in 1972, called Paedophilia: Some Questions And Answers, shows how PIE was and is a part of the “gay” rights movement.
Homosexuals are now widely regarded as ordinary, healthy people — a minority, but no more “ill” than the minority who are left-handed,’ it read. ‘There is no reason why paedophilia should not win similar acceptance.’
Many former PIE members have been found to belong to the Wonderland Club*, a network distributing child pornography.

PAEDOPHILE PRESS/ Pedophile Press.
The history of pro-paedophile publishing in the 20th century is dominated by male homosexuals campaigning for pederasty. In the mid-1970s Paedophile Action for Liberation developed as a breakaway group from South London Gay Liberation Front. It was the subject of an article in the Sunday People, which dedicated its front page and centre-spread to the story. It later merged with PIE*. See also Spartacus Club* and Spartacus Guide*.
In 1979 appeared the first issue of Pan: A Magazine About Boy-Love,[10] an international non-pornographic magazine about pedophilia published in English in Amsterdam by Spartacus, containing articles, photos of children (some nudes) and other content of interest for pedophiles. In total 21 issues were published, up to December 1985. “Experts” on pedophilia as Frits Bernard and Edward Brongersma collaborated regularly. During the 1980s, in parallel with the newsletters of the various pedophile associations, many magazines are published more or less connected with pedophile activism as such Palestra[11](1985) or Gaie France (1986–1993), gay magazine close to the French New Right, founded by Michel Caignet. A large number of photographic journals were also published: Backside[12](1983–1985), Beach Boys (1985–1986), Eklat (1985) and Photokid (1986).
In 1987 Paidika: The Journal of Paedophilia, was launched in Netherlands .[13] D.H. Mader's study of pederasty in the Bible[14] and Robert Bauserman's cross-cultural study of "boylove"[15]are two much quoted pieces. Moreover, what we know about pedophiles like Karol Szymanowski[16] and Jacques d'Adelsward-Fersen[17] are through articles published in Paidika. The journal was often attacked and discredited as a "pedophile magazine".[18] Academics who have published or given interviews in Paidika include Bruce Rind, Robert Bauserman and Ralph Underwager.[19][20][21]
In 1993, the Amikejo Foundation of Netherlands published the first issue of Koinos, a bilingual magazine in English and German about the beauty of male adolescents. It contains articles on art and politics, academic essays,[22][23] interviews, reviews of books and films, stories and photos of boys, with contributions from several professional photographers. Its name refers to the Koine Greek, the common standard dialect used during the Hellenistic period. It is published every four months and can be purchased through international order and a limited number of distributors in the Netherlands and Germany.
Between 2006 and 2010, the Swedish Karl Andersson edited Destroyer,[24] a gay magazine focused exclusively on boys and younger men.[25] The magazine, containing features, photos, essays, interviews, reviews, columns, culture articles and fiction, was printed and officially published in the Czech Republic, but distributed globally through its website. It has received criticism from the media and child-protection professionals for "sexualising" children,[26].

PAIDIKA. Stichting Paidika (The Journal of Paedophilia) is an academic journal for pederasts. It takes an activist line pushing to normalize and de-stigmatize paedophilia. Its editorial board is dominated by prominent homosexual scholars such as San Francisco State University professor John DeCecco*, who also happens to edit the Journal of Homosexuality. Their tactic is to use academic respectability to gain moral respectability. There are many in the academic sphere who fall for that ploy. Paidika  was set up in 1987 with funds provided by Frank Shelden*, who fled the USA when facing charges of molesting boys.
PAISNEL, Edward, dubbed by the press "The Beast of Jersey". Links with Haut de la Garenne* care-home. Paisnel was a bisexual paedophile who fostered children to molest. He also kidnapped some victims. He carried out sex attacks on three boys and three girls between 1960 and 1970, wearing an animal mask and a costume studded with nails to inflict the utmost pain and terror. The youngest of his victims was nine. Paisnel was given a 30-year sentence in 1971 on 13 counts of child molestation and sodomy. He played Father Christmas at Haut de la Garenne in the Sixties. Paisnel was involved in some sort of Satan-worshipping cult, and may have molested the children in rituals, but this aspect of the case should not be over-emphasized as it leads sceptics to dismiss genuine evidence as fantasy.

PALESTRA, pederast magazine set up in 1985 by homosexual Jean–Manuel Vuillaume* in France.

PARRIS, Matthew. Former MP in Britain and homosexual journalist. In The Times on July 9th 2014 he attacked Operation Yewtree, the police investigation into historic child abuse, and suggested that the victims were liars with mercenary motives. “I am noting a possible consequence of offering money to victims. A lot of inducements have been added to the citizen’s basic right to sue in recent decades,” he wrote. “‘No-win, no-fee’ procedures with lawyers: the £3.3 million sterling available to compensate Savile’s victims, who may claim £60,000 each.” He has dismissed the findings of recent enquiries into paedophilia as “Abuse hysteria”. “I suspect it’s a hugely overheated and distorted conspiracy theory based on a couple of probable facts and, imposed upon them, a great superstructure of improbable ones, laced with rumour, invention, sensation-seeking and the allure of compensation. I know at least one of the central figures around whom gossip has swirled for decades, and think the gossip to be false.”

PARRY, Glenys, psychiatrist and vice-president of Campaign for Homosexual Equality*. She was also a founder-member of the Gay News* collective and an active supporter of Paedophile Action for Liberation (PAL)*. When supposedly treating paedophiles in her unit in Oakwood Hospital Maidstone, she denied that paedophiles were dangerous or that they raped or killed children. She told the Sunday People newspaper that she encouraged her patients “to understand themselves and make a free choice about their sexual attitudes”. She did not explain what in that case the point was of spending public money on supposedly treating them. On 15th September 1975 she wrote a letter to the Guardian complaining that John Torode’s very good-humoured and polite article about PIE in the previous issue was a “tirade”. It wasn’t. Torode had said that paedophiles were exploiting children and should be kept away from them. Parry announced the paedophilia was a “difficult issue for all of us” but did not say why it should be difficult (unless you are a paedophile yourself).
Sunday People “The Vilest Men in Britain”.

PASOLINI, Pier-Paolo (1922-1975), Italian writer and film director. Openly homosexual, a pederast and fake gay martyr. In 1949, Pasolini was working as a schoolteacher and was sacked for sexual relations with his boy pupils.
 In 1963 Pasolini met "the great love of his life," fifteen-year-old Ninetto Davoli, whom he later cast in his 1966 film Uccellacci e uccellini (literally Bad Birds and Little Birds but translated in English as The Hawks and the Sparrows), Pasolini became the youth's mentor and friend.  Even though their sexual relations lasted only a few years, Ninetto continued to live with Pasolini and was his constant companion, as well as appearing in six more of his films.  
Pasolini was apparently murdered by being run over with his own car, dying on 2 November 1975 on the beach at Ostia, near Rome. Giuseppe Pelosi, a seventeen-year-old male prostitute, was arrested and confessed to murdering Pasolini. Twenty-nine years later, on 7 May 2005, he retracted his confession, which he said was made under the threat of violence to his family. True or not, the fact remains that Pasolini was on terms of some intimacy with this underage male prostitute. Some LGBT books and websites insist that Pasolini’s murder was “gay-bashing”, but there is no other named suspect.

PATTON, Robert Paul, the 44-year-old publisher of LGBTQ blog, was sentenced to two years in prison in August 2013 after pleading no contest to the attempted first-degree sexual abuse of a 12-year-old boy in Oregon, USA.
The former Sherwood High School principal was arrested on the sexual abuse charges after police found child pornography on his computer. Prosecutor Ryan Lufkin told the court, “… [Patton] slept in the same bed as [the child] and another male named Jonny. [The child] reported that he gave the defendant a hand job. Jonny, when interviewed, confirmed that the defendant and [the child] were sleeping in the bed together and kissing. [The child] reported that this occurred in the summer of 2011.”
The Oregonian reports that the victim testified against Patton and four other men accused of abusing him, who received sentences from probation to 25 years.
This was not Patton’s first charge related to child sexual abuse. He was convicted in 2003 of two counts of sexual abuse involving a 16-year-old boy and of possessing child pornography and sentenced to six months in prison. He is a registered sex offender.
It is not clear how Patton and the victim knew one another. Lufkin told PQ Monthly in August that he believed Jonny Bladimir Landa-Aburto — at the time arrested on charges including sodomy, sexual abuse, and luring a minor — served as a “facilitator” between the two.
From the court case affirming his conviction:
The affidavit states MG told Detective Andler that he and DG were at Patton’s house during the summer of 2011, and they dressed up as women...

[NB PQ stands for “Proud Queer”]

PATRICK, David. Homosexual lover and cellmate of Sidney Cooke*. Convicted for collusion in the molestation and killing of various boys. Now living Spain where he is avoiding further charges, in 2008 Patrick claimed to know where Cooke had buried 7-year-old Mark Tildesley, which he would reveal for the sum of £3,000. Police dismissed the claim as false, and simply an attempt to extort cash at the expense of Tildesley's mother.

PAULISH, (Father) W. Jeffrey, R.C. priest caught on campus of Pennsylvania State University with a half-naked 15-year-old boy in 2013. The pair were found performing a sex act in a car in a public car park and the boy was wearing no pants. They admitted meeting via an internet homosexual pickup site. The priest, aged 58, claimed that he had asked the boy several times to confirm that he was over the age of 18, the age of consent in Pennsylvania. Paulish was convicted in June 2014 and suspended from his job as a priest.

Perspectives on Paedophiliabook published in 1981, edited by Brian Taylor* written by several male homosexuals, including Dr Morris Fraser*, who have since been exposed as members of PIE*. The book argued for normalization and legalization of paedophilia using exactly the same arguments and phraseology used by LGBT movement. Said that paedophiles were misunderstood, victims of society’s prejudice, that their tastes had been tolerated in earlier societies and that it was time to adopt as more tolerant approach as this would be “progress”. 

PETERS, Colin, regarded as ringleader of the homosexual-paedophile gang that included Alan Delaney*, Ernest Whittington* and Victor Burnett, exposed by 'Operation Hedgerow'. Peters, who went to Oxford University, was a barrister and Foreign Office official, resident in Bayswater. He invited young boys into the sauna in his luxury flat and gave them cash for sexual services. Then he started pimping them out among his associates. He had many contacts among influential, professional people, and is listed as a visitor to the Elm Guesthouse.* He was named by a number of boys who allege they were abused there. “Peters used camera equipment and hired a conference room at the guesthouse. There was only one reason to do that and that was to make porn films of the boys. One of the boys was Peter Hatton-Bornshin*, a Grafton Close care-home resident, who later killed himself.  "The Peters gang lured 150 boys aged 10 -16 into prostitution. They were supplied with drugs and said to be passed around between gang members and customers like toys. Peters was sentenced to 8 years at the Old Bailey on Feb 3rd 1989. Two older teenage boys whom he had paid to give false evidence were also gaoled.

PETERS, John, soldier in British army, charged in 1972 with having sexual relations with a 14 year old boy in public toilets near his base in Sutton Coulfield. He absconded to Denmark, where he was convicted of a separate offence of child abuse. Subsequently, he has been identified as one of the assaulters on the 'Bjorn tape', a video of a horrific homosexual assault on a Dutch boy, found in 1997. Police linked this to a recent case about a boy who had complained that he had been molested since the age of three by his uncle, and lately also by the Englishman who was his friend and partner. The charges did not lead to conviction and the man sued Bjorn for malicious slander. Bjorn developed severe depression and had to be taken into an institution.After the discovery of the tape, the uncle was re-tried.

PETROV-VODKIN, Kuzma (1878-1939) Russian painter and homosexual. His works include homoerotic images of naked boys such as "Boys Playing," 1911 (see also his painting "Bathing the Red Horse").
PEYREFITTE, Roger (1908-2000) French diplomat and author who caused scandal with his allegations of widespread homosexuality in the Catholic Church. Educated at Catholic boarding schools for boys, he wrote about early homosexual experiences in such schools in his first novel Les Amitiés Particulières. The book was made into a film in 1964. On the set, Peyrefitte met a boy aged 12 named Alain-Philippe Malagnac, who was acting the minor part of a choirboy in the film, and started a homosexual relationship with him which lasted until Malagnac grew up. Peyrefitte’s novels, Notre Amour (1967) and L'Enfant de cœur, are both concerned with this relationship. Peyrefitte, who was often in trouble with the police for harassing male teenagers, edited a collection of Greek pederastic love-poetry entitled La Muse garçonnière (The Boyish Muse, 1973). He made no secret of his support for the Front National, the political party of Jean-Marie Le Pen.

PEZZINI, Domenico, R.C, priest, homosexual and LGBT activist who campaigned for forty years for the Roman Catholic Church to accept homosexuality and not call it a sin, was convicted of child abuse in 2010. Pezzini, a professor of English Linguistics at the University of Verona and an instructor at the Catholic University of Milan, was well-known for promoting homosexual ideology in the Italian Church. He never wore clerical dress, and was known as the “Priest of the Homosexuals”. In December 2010 he was found guilty of raping a boy from Bangladesh repeatedly for more than two years starting when he was aged 13. The victim was a street-boy whom Pezzini picked up in a park. During the investigation by undercover police he requested one more foreign victim. He was arrested in May 2010 and refused bail in case he absconded. 
Police found he had a history of child-sex tourism and many contacts in third world countries with boy-prostitution businesses. Pezzini, 74, was sentenced to ten years in prison but will probably serve little or none of it on account of his age. He was also ordered to pay his victim €50,000.
Website '' (

PHILOSTRATUS, Flavius. Greek author of the second century AD. His love letters addressed to boys are included in the modern anthology My Dear Boy: Gay Love Letters through the Centuries edited by Rictor Norton (1998), an LGBT historian who writes enthusiastically about the pederastic content. “About half of his amatory Epistles are addressed to handsome boys, unnamed and perhaps idealized lovers. Many of the letters appeared in pairs, for example one praising boyish purity being matched later by one praising male prostitution. Although the letters may therefore be literary exercises, and although they have been characterized as "continuous cooing in a hot-house," they nevertheless have great charm and contain more truly poetic images than a good many heterosexual cliches about rosy-fingered maidens. Even anti-gay critics agree that the letters addressed to the lads are less artificial than those addressed to the girls, and seem more likely to reflect the writer's genuine sentiments. His letters take it for granted that paiderastia – best translated as ladslove rather than boylove (as the beloved’s age can range from thirteen to eighteen years) – is the natural state of affairs in any civilized society.” Clearly Ricton approves of this “natural” and “civilised” behaviour.
Letter of Flavius Philostratus to a Handsome Boy.
The roses, borne on their leaves as on wings, have made haste to come to you. Receive them kindly, either as mementos of Adonis or as tinct of Aphrodite or as eyes of the earth. Yes, a wreath of wild olives becomes an athlete, a tiara worn upright the Great King, and a helmet crest a soldier; but roses become a beautiful boy, both because of affinity of fragrance and because of their distinctive hue. You will not wear the roses: they will wear you. [from Loeb edition]

PICKETT, Brent L., Historical Dictionary of Homosexuality (Scarecrow Press, Rowman and Littlefield, Plymouth, UK, 2009), has numerous allusions to pederasty and paedophilia over the centuries. He acknowledges that wherever you find homosexual relationships they tend to be temporary and “age-structured”. He notes examples of men in prisons, all male of course, using boys for homosexuality although adult partners were available (p.188) Describes “Mine marriages” in SA between adult men and teenage boys (p.143). See also “Asia” (p.168). 

PLETNEV, Mikhail. Top Russian pianist and conductor Mikhail Pletnev was arrested at his home in Thailand in July 2010 on charges of pederasty and owning pornographic images. He was alleged to have molested a 14-year-old boy, to have been photographed in compromising positions with other boys, and to have close connections with a Mr Bunphasong, a known organizer of a paedophile ring. Two months later the charges were mysteriously dropped. The Thai police are notoriously easy to bribe if you are as rich as Pletnev. He has a palatial home on Soi Siam Country Club in Pattaya.

PLUMMER, Kenneth, PIE member number 236. Regular correspondent of Peter Righton*. Emeritus professor of sociology at Essex University, was one of the contributors to Perspectives on Paedophilia , ed Taylor (1981). In 1991 he contributed a chapter to another book with a similar theme and purpose, Male Intergenerational Intimacy. Prof Plummer writes a blog that makes it very clear that his interest in the subject is not merely academic. He is an active homosexual with a lively interest in partners below the legal age of consent. He has admitted to the Sunday Telegraph that he was once a paid-up member of the Paedophile Information Exchange but claims this was just to facilitate his research. Those who have questioned his suitability to hold the post of Emeritus Professor have been told that Essex University employees have a clause in their contract that entitles them to “to put forward controversial and unpopular opinions without placing themselves in jeopardy”. However this freedom does not apply to Christians or those who oppose the LGBT movement.
Plummer has written “By applying sociology to the field of paedophilia we may partially relativise it, humanise it, normalise it, and politicise it.” (1)
He uses anodyne language to soften the impact of child sexual abuse. In his world, child victims are ‘partners’, sexual abuse is ‘consensual’, a child being sexually abused by an adult is ‘a relationship’, and long term effects of sexual abuse are mostly ‘a myth’.
“…there is the stereotype that the child is “innocent”, “uninvolved” and “non-participating”: this can be so (notably in rape cases) but this is usually not the case with paedophilia. (2)
A sixth stereotype suggests that the consequences to the child of paedophilia are devastating. They can be, but frequently they are not. This is a complex issue and three crucial distinctions must be made here; the first requires distinguishing between experiences that are consensual (paedophilia) and those that are not (child rape)… (3)
Effectively this puts the burden of proof on the child to prove that he or she did NOT consent, a tactic that has been used to facilitate rape with women of all ages. How much more effective could it be with a child of 4?
[Telegraph OnLine  6.07.14 By Andrew Gilligan].

PLÜSHKOW, Guglielmo, born Wilhelm (1852-1930). German photographer who moved to Italy and worked at Rome and Naples changing his name to the Italian form. He was homosexual and specialized in producing nude studies, particularly of handsome young men and boys in classical guise. One of his favourite models was the young Vicenzo Galdi, who was probably one of his lovers. In 1902 Plüshkow was prosecuted and convicted for "common procuration" and "seduction of minors" and had to spend eight months in prison. Another similar prosecution followed in 1907. In 1910 he left Italy and returned to Germany.

POLLARD, Nettie (b.1945), worked as Gay and Lesbian Officer for British National Council for Civil Liberties* from 1975- 1997. She is a militant lesbian, an executive member of CHE*, and a lifelong pro-paedophile activist with very close links to known PIE members. She may be a member of PIE, and she was a member of its forerunner PAL.* It was Pollard who in 1975 wrote on behalf of NCCL to PIE inviting the latter to affiliate. In 1976, Pollard and former PIE chairman Keith Hose* together filed a motion at an NCCL meeting, that “notes with disapproval the continued harassment” of PIE, which is ­“working for the rights of adults who are sexually interested in children”.  On the NCCL “gay” rights committee, Pollard worked closely with PIE chairman Tom O’Carroll* – later jailed for child pornography offences. A 1978 note from O’Carroll to Pollard on PIE letter-paper discusses how to oppose (yes oppose) the upcoming Child Protection Bill.
In the preface to Paedophilia: The Radical Case (1980), O’Carroll thanks Pollard for her help in putting the book together, saying that she “read the whole text in draft and made many helpful suggestions”. And the foreword of Roger Moody’s 1980 paedophile memoir ‘indecent assault,’ thanks Nettie Pollard of the NCCL for ‘giving sound advice’
At one NCCL meeting the group discussed “kiddy porn”.  Pollard said the bill “would make the situation worse”. She agreed with the view of PIE that the age of consent should be scrapped. In 1993 she contributed a ­defence of the ­sexualisation of youngsters to a book called Bad Girls and Dirty Pictures. Entitled “The Small Matter of Children”, Pollard’s essay draws on work by known paedophiles such as former PIE vice-chair Warren Middleton.* Pollard argues child sex should be legal if the act is “consensual”.It also uses language like “willing partners” to describe sex between adults and children. She writes: “Far from being ‘innocent’ and becoming sexual at puberty, as was once the common belief, it is now indisputable that everyone is sexual, even before birth.” Presumably she has verified that by having some sort of sexual relations with a foetus?
POPE Paul II (1417-1471). Homosexual with a female nickname, he is said to have died while in flagrante with a page boy.

POWELL, Michael, a former teacher and Conservative mayor pleaded guilty in June 1999 to making and storing child pornography on his computer. Powell, 50, admitted at Cardiff Crown Court that he had collected more than 600 indecent pictures of young boys. Powell, who was mayor of Bridgend from 1984 to 1985, had cut out pictures of boys from magazines and superimposed heads and other parts of the body on them, the court heard.
He pleaded guilty to making indecent pseudo pictures of a child, possessing the pictures, possession with intent to supply and distributing them.
But his sentence was adjourned at Cardiff Crown Court on Monday after police discovered 16,000 more indecent pictures stored on his computer.
Powell, of Highfield Place, Sarn, near Bridgend, was given three years in gaol.

POWER, Terry, homosexual Labour councillor in Dagenham, London UK. Convicted 26th October 1999 on 4 counts of indecent assault on two boys aged 9 and 10, and of possession of child pornography. He had taken photographs of the boys nude as well as molesting them. Sentenced to 30 months in prison he resigned as a councillor but is alleged to have re-offended several times with boys as young as eight.
PRESCOTT, Alan, Labour Councillor for Hornchurch in Essex, was also a senior magistrate. Convicted and jailed for 2 years in 2001, for molesting boys at the St. Leonards care home in Tower Hamlets, East London where he was the superintendent. Prescott, described in court as a “pillar of his local community” admitted carrying out sex attacks on four teenage boys as they slept in their beds. There was a major child abuse scandal about this care home, comparable to the ones at Islington and Brent. Three superintendents were prosecuted, but police bungled the investigation in what looks like a cover-up. Haydn Davies, 62, from Plymouth, was facing offences of assault involving boys at St Leonard's in the 1970s and 1980s, but the case against him was dropped after police lost video evidence from alleged victims, taken during an earlier, aborted, investigation. The defence successfully argued that without this he could not be guaranteed a fair trial. “Detective Inspector Daniel O'Malley, said Operation Mapperton had unveiled a "harrowing" tale of systematic child abuse at the homes, and that the investigation was continuing. With 3,000 children having passed through the homes while Prescott, Starling and Davies were working there, he believed as many as 70 may have been abused.

PRESLAND, Eric, see Scott-Presland.

PROCTOR, Harvey (b.1947). Conservative MP for Billericay, Cornwall. Member of the Monday Club. Stood trial in 1986 for spanking rent-boys who were under 21, the age of consent at the time, and was forced to resign. He was actually living with an 18-year-old rent-boy. Proctor made the teenagers dress in shorts and act the part of much younger schoolboys. According to Tory activist Anthony Gilberthorpe, Proctor attended homosexual parties at Conservative conferences where underage rent-boys were supplied. Proctor is also an alleged frequenter of the Elm Guesthouse, which may explain why the Monday Club was paying for the Elm to advertise in Capital Gay magazine.,5279144

PROJECT Truth. One of the organizations which was expelled from ILGA in 1994 as a pedophile organization.[14] It would be naive to believe that this is, as Wikipedia claims, defunct.

QUERRIEN, Anne, French sociologist, lesbian, member of Front homosexuel d'action révolutionnaire (FHAR) she was one of the signatories of Michel Foucault*’s petition of 1977 for abolition of the age of consent.

QUINN, Michael John, homosexual Australian rugby player. Caught in FBI sting in May 2016 seeking to molest boys as young as 6. Quinn, 33, potentially faces life in prison after he flew from Australia to Los Angeles in the hope of meeting up with 'other pervs' and allegedly intending to molest a six-year-old boy. He typed into a paedo chatline that he was hoping to meet a “dad who shared his young ones” something along the lines of Newton* and Truong*.
Quinn was travelling to the USA to play in a rugby match in Nashville. When he got there he was caught by the FBI. He paid $250 to someone he thought was a queer pimp who turned out to be an FBI agent.

RADLOFF, Gary, a former Wisconsin Boy Scout leader was convicted of 20 counts of child sexual abuse on February 13, 2003, and sentenced to 65 years in jail.
The judge said he wanted Gary Radloff to die behind bars for his crimes against children. Judge Patrick Haughney told Radloff: “What we have here is a serial child molester. Mr. Radloff is evil. Mr Raloff is vile. He is a child molester who ran a house of evil. I intend this to be a life sentence.”
Radloff had been convicted of child molestation in Illinois in the 1980s as a Boy Scout leader, but served only two years. He moved to Wisconsin and was charged last year with molesting three boys in his Scout troop.

RAIS/ Retz, Gilles de (1405 -1440), French serial killer and bisexual paedophile executed in 1440. At his trial servants testified that he had abducted, raped and tortured hundreds of children aged twelve or less and murdered them sadistically in his castle. He subjected them to mental as well as physical torture, FB and dismemberment. His first victim was a boy of twelve called Jeudon, an apprentice to a furrier. Most of them were boys and he was sodomitically inclined, with an aversion to female organs. Rais also wrote a confession before being hanged.
On the “gay” website  Rais is presented as a victim of oppression by the heterosexual world.  It claims innacurately that he was burnt at the stake and says nothing at all about his crimes or his hundreds of child victims.

RALTON, Jonathan, Assistant Boy Scout Leader, pleaded guilty in 2001 to raping a 13- year-old boy in his troop in Boston, Massachusetts.

RAMOS, Jose Antonio, homosexual and pederast, convicted of molesting boys and suspected for a long time of the murder of Etan Patz, a 6-year-old boy who disappeared in New York City in 1979. Ramos could not be charged as the body of Etan was never found, but he confessed to seizing and molesting other boys of similar age and appearance. He served twenty years in prison. From Wikipedia.

RAYWOOD, Malcolm, homosexual and pederast implicated in the rent-boy rackets of Roger Gleaves* and Charles Hornby.* Gaoled in 1975 for b-gg-ry, importuning and living on immoral earnings, and again in the late 1980s on similar charges. Raywood was murdered in January 1991 when he had just come out of prison. He was living in a Kings Cross hostel, probably one of the Gleaves establishments where he had been a pimp, and there met Edward Hillhouse, aged 24, who had come to London in his teens from Scotland and been groomed into prostitution. Raywood made advances to Hillhouse, who went to his room, then smashed Raywood’s skull with a hammer and stabbed him 12 times. Raywood’s body was found a week later in the hostel. Clearly this attack was planned as Hillhouse was prepared with a hammer and a knife. He must have known that Raywood was coming out of prison and was likely to go back to the hostel. It looks as if Hillhouse, who was not homosexual by inclination, was seeking revenge on the man or men who had originally led him into this way of life. He may even have been HIV positive. Defence counsel Mr Ian MacDonald said: “It is clear that the defendant got into some kind of frenzy, whatever may have triggered it off.” Judge Kenneth Machin told Hillhouse: “It was a brutal and savage killing and you represent a danger to the public.” He did not look closely at Raywood’s past as a homo-pimp, boy molester and gangster, to understand what had happened. Hillhouse, described as unemployed, and living at various addresses in King's Cross, pleaded guilty to murder. He really needed psychiatric care and help from a victims' support group.

Research done in 2011 by Professor Mark Regnerus of the University of Texas at Austin, USA, found that sexual abuse and child molestation are rife among children of homosexual households. Some is carried out by the parents, but most by other members of the LGBT community, whom of course the children are far more likely to meet. “The most shocking and troubling outcomes, however, are those related to sexual abuse. Children raised by a lesbian mother were 10 times more likely to have been "touched sexually by a parent or other adult caregiver" (23% reported this, vs. only 2% for children of married biological parents), while those raised by a homosexual father were 3 times more likely (reported by 6%). In his text, but not in his charts, Regnerus breaks out these figures for only female victims, and the ratios remain similar (3% IBF; 31% LM; 10% GF). As to the question of whether you have "ever been physically forced" to have sex against your will (not necessarily in childhood), affirmative answers came from 8% of children of married biological parents, 31% of children of lesbian mothers (nearly 4 times as many), and 25% of the children of homosexual fathers (3 times as many). Again, when Regnerus breaks these figures out for females (who are more likely to be victims of sexual abuse in general), such abuse was reported by 14% of IBFs, but 3 times as many of the LMs (46%) and GFs (52%).”

REID, Robin, see Luckman.

RENNIE, James. Homosexual, chief executive of LGBT Youth Scotland, established in November 1989 as the Stonewall Youth Project by members of the LGBT community in Edinburgh. Under the Socialist government of Tony Blair these organizations got public funding and access to the state education system where they imposed their ideology on all teachers during training. In 2007 Rennie 38, from Edinburgh, and his partner Neil Strachan were convicted of running one of the biggest child abuse and child-pornography rackets in legal history.
Rennie was found guilty of 14 charges. He had been trusted by friends to babysit their son whom he had sexually abused from the age of three months continuing for a number of years. He had taken photographs of the perversion at every stage and circulated them to his friends, inviting them to join him in molesting the boy. They in turn helped each other to access and share other boys who were systematically molested. Rennie's emails to Strachan were traced to him by an MI5 specialist. Rennie, was using the alias “kplover”. He told police it stood for kiddie porn lover.
He was convicted of sexually assaulting a child and of possessing, taking and distributing indecent photos of children.
He was also found guilty of conspiring to meet Strachan, Webber, Boath and Milligan to sexually abuse a child.
Even the hardline Gaystapo Guardian newspaper has admitted these damning facts:-
Incredibly, despite this, Stonewall is still classified as a "charity" for tax purposes. Yes, a charity! Britain is mad.
Rennie was sentenced to life imprisonment, with a recommendation that he serve at least 13 years. But in 2011 an appeal court reduced this to eight and a half years.

RENTON, Alex. Author of book "Stiff Upper Lip" 2017. Account of his time in an English prep school in the 1960s. Describes how he was molested aged 8-10 by a homosexual teacher named Mr Kean. The teacher was transferred to another school but never prosecuted. Indicative of how this crime is very under-reported, with resulting distortion of statistics. Reported on Channel 4 news 11th April 2017.

RHODES, James. British pianist,b.1975. Author of book Instru-Mental (2015) in which he describes how he was sexually abused from age of six by a male teacher.  His wife went to court to try to stop its  publication, and most of the accounts of it online avoid mentioning paedophilia.

RHODES, Micah, LGBT activist in Portland, Oregon USA. Registered sex offender with string of convictions for molesting underage boys according to KOIN. Prosecuted January 2017 for relationship with a 15-year-old whom he met via the mobile phone “app” Grindr. Micah Rhodes, 23, a leader of the protest group Portland’s Resistance, and was arrested in Jan 2017 for rioting against the election result. He now faces fresh charges for sex abuse in two counties.

RIDSDALE, Gerald Francis (b.1934), Australian RC priest, convicted pederast who admitted molesting at least 54 victims. It has been estimated he molested more than 200 boys while being shuffled around parishes. Ridsdale abused boys in Mortlake from 1975 onwards and was convicted in 1993. Ridsdale’s replacement, Fr Denis Denehy, later told Catholic Church Insurance he believed every male between 10 and 16 who was at the school had been molested by Ridsdale.
Ridsdale was convicted between 1993 and 2013 of a large number of child sexual abuse and indecent assault charges against 54 children aged as young as four years. The offences occurred from the 1960s to the 1980s while Ridsdale worked as a school chaplain at St Alipius Boy's School in the Victorian regional city of Ballarat.[1]
Ridsdale worked at St Alipius Boy's School in the early 1970s, where he was a chaplain. He also worked in Apollo Bay in 1972-73.[2][3] At his 1994 trial it was claimed that he had been sent to a psychologist as early as 1971, though the bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Ballarat, Ronald Mulkearns, claimed that he had no idea of Ridsdale's actions until 1975, when the priest was in Inglewood.[2] One parent claimed that Ridsdale had molested their son, but they were reluctant to let the boy be questioned by police and the priest had moved.[2] A police officer involved with the case spoke to Mulkearns; the latter promised to handle Ridsdale, but moved him on instead.[2] In 1976, Ridsdale was moved to Edenhope.[2] Operation Arcadia, a three-month police investigation into what Mulkearns knew about Ridsdale, concluded that he knew about Ridsdale's crimes earlier than he admitted.[2] Subsequent revelations in 2013 claimed that Ridsdale, aged 21, allegedly sexually abused boys as early as 1955.[4]
Ridsdale was moved in 1980 to the National Pastoral Institute in Elsternwick, in Melbourne.[2] In 1981 he was moved to Sydney.[2] He was moved to Horsham in 1986; there, two people made complaints about him in 1988.[2] In 1990, Ridsdale was sent to New Mexico.[2] He was appointed chaplain at St. John of God hospital in Richmond on the northwestern outskirts of Sydney.[2] While he was working there, a victim phoned Victoria Police, leading to Ridsdale's arrest three months later.[2][5]
In May 1993, Ridsdale was charged on summons in the Melbourne Magistrates Court with thirty counts of indecent assault against nine boys aged between 12 and 16 between 1974 and 1980. Cardinal George Pell, a former Archbishop of Melbourne, testified before the 1993 hearing that Pell, while an assistant priest at St Alipius' Church with Ridsdale in the 1970s, shared a house together. Pell denied knowing about any of Ridsdale's ways.[4] Ridsdale pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 12 months' jail with a non-parole period of three months. A few weeks later, Ridsdale was first put on trial on charges of sexually abusing children. He was jailed in 1994 after pleading guilty to 46 charges of abusing 20 boys and one girl between 1961 and 1982.[2] He was sentenced to 18 years' imprisonment with a minimum of 15 years, to be served cumulatively with the previous sentence.[2]
In 2006, he pleaded guilty to 35 charges relating to indecent assault against 10 boys between 1970 and 1987.[1] He was sentenced in 2006 to 13 years' imprisonment and with a minimum of seven years, three years of which was ordered to be served concurrently.[6] A few of his victims criticised the sentence.[6]
In 2013, Ridsdale was charged by Victoria Police with an additional 84 offences against 14 victims committed between 1961 and 1981, weeks before he was eligible for parole.[7] He pleaded guilty to 29 counts (27 of indecent assault, one count of buggery and one count of carnal knowledge of a girl under the age of 16) committed between 1960 and 1980 and asked for a further 27 counts to be taken into consideration at sentencing.[8] After pleading guilty to the above charges, including raping and abusing children as young as four, Ridsdale was sentenced to eight years in prison in April 2014 and will be eligible for parole in April 2019.[9] The latest charges bring the tally of Ridsdale's confirmed victims to 54.[10]
In 2008, fourteen of Ridsdale's victims formed a group to lobby the Department of Justice for an independent justice commission to investigate how victims were paid varying amounts of compensation by the Catholic Church.[11] In 2012 the Parliament of Victoria established the Inquiry into the Handling of Child Abuse by Religious and other Non-Government Organisations. The Inquiry tabled its response to Parliament on 13 November 2013 and the Government tabled its response to the Inquiry's recommendations on 8 May 2014.[12]
In May 2015 the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, a royal commission of inquiry initiated in 2013 by the Australian Government and supported by all of its state governments,[13] began an investigation into the response of relevant Catholic Church authorities to the impact of child sexual abuse on survivors of child sexual abuse, their families and the community of Ballarat.[14] The hearing heard from residents, former students of St Joseph's Home, Ballarat, St Alipius Primary School, Ballarat East, St Alipius Parish, Ballarat East, St Patrick's College, Ballarat, and St Patrick's Christian Brothers Boys Primary School, Ballarat, and members of the Ballarat community about the impact of child sexual abuse on the community of Ballarat. Catholic clergy who were convicted of child sexual offences which took place within the geographical bounds of the Diocese of Ballarat also were invited to speak or make statements before the Royal Commission.[15] Gerald Ridsdale himself gave evidence over two days by videolink from prison, detailing his memories of his abusing.[16] David Ridsdale gave evidence before the Royal Commission that Ridsdale, David's uncle, sexually abused him between the ages of 11 and 15. The Royal Commission is ongoing.[17][18]
Source: Wikipedia Gerald Francis Ridsdale.

RIEDER, Patrick. Homosexual from Ohio, USA convicted in 2013 of child rape. Rieder, 32, of Dayton, was indicted on four counts of rape of a child under 13 and was later indicted on charges including more than 40 counts of pandering sexually oriented material involving a minor. Rieder, 31, of Dayton, searched the internet for paedophile links and got in contact with Kenneth Brandt (above) who offered his adoptive children, three boys and one girl, to be raped and sexually abused. The crimes, which took place at Brandt’s house, were exposed by Ohio Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force and came to court in February 2012. Rieder, 32, pleaded guilty to 27 counts.

RIEGEL, David Lee b.1931 a.k.a. Veridicus. Sometimes uses the alias Veridicus to post on news articles when he's involved with the activities of BoyLove Media Watch. He has also used the nickname "Researcher" to complain at BoyChat about BoyLinks not being up, as he claimed he needed that for his "research."
Pedosexuality, the sexual attraction to children, is, so far as known, a genetically transmitted sexual attraction which in some cases is primary, but more often seems to be secondary to heterosexuality. The love of boys by older boys and men is a behavior based on that attraction, and most often is of a responsible nature:
Responsible boylove is a relationship between a boy who has a desire for a close and intimate friendship with an older male, and an older boy or man whose love for that boy encompasses enjoyment of the boy's companionship and a desire to provide a mentoring and nurturing environment. The nature, vitality, and duration of the relationship, as well as the extent of nurturing and mentoring, are determined by mutual consent, with the boy's wishes taking precedence. The relationship also includes a definite pedosexual attraction on the part of the older, and may include a desire for sexual experimentation, exploration, play, and gratification on the part of the younger. It is, however, a fundamental tenet of responsible boylove that any physical expression of sexuality is only acceptable with the age appropriate understanding, encouragement, and consent of the boy involved. However, both parties must also carefully take into consideration that any such physical expressions, no matter how completely consensual, are considered a criminal act under the present legal systems in most of the world.”
The above is excerpted from David Reigel’s book, The Philosophy of Responsible Boylove. Published by SafeHaven Press. [his own press].
Another title by Reigel is Understanding Loved Boys and Boylovers.
Riegel says that men who want man-boy love relationships are "sincere, concerned, loving human beings who simply have - and were probably born with - a sexual orientation that is neither understood nor accepted by most others."
The preface asserts that "Many researchers in the fields of Psychology and Human Sexuality have been taking a fresh look at the "conventional" wisdom which has been the basis for evaluation of intergenerational male/male sexual activities. The long assumed "harm" of such activities has failed to be supported by research, and the sociocultural "wrongness" based on this "harm" is therefore left without any rational basis."
Reigel complains that boys are portrayed as being harmed by any sexual contacts with older males, but the truth has been known and documented for decades that the real harm to these boys comes not from their willing sexual experimentations, but from society’s “taboos” and inappropriate overreactions of parents, teachers, police, and judges.
Reigel wanted his book categorized as "academic research" but he has never denied having a personal interest in the subject. He is a regular contributor to male homosexual websites such as "the Boylover" where he conducts his research by looking at pictures of typical laboratory specimens.
The publisher is SafeHaven Foundation Press, which Riegel appears to have set up himself.  It describes the volume by saying, "Many researchers in the fields of Psychology and Human Sexuality have been taking a fresh look at the "conventional" wisdom which has been the basis for evaluation of intergenerational male/male sexual activities. The long assumed "harm" of such activities has failed to be supported by research, and the sociocultural "wrongness" based on this "harm" is therefore left without any rational basis."
David Reigel’s book, The Philosophy of Responsible Boylove. Published by SafeHaven Press.

RIJCK, Norbert De, Belgian homosexual, who started as a receptionist at the children’s hospital of “The Angels” in Temse, where he abused children and used them to make pornographic films which he sold to other paedophiles. One five-year-old girl broke her leg but no enquiry was made. He went on to run a paedophile holiday business using boys in Madeira and importing child-porn films into Portugal, Belgium and the Netherlands. Accomplice of De Souza and Warwick Spinks*. Worked with Robert Van Der Naeten.* In 1990 police intercepted network members with films showing rape, torture and murder of at least five children.

RIGHTON, Peter (aka Paul Pelham). Founder member of Paedophile Information Exchange*, he nevertheless became a top government adviser on child protection. Righton was Director of Education at the National Institute for Social Work. Righton also founded a school for emotionally disturbed children, which he undoubtedly used to get access to boys. If they complained, they could be easily branded liars as they were already classified as “troubled”. In Operation Fairbank, police questioned a man who was one of Righton’s victims. He was taken out of Righton’s school, and molested systematically. “The victim, now in his 40s, told how Righton and members of his infamous Paedophile Information Exchange groomed him and sexually abused him in London from the age of 11 in 1977 until he was 16.” Righton boasted to him that he had friends and contacts high up in the Establishment and the government. The victim says he once saw Righton in the company of Cyril Smith*, MP.
In 1992, police raided Righton’s home and found child porn videos, many hard-core, shot in Amsterdam, and correspondence with paedophiles around the world, proving that had exploited, raped and prostituted children. He got off with just a £900 fine.  
He then went to live in a cottage on the estate of his friend Lord Henniker, in Thornham Magna, North Suffolk. He kept up his connections with social services , and arranged special “holidays” on the estate for vulnerable children from Islington* (now notorious  for the organized abuse of children in care-homes there). In May 2014, a victim came forward and recalled how he was repeatedly raped and molested by Righton and others while in the care of a foster-parent in Suffolk. He witnessed this happening to other boys.
The Chief Constable of Suffolk visited Henniker personally to warn him that Righton was a career paedophile, but he ignored this advice, and Righton was able to continue hosting children on the estate until his death in 2008. He was never prosecuted for abusing boys in his care — though he openly admitted doing so. Righton’s homosexual partner, Richard Alston*, was head teacher of New Barns School, where pupils later made allegations about abuse of children aged less than 12.
Allegations that Righton sadistically assaulted and killed one boy while living in Suffolk are now in February 2015 being investigated by police in Suffolk. The accuser says that Righton not only repeatedly raped him but also made him and another boy dig six holes the size and shape of graves.  

ROHM, Ernst, one of the founders and leaders of the German Nazi party and a close friend of Adolf Hitler. He was a flamboyant homosexual with a well-known taste for boys. 
“[Nazi SA Leader Ernst Roehm] used the SA for ends other than the purely political. SA contact men kept their Chief of Staff supplied with suitable partners….The head pimp was a shop assistant named Peter Granninger, who had been one of Roehm’s partners...and was now given cover in the SA Intelligence Section. For a monthly salary of 200 marks he kept Roehm supplied with new “friends”, his main hunting ground being Geisela High School Munich; from this school he recruited no fewer than eleven boys, whom he first tried out and then took to Roehm.” 
Heines Hohne, The Order of the Death’s Head: The Story of Hitler's SS (Penguin Classic Military History) Paperback – 26 Oct 2000. 

ROSOOR, Michel José, Belgian homosexual paedophile, partner of Claude Drieghe.* Mixed up in CRIES*. Rosoor traded in porn videos under the cover of running a business in exotic fish. Rosoor was already notorious in Thailand as a pedophile in 1997. He obtained children from Asia and Romania and sent them to paedophiles in Norway under the pretence of “adoption”. Associate of Robert Delanghe.* Rosoor was expelled from Thailand in 2009 for running a boy brothel. “After receiving information from Belgian embassy officials, Pattaya crime suppression officers set up a sting operation on December 11 to catch a Belgian national suspected of involvement in child pornography and pimping young Thai boys in Pattaya.” Rosoor, 52, described as a rich Belgian, was convicted of exporting paedo-pornographic videos made on the premises of Jolly Boys Studio in Soi Day Night, South Pattaya. The videos showed foreign nationals engaged in illegal homosexual activity with underage Thai males. Rosoor’s employé, Anucha Sarlika, was charged with procuring under-aged staff for illegal purposes.” See Drieghe.

ROBERTSON, Aaron, former  police officer and Boy Scout leader in Olmsted Falls, Ohio, charged with child rape in March 2017. "[Robertson]aged 28, was involved in multiple rapes, and the victim was an underage boy," Traine said. He said police have learned of more than 10 instances of abuse, though Traine would not give an exact number.
Olmsted Falls police learned about the rape accusations after someone called Cuyahoga County's Child Protective Services hotline 696-KIDS to report concerns, Traine said. Robertson was an auxiliary police officer for five years before he was terminated Monday. "You enroll your son into Boy Scouts to teach the better things in life, the qualities of life," Traine said. "You feel like it's secure, that it's beneficial. When something like this happens, it's devastating - not just for the Boy Scouts but to the other children and future children that want to go into the Boy Scouts."
>>LGBTs sued the Boy Scouts in the USA to remove their ban on homosexual scout leaders. Since then, there has been a flood of cases of paedophile abuse by homosexuals. See also Boy Scouts, above.
ROSS, Matthew - homosexual, paedophile and zoophile
A primary school teacher who filmed little boys changing after swimming lessons. Gaoled for three years in 2012. Matthew Ross, 32, hid a camera under his T-shirt to make a sickening video of eight and nine-year-olds in his class. Ross, who once turned up at school while high on ecstasy, then posted the footage online so it could be seen by other paedophiles. At Basildon crown court, Ross pleaded guilty to all charges.
Judge John Lodge told him: “What makes this case so serious is that you grossly abused your position of trust. The footage of the children has been spread all over the internet thanks to your wretched and wicked behaviour.”
Ross was fired after he arrived at his school one Monday morning while high on drugs. Staff became concerned about his erratic behaviour and he was sent home. Six months later, police searched his computer while investigating his ex-boyfriend as part of a separate case. They found footage of his former pupils from the swimming pool changing room. More than 700 indecent images of other children and extreme pornography involving animals were also discovered.
His actions only came to light in July last year when police investigated his ex-boyfriend for similar offences, Basildon Crown Court in Essex was told. Officers discovered a stash of extreme pornography at Ross’s home in Southend, Essex. Ross was jailed for three years and placed on the sex offenders' register for life.

ROTH, Bruce, maths teacher at Wellington College a prestigious British public (private) school, convicted in 2012 of molesting a series of boy pupils. Roth had got away with this for twenty years at two different schools, the other being King’s School Rochester. He was gaoled for eleven year for “truly grave” abuse. It was said that he used to sneak into the dormitories after dark. He was convicted of 17 counts of sexual offences against children after month-long week trial at Reading Crown Court.

ROWE, “JOHN” Jonathan Patrick, b.1948. Homosexual who worked in M15 and had links with the Conservative party, the Monday Club, PIE, CHE and SPARTACUS. Named in many Elm Guesthouse* documents. Gave his registered address as in Australia. Mentioned by boy victims of Grafton who were abused and then intimidated. Rowe was one of the prime movers in the trafficking of children to supply the Amsterdam part of the ring. He organized pederast trips Holland for Monday Club, also cruises. Rowe took a boy known as “Rusty” and others to Amsterdam for this purpose in June 1982. He was a friend of Glencross*, one of the editors of Spartacus, who stayed at Rowes house. Rowe introduced Glencross to Carole Kasir who ran Elm.

ROWE, Michael Stuart, alias “Captain” Paul Reinhart. Homosexual pederast, brother of John Anthony Rowe*. Frequented Elm Guesthouse.

RULE, Jane. Canadian lesbian author and supporter of both PIE* and NAMBLA*. She has written for Magpie, the Journal of the Paedophile Information Exchange - Also supporter of NAMBLA (The North American Man-Boy Love Association).

S., SILVIO, German security guard who abducted, raped and killed two young boys. He buried one body in his allotment, in Luckenwalde, in the northern state of Brandenburg. DNA testing identified it as that of six-year-old Elias, who disappeared while playing near his parents’ home in Potsdam near Berlin, in July 2015. The other one was found by police in the boot of his car in October 2015.  It was identified as four-year-old Bosnian migrant Mohamed, who was abducted from outside a refugee registration centre in Berlin as he waited with his mother and siblings. S. has confessed to both crimes, which were sexually motivated.

SADLER, Andrew. PIE member. Former teacher who was jailed abroad for sex offences against boys – Links to Fraser* and Napier*

SAIKAKU, Ihara (1642-1693), Japanese writer who left a collection of stories, The Great Mirror of Male Love about the homosexual relationships of Samurai warriors with young boys. Age difference is always the defining factor. See Sparta.*

ST PAUL’S SCHOOL, LONDON. Four teachers there have been convicted for pederast activity with pupils which went on for years and led to one pupil committing suicide. One teacher, Patrick Marshall, was convicted on 24 charges and jailed for 17 years. A second teacher Michael Ellis, 71, was jailed for eight years in July 2016 after being found guilty of two counts of indecent assault against two boys, and admitted four counts of possessing indecent images of children.  A third teacher, David Sansom, 72, was sentenced to a total of 14 years and nine months’ imprisonment after being found guilty in November 2015 of abusing four children, one of whom was a pupil at St Paul’s School.
A fourth teacher Anthony Fuggle, 58, who taught at the junior division of St Paul’s until 2013, was condemned by an independent review in 2015 which described him as “highly unstable”. He became infatuated with some pupils and bullied and humiliated others. One pupil, Harry Parsons, was initially a favourite of Mr Fuggle but later ‘became so unhappy in class that he hid from the teacher, sobbed himself to sleep and self-harmed’. Despite concerns being raised with St Paul’s (and its prep school Colet Court) by his parents, there was no investigation and the teacher was not questioned.
In 2013, at the age of 23, Mr Parsons committed suicide.
The Times goes on to note that months after Mr Parsons’ death, paedophile stories and photographs of pupils were found on Fuggle’s school computer, while further  checks revealed a “long-standing sexual interest in boys”.
He was arrested and in June 2016 received a suspended prison sentence for possessing thousands of indecent images of boys. None was of a Colet Court pupil.

SAINT-SAENS, Camille (1835 -1921) French composer of music. Saint-Saens was a child prodigy on the piano and started to study at the Paris Conservatoire at the age of 13. He composed symphonies, operas, and examples of almost every other musical genre. He married and produced two children but the relationship was unhappy and he separated from his wife. “Saint-Saëns traveled extensively. He began spending winters in French-speaking Algeria, a favored holiday spot for European homosexuals who enjoyed the boys and youths cheaply available there. He was quoted as saying, "I am not a homosexual, I am a pederast." He is frequently mentioned in police records as his activities with Arab boys were noted. Saint-Saëns died of pneumonia in Algiers, at the age of 86, on December 16, 1921.
Harding: Saint-Saens,
Jeanine Huas, L’Homosexualite au Temps de Proust. (Paris, Danclau 1992)
Robert Aldrich: The Seduction of the Mediterranean:Writing, Art and Homosexual Fantasy. London: Verso, 1993.

SALVA, Victor, American film director. Openly homosexual. His film Clownhouse starring 12-year-old Nathan Winters came out in 1989. Later Nathan revealed that Salva, then aged 30, sexually abused him and made videotapes of the homosexual acts at Salva’s nearby home. Salva was convicted. His lawyer, acknowledging his client’s "inappropriate relationship with a young boy," plea-bargained 11 felonies down to five but Salva still served 19 months in a Soledad prison where he says he was beaten by other prisoners. He has issued statements saying that he feels genuine remorse for his crime, and has accepted his punishment and re-habilitated himself. He is still homosexual but only with adult partners. “He adds evenly, for the record, “I do not advocate inappropriate sexual behavior with children.””

SANDUSKY, Jerry, American football coach convicted in 2012 of molesting 45 underage boys.  Sandusky was a celebrity who had won charity awards for his work with deprived children. A popular football coach at Pennsylvania State University, he had founded The Second Mile, a charity providing sports opportunities for boys from poor backgrounds. Then it emerged that he had used The Second Mile as a means for getting hold of vulnerable kids and abusing them.
Sandusky would choose boys aged 10-13 from fatherless homes, knowing that they would be more vulnerable, and offer gifts, money and treats to lure them in. Then he would subject them to a range of sexual abuse, carrying out some of it right there on the premises. He was once caught penetrating a 10-year-old boy in the showers of the football club. Witnesses testified that he had been molesting boys all his life, for forty or fifty years, and there had been a series of cover-ups.
Sandusky was married but had no natural children. He and his wife adopted six children and fostered many others. During his trial, one of his adopted sons, Matt, revealed that he too had been molested by Sandusky.
Sandusky was a homosexual who was solely and exclusively interested in boys. That is probably the reason he and his wife never had any children. Yet the Huffington Post blamed what happened on “homophobia” (sic). The press in the USA was reluctant to call Sandusky a homosexual because of the “gay” lobby controlling the media and the Democrat Party.  

SANTOS, Darcio Rodrigues dos. Brazilian homosexual convicted with the murder of 9-year-old João Victor dos Santos Sousa in April 2013. The boy’s body was found at Coqueiro beach in Parnaiba, Brazil. João Victor dos Santos Sousa had been molested, then strangled, dragged to the beach and dumped in the sea. The tide brought the body back to the shore where it was found by the locals in the morning.
Police found the boy’s blood-stained clothes in the nearby house of 23-year-old homosexual Darcio Rodrigues dos Santos, overlooking the beach. He was arrested and so were the boy’s parents who were charged with knowingly supplying their son for perverted homosexual activity with Rodrigues. Francisco Antonio and his wife were accused of sending their son to sleep at Rodrigues’ house, possibly in return for payment. Watch the video:

SCHACK, (Baron) Ekkehard von, (d.1952). Prussian army officer who settled on the island of Capri in 1918 to indulge his homosexual inclinations.  He was notorious for his activities with local teenage boys. It was said that he spent most of his military pension on boys. He was a friend of Norman Douglas who lived on Capri for the same reason, and of the writer Graham Greene, who bought the Villa Rosaio at Anacapri in 1948.
Robert Aldrich The Seduction of the Mediterranean: Writing, Art and Homosexual Fantasy, p.128.
Graham Greene: A Life In Letters, edited by Richard Greene (Little& Brown, 2008).

SCHADWALD, Manuel. 12-year-old German boy who disappeared on the way to a Berlin leisure centre on 24th July 1993. Police investigating a cache of extreme child pornography some years later found a film of two masked men horrifically torturing and sexually abusing a boy who was tied to a chair. Manuel's mother identified the boy as her son. This was only one of innumerable cases of child disappearance and murder linked to the pornography trade by German police, who find that the business is run by and to a great extent for homosexuals. Four years later there was a report of a boy similar to Manuel being sighted in the Netherlands in a boy-brothel run by a German, Lothar Glandorf. An informant who knew Warren Spinks* thought that a boy named “Manny” had been killed in Amsterdam*. After ignoring complaints for 18 months, Rotterdam police targeted Glandorf and found he had been selling hundreds of boys, nearly half under 16. Customers were allowed to subject them to sadism. The gang had links to child traffickers in the snuff-movie business. Manuel has never been traced.

SAVAGE, Dan, fanatical US “gay” rights activist defends pedophiles:-
“My heart goes out to you,” Savage writes. “We should acknowledge the existence of  “good pedophiles...”” Elsewhere Savage has said, “We live in a culture that's hysterical about children and assumes they have no sexual agency or desire.”  “But anyone who can remember what they were like when they were 11 knows that kids are sexual, and whether it was messing around with their cousin, playing doctor with their neighbor, or making passes at people 10 years older, they were horny. So NAMBLA steps out to articulate all this, albeit in its usual highly dysfunctional and creepy way, and because we know what they say to be true on this issue, we've got to label them as insane perverts. Any attempt at rational discussion about youth sexuality and intergenerational sex is simply shouted down.”  He does not say why he thinks what NAMBLA says is “true”. He just takes it for granted.
Boy Crazy: NAMBLA: The Story of a Lost Cause'

SAVILE, Jimmy (Sir), BBC entertainer and pop-music celebrity, exposed posthumously as a paedophile who also pimped children for other paedophiles. Savile was bisexual but this has been covered up or denied by the “gay” media. His homosexual relationship with another prolific child-abuser, Peter Jaconelli,* was known to the police but not revealed until 2016.

He molested many boys along with hundreds of girls and some adult female victims. In 1960 a 10-year-old boy saw Savile outside a hotel and asked for his autograph. Savile took him inside, gave him the autograph and also molested him.
In 1975, a boy scout named Kevin Cook appeared with members of his cub scout pack on Jim’ll Fix It, the popular BBC show that made Savile into an unofficial saint. After the show Savile took Kevin to his dressing-room, and forced the boy to give him oral sex.  Kevin, who was then aged nine, said later that he did not know how to explain to his parents what had happened. He was shocked but could not describe the act in words.
Savile sued the Sun newspaper in 2008 over a series of articles linking him to Haut de la Garenne, the Jersey children’s home. He initially denied ever visiting the home. When shown photographic evidence to the contrary, Savile got a court injunction against The Sun who had to withdraw the picture. Later a boy testified that he had been molested by Savile at Haut de la Garenne when he was aged ten. Alan Collins, a solicitor for several Haut de la Garenne victims, said ‘a handful’ of former residents have now made abuse allegations about Savile. He said Savile’s name was mentioned several times during the police investigation of 2008 but the evidence did not seem to stack up at the time.
Police on the island confirmed in October 2012 that Savile was investigated as part of the 2008 inquiry into abuse at the children’s home.
Savile’s name has also been linked with the Elm Guesthouse*.
Police now conclude that almost one in five of his victims were boys. When it came to really young victims, Savile’s taste for boys was most marked. A total of 18 girls and 10 boys under the age of 10 were abused by Savile, with 23 girls and 15 boys aged 10 to 13.
The Mirror newspaper reported in 2016:- 
Child sex predator Jimmy Savile had a twisted love affair with a 21-stone ice cream magnate accused of abusing young boys.
According to previously unseen police intelligence reports: “Savile had a sexual relationship with Peter Jaconelli”.
They were suspected of being involved in the abuse of 35 young victims as part of a paedophile ring but never faced justice.
The police file says that the late Jaconelli – ­nicknamed King of the Cornets – enticed young boys into his ice cream parlour by throwing cash at them.
It states: “Jaconelli would sexually touch the young boys in a scramble for the money.”
Another intelligence report refers to Savile being a “close associate” of “suspected child abuser” Jaconelli, ­considered untouchable by many victims due to his role as mayor of Scarborough in the 1970s and powerful contacts.
The North Yorkshire Police reports raise further questions over whether Savile, believed to have abused more than 450 victims, could have been stopped and brought to justice before he died aged 84 in 2011.
Surrey, Sussex and the Met police forces missed chances to arrest him or failed to properly investigate him.
The Independent Police Complaints Commission will soon release a report on how the force handled information from a 15-year-old girl in 2002 regarding Savile.
The watchdog’s report will also examine how it treated allegations made by a prison inmate about Jaconelli in December 2008 and January 2009.
As well as running his vast ice cream business, “pillar of the community” Glasgow-born Jaconelli was mayor and chairman of North Yorkshire’s planning committee.
He was once pictured with then Tory Prime Minister Edward Heath* on a visit.
He died aged 73 in 1999 and a police report suggests that the day before his funeral the church had the words “Peter sex case” daubed on it.
It is feared he and Savile were part of a wider paedophile ring in the town.
Savile had a home there and was buried in the same cemetery as Jaconelli after his death in 2011.
Savile’s headstone, which has since been removed, included the chilling epitaph: “It was good while it lasted.”
North Yorkshire Police recently admitted that, if alive, both men would likely have faced abuse charges.
Following a probe last year, the force said 35 people had come forward claiming to have been sexually abused or raped by Jaconelli or Savile. Two claimed they were abused by both.
Assistant chief constable Paul Kennedy admitted: “Information indicates that, historically, the police missed opportunities to look into allegations against these men while they were still alive.”
The intelligence report referring to their gay relationship is one of three which mention the Jim’ll Fix It star. Summaries are contained in a heavily censored 27-page report the Sunday Mirror has obtained under Freedom of Information laws.
One reveals how police were told “in the 60s and 70s Jimmy Savile had a flat on Esplanade where he took girls of all ages”.
It adds: “People thought it was normal as he was a pop star.” A summary of the third report claims: “Savile was a close associate of Peter Jaconelli (deceased)... a prominent Scarborough businessman and suspected child abuser.”

SCHERER, René, French philosopher and writer (b.1922). Homosexual, author of Émile Perverti (1974) and Une érotique Puerile (Paris: Galilée 1978). Advocating paedophilia has been central to his writing career. In 1977, Scherer, his lover Guy Hocquenghem* and the writer Gabriel Matzneff*, formed a group to campaign against the age of consent, which is 15 in France. They were supported by Michel Foucault*. In 1982 Scherer was mixed up in the Coral* affair and charged with inciting minors to commit indecency.

SCHILLACI, Jon. American homosexual and serial pederast who was gaoled for molesting boys as young as five years old. In 1989, then 17-year-old Schillaci and a 20-year-old man were accused of having sex with two 11-year-old twin brothers. He filmed the abuse and was arrested when he tried to sell the video to an adult bookstore for $500. He was convicted on April 26, 1990 and sentenced to ten years in prison.
Soon after his release, he re-offended, molesting a five-year old boy repeatedly. He showed pornography to the child first. In September 2000, approximately 300 images of child pornography were found on the computer he used. According to authorities, they contained "every type of sexual act imaginable".
He fled to Mexico where he lived under various pseudonyms e.g. Jon Willis, Christopher Keegan and Cody Keegan and continued to molest small boys. Schillaci gained an online following in the underground pedophile community and was described as a kingpin in the world of child pornography. His networks helped him to avoid capture twice and gave financial support. He operated as a DJ for an internet radio show, The Dylan Thomas Show and became a webmaster of BoyChat* in 2003.
Schillaci was in Guadalhara from 2003 until 2006 under the aliases Dylan Natchitoches Pierce and Erick Anderson Lowell.  
In 2004, Gregory Alec Phillips, a convicted sex offender from Tennessee, flew from Thailand to Mexico to meet Schillaci and stayed with him for a month. Although Phillips later claimed he never witnessed any sexual interactions, he stated that "there were little boys in and out of there all the time".
In 2005, as a part of a story filmed during People v Jackson trial, “Dylan Thomas, a spokesman for the pedophile community”, was interviewed by NBC News correspondent on a Mexican beach. Producers agreed not to reveal his face or name. Schillaci was profiled on the television program America's Most Wanted and he was added to the list of FBI Ten Most Wanted Fugitives on September 7, 2007. The FBI offered a reward of up to $100,000 for information leading to Schillaci's capture.  
In 2007, Schillaci's activities under alias Dylan Thomas caught the attention of volunteers on Wikisposure, now Evil Unveiled, a project of Perverted-Justice, which builds databases on pedophilia activists. Members of Wikisposure found a profile Thomas had posted on his website in 2003. In it, he discussed playing the piano to attract children's interest. A path of similar profiles was discovered across the Internet. Each profile had a different username or alias but listed something in common. After Wikisposure gave the information to the FBI, authorities were able to locate Schillaci’s computer. As a result, Schillaci was arrested in San José de Gracia, Michoacán on June 5, 2008. He was taken back to the USA and on December 22, 2009, was sentenced to 20 to 50 years in prison after pleading guilty to one count of aggravated felonious sexual assault and 23 counts of possession of child pornography. Schillaci’s computer, which had reams of child pornography on it, aided the FBI in finding child victims in the U.S.

SHEPARD, Matthew (1977-1998), American homosexual, drug-addict and fake gay martyr. He has been turned into a “gay icon” on the assumption that his murder in 1998 was motivated by “homophobia”. This was just a myth promulgated by his LGBT friends in Wyoming University. Shepard’s murderer Aaron McKinney was actually another homosexual who had frequently had relations with him, often in return for drugs. Shepard used Ecstasy and crystal meth and supplied drugs to a network of other people. His killing was motivated by a dispute about drugs and money. McKinney and his co-attacker Russell Henderson were high on drugs at the time and went on to kill another man, a heterosexual, the same night. Nevertheless, the myth that they were “homophobic” was used to justify setting up a huge publicly-funded anti-homophobia campaign in American schools; it is still indoctrinating children and costing tax dollars today. A charity called the Laramie Project has been set up supposedly to combat “homophobia” but it is just a means for his mother and others to make money out of the story. The Book of Matt by Stephen Jimenez reveals these truths, together with the fact that Matthew Shepard had a police warning for molesting two 8-year-old boys when he was aged 15 himself. He was too young to serve a sentence, so he received counselling instead. Matthew claimed that he had been gang-raped in Morocco at age 18 to explain why he was HIV, but that may have been another one of his disturbed fantasies. Jimenez reveals that Matthew was molested in childhood by another homosexual in Wyoming. This is typical of the pattern of homosexual recruitment and indicates how childhood damage is a contributing factor. Only a few weeks before his murder, Matthew annoyed a bartender named Chris Hoogerhyde by making persistent homosexual advances to him. He went on and on doing this despite refusal and finally when Matthew took Hoogerhyrde’s arm, the bartender, who was straight, defended himself by punching Matthew on the jaw. Matthew then went to the police complaining that Hoogerhyde had punched him merely for “being gay” and that this was “gay-bashing”. He also accused the bartender and others having gang-raped him. The charges were subsequently dropped. The LGBT faithful have reacted with rage and abuse to Jimenez’s book, denouncing it as “homophobic” although Jimenez himself is a homosexual.
The supposed bullying of Shepard has been used to justify huge LGBT interference in schools in the USA and UK under the guise of anti-bullying campaigns. So the murder of a paedophile by a homosexual is being twisted into a reason to promote homosexuality in schools, making children accessible to more homosexuals.
The Book of Matt, by Stephen Jimenez, Steerforth Press, Hanover, New Hampshire, 2013.

SICARI, Salvatore, homosexual pederast. Together with his partner Charlie Jaynes, he kidnapped, FB-ed and murdered a 10-year-old boy, Jeffrey Curley, in Masachusetts USA, 1997. See Curley v NAMBLA.

SIERLA, Father Jeremy, teacher at Ampleforth College, leading Catholic school in England. According to former pupils, this monk ran a "sex club" involving young boys, and remained in his job for eight years after allegations were first made. Police were told he would make pupils perform sex acts in their pyjamas. The investigation began in 2004 but no charges were ever brought against him 

SIMMONS, James, a male Milwaukee school teacher arrested in 2003 for trying to sexually molest a 15-year-old boy. Simmons was charged with one count of child enticement and one count of second-degree sexual assault of a child. Simmons, who was dressed like a woman at the time, told the boy that he was a transsexual and offered to pay him to have oral sex. After being bailed, he returned to teach in his elementary school classroom at Keefe Avenue Elementary School. School officials refused to tell reporters if Simmons would be removed from his teaching position.
Simmons has a police record of prostitution-related loitering and prowling in Milwaukee.

SIMPSON, Ryan, Scottish homosexual who filmed himself sexually abusing a baby and sent the video to his male partner. Simpson, 31, was investigated after police found child porn in the possession of his partner Scott Ayres, in Northampton. The couple had lived together previously. Officers seized mobile phones and tablets and found a category A video – at the highest end of the scale – then traced him in Moray and seized two mobile phones, one of which contained two videos of children being sexually abused. Evidence was also uncovered which showed Simpson had been sharing the clips with friends in a WhatsApp chat group. Simpson admitted taking indecent images of a baby, distributing those images, and possessing indecent images of children. He was convicted in 2016.

SINGER, Bryan, Hollywood director and producer of films such as “X-Men”. In 2014 former child actor Michael Egan brought a legal case prosecuting openly “gay” Singer for molesting him while under-age. Egan also named veteran television executive Garth Ancier, former Disney executive David Neuman and producer Gary Goddard. He referred to them passing young boys around like pieces of meat at their homosexual parties. Singer is alleged to have used alcohol and threat, telling Egan that homosexuals were very powerful in Hollywood and he would never work again if he refused. Egan alleges that Singer and the others homosexually assaulted him and other boys repeatedly at “infamous coke and twink pool parties” back when Egan was 15 and Singer was 32. (In the “LGBT” vernacular “twinks,” also called “chicken,” are highly sought-after underage boys used for sodomy by adult “gay” men.) Similar to the revelations of Corey Feldman brought in 2013, that homosexual abuse is rampant in Hollywood.
SKEAPING, Christopher, homosexual, member of Gay Liberation Front and PAL, the Paedophile Action for Liberation*. Active in 1970s campaigning for paedophilia to be legalized. He was first gaoled for paedophile offences in the 1990s. In 2009 he was jailed again for 5 years for offences against a 12-year-old boy in the 1980s. Skeaping had befriended the boy and often invited him into his house to drink alcohol and watch pornography. He told him there was nothing wrong with being a “boysexual” and proceeded to carry out acts of sodomy. In later life, after consulting a counsellor, the boy complained to the police. Skeaping’s appeal against the sentence was refused.

SLADE, Derek, homosexual who abused boys at the boarding school where he was headmaster in the 1980s, was given help in establishing a false identity by Derek Sawyer, former leader of Islington* ­Council and now chair of the London Region Courts Board. Sawyer facilitated Slade’s escape from his past by setting up educational companies in which the disgraced teacher used a fake name and CV. The pair set up International British ­Educational Projects, which allowed Slade to work with children in India and Africa under the pseudonym Dr Edward Marsh – a name taken from a child who died aged eight in 1955. He obtained a copy of the child’s birth certificate and acquired a false passport.
Slade and Sawyer have a connection that spans four decades
Mr Sawyer, who was an Islington ­councillor until 2006, became leader of Islington Council in 1992, after the ­discovery that paedophiles had infiltrated all 12 of its children’s homes. The council barred an inquiry from ­naming anyone suspected of involvement in the abuse.
SLAVEN, Colin, one of the Stonewall Scottish homosexual pederast ring convicted in 2009. Slaven, a 24-year-old IT worker, was found guilty of three charges. Slaven had the on-off boyfriend of Neil Strachan* since he was 16. Police seized a laptop which Slaven admitted belonged to him and which contained child pornography.
Slaven, who was once employed by the Scottish Legal Aid Board, was convicted of possessing, taking and possessing with intent to distribute indecent photos of children.

SMITH, Cyril, Sir, (1928-2010) British MP for Rochdale, Lancashire. Revealed to be a pederast by Private Eye, the satirical magazine, in May 1979 (Eye 454). Smith could have taken libel action and so could the Liberal Party he belonged to, but neither of them did so. In December 2012, David Steele, former leader of the Liberal Party, admitted that he had been aware of rumours concerning Smith but had taken no action. Smith is now revealed to have been a regular client of the Elm Guesthouse.*  
Smith, a bachelor weighing in at around 29 stone, was in the habit of visiting teenage boys in a childrens’ home in Rochdale where they were made available often with the connivance of the staff. An investigation was led by his successor, Simon Danczuk, Labour MP for Rochdale. Danczuk said they had been “young boys who were humiliated, terrified and reduced to quivering wrecks by a 29-stone bully imposing himself on them”.
It is well known that Sir Cyril Smith was dogged by accusations of child abuse and I have recently spoken to people in Rochdale who have first-hand knowledge of the serious allegations made against him. Because of this I feel it’s absolutely necessary that police files on the alleged abuse of children at Cambridge House boys’ hostel finally see the light of day so we can get to the truth of what happened.”
Barry Fitton and Eddie Shorrock were among the former residents of the Cambridge House hostel in Rochdale who testified to having been abused by Sir Cyril. 
Barry Fitton, one of his victims, said he had not been believed when he told the police he had been raped by Smith. Alan Neal, another victim of Smith in the 60s, said that some of his victims committed suicide because they were not believed.  At the age of 11, Neal was raped and beaten by Smith. In 1969, a survey focused on accusations of eight boys from Cambridge House Hostel in Rochdale who said they were raped by Smith between 1961 and 1969. In 1997, another victim of Smith told the police of similar incidents in Cambridge House between 1962 and 1999. 
In May 1979 a local underground magazine, the Rochdale Alternative Press, alleged that Smith had spanked and sexually abused teenage boys in the 1960s in a hostel that he co-founded, and that the matter was investigated by police but not pursued by prosecutors.
Smith committed the crimes in the 1960s and 1970s, yet remained an MP. He only got away with it because of an establishment cover-up. Smith also had links with the gangster Sidney Cooke.* After a long career he was knighted in 1988.  
Those who doubt the allegations made by victims of Smith should bear in mind that a former Parliamentary Chief Whip, Tim Fortescue, confirmed that it was part of their job to cover up matters such as paedophile scandal. In the TV documentary ‘Westminster’s Secret Service’ broadcast by the BBC in 1995, Fortescue said, “Anyone with any sense who was in trouble would come to the Whips and tell them the truth, and say now, “I’m in a jam, can you help?” It might be debt, it might be a scandal involving small boys, or any kind of scandal which a member seemed likely to be mixed up in, they’d come and ask if we could help. And if we could, we did. We would do everything we can because we would store up brownie points. That sounds a pretty nasty reason but one of the reasons is, if we can get a chap out of trouble, he’ll do as we ask forever more.” Fortescue was Chief Whip under Edward Heath*, in 1970-73.

Smith, David, See Lomas.

SMITH, David, a BBC driver who ferried celebrities such as Jimmy Savile around London during the 1980s, was charged in October 2013 with seriously molesting three boys, aged 12-14.  Smith, 67, was questioned as part of Operation Yewtree, because he had close links with several celebrities now known to be paedophiles and was named by victims.  Some of the crimes dated back twenty-five years, or more, to 1984. The alleged victim's partner contacted police after she saw his response to the ITV documentary Exposure: The Other Side of Jimmy Savile, on 3rd October 2012. Smith had a long history of offences against boys, going back to 1966 when he was first convicted. A total of 22 other convictions followed. He was accused of similar offences in 2002 but not charged as police could not find him. In fact he was in prison at the time. In 2013 he failed to appear at Southwark Crown Court and was found dead at his flat. His death was presumed to be suicide or natural causes.

SMITH, Edward, Mad Teddy” Smith. London gangster in the 1960s, he started as one of the Krays’ rent-boys. Smith was a psychopathic homosexual rumoured to have had affairs with Ronnie Kray and Tom Driberg, the former Labour MP. He disappeared the day after an argument with the Krays in 1967. He is thought to have been killed on their orders. Same with the homosexual lawyer David Jacobs, who refused to defend the Krays in court.
Billy Webb, Running with the Krays: My Life in London's Gangland  (2012)

SMITH, Leonard, of Bexley, Kent. Gaoled in 2006 for a string of pederast offences including many against his own grandson. Smith, aged 76, admitted sexually assaulting eight boys. He was sentenced Woolwich Crown Court, Thamesmead, after pleading guilty at an earlier hearing to 17 counts of indecent assault which took place over a 15-year-period.
Toby Fitzgerald, prosecuting, told the court some of the places where the former mechanic abused the youngsters, aged between eight and 14, included homes in Lewisham and Downham and in public toilets. Sentencing Smith, Judge Michael Carroll said: “It is clear to me that to differing degrees, the lives of your victims have been blighted by your predatory sexual behaviour before them. Even now I am not satisfied you know of the magnitude of what you have done to those young people and their relatives.”
Speaking outside court, victim Kevin Smith, 25, who is a grandson of Smith and who has waived his right to anonymity, said: “I hope he rots in his cell. At least this brings some closure and I hope to be able to get my life back on track now.”

SMITH, Leonard William, “Lennie”. One of the Sidney Cooke* gang who raped and murdered Jason Swift. Smith was the homosexual lover of Leslie Bailey*, another gang member. They also took part in the horrific rape and murder of 7-year-old Mark Tildesley. Smith avoided being charged with either murder then was finally gaoled in 1992 for a string of sex attacks on a 6-year-old boy he had been left to baby-sit. He was released into a prison housing unit for former sex offenders in 1999, and died of an AIDS-related illness in 2006. It has been suggested that Smith had a strong resemblance to the photo-fit picture released by police seeking the abductor of missing schoolboy Martin Allen, aged 15, who vanished in King’s Cross Tube station in 1979.
A passenger came forward after a television appeal and said he saw a man and a boy acting suspiciously at Earl’s Court. The man was standing with his arm around a boy who looked like Martin and both appeared nervous. The man was heard to say: 'Don't try to run.' Martin was a handsome boy. His parents would still like to know what happened to him.

SMITH Steven, a.k.a. Freeman, member of PIE, wrote an account of it in the book Betrayal of Youth in 1986. He was jailed, in 1991, for child porn offences. See Freeman.

SOLOMON, Joe, homosexual novelist, author of Perpetual Playground (Pouncecat Press,) story about a homosexual man who falls in love with a schoolboy.

SOPER, Laurence. A former R C priest , 72, appeared at Ealing Magistrates' Court accused of assaulting boys, one under 14, over a period from 1971 to 1983.
The nine charges include offences of buggery, gross indecency and indecent assault, and all allegedly took place in Ealing, west London.
Mr Soper was returned to the UK from Kosovo after a five-year police hunt.
He was arrested in 2010 and bailed, but failed to return to a London police station in March 2011. A European Arrest Warrant was issued for him in 2012 and he was detained in Kosovo in May.
In court he gave his name as Andrew Charles Kingston Soper - with Laurence being the name he took when he was ordained as a priest.
He is accused of committing offences at St Benedict's School in Ealing, where he taught in the 1970s and 80s. Four of the charges, including two of buggery and one of indecent assault, relate to a single alleged victim and date from 9 September 1971 to 31 July 1974. The boy was under the age of 14 when Mr Soper allegedly carried out an act of gross indecency against him.
Two charges of indecent assault relate to a second boy aged under 16 and are alleged to have occurred between September 1979 and July 1981.
Mr Soper also faces charges of indecent assault against three further boys under 16, alleged to have taken place between September 1980 and July 1983.
After teaching at St Benedict's, Mr Soper became abbot of Ealing Abbey, which had founded the school and supplied monks to teach there.  Previous similar accusation against teachers at the same school were settled out of court in 2012.
He is due to appear at Isleworth Crown Court on 19 September.

SOUTER, MICHAEL, former BBC presenter who was jailed for 22 years for sexually abusing seven boys over two decades.  Souter, now 61, of Loddon, Norfolk, was convicted at Norwich Crown Court in October 2013 of abusing boys between 1979 and 1999. Souter, ex-BBC Norfolk and former Radio Clyde broadcaster, was found guilty of a series of offences, including indecent assault, indecency with a child and seven counts of possessing indecent images of children.
He claimed his victims had lied.
Judge Mark Lucraft told him: “The childhood of many of your victims was destroyed and their lives blighted. You exploited your position to groom each of them.”
In February 2015, judges dismissed renewed applications for leave to appeal against both his conviction and 22-year jail sentence.
Ruling on the conviction application, Mr Justice Goss said there was “no basis for any allegation that the applicant did not have a fair trial”. He added that the court was satisfied that the matters raised by Souter relating to his conviction were “without substance or merit”. The judge, announcing the court’s decision to also reject Souter’s sentence challenge, said: “This was indeed an appalling catalogue of sexual abuse of vulnerable victims over a protracted period. The applicant remains in denial.”
He continued: “The sentence, though severe, accorded with sentencing practice, and appropriately reflected his culpability and the harm caused by his offending.”

SPARTA, city-state in ancient Greece where male homosexuality was the norm. Sparta was a harsh, militaristic, aggressive society based on slavery and exploitation. The Greek historian Plutarch writing a few centuries later describes their homosexual culture. Boys would be taken from their mothers at the age of seven and brought up by men. At the age of 12 each would be allocated to an older man and used as a catamite. When they reached the age for marriage, their bride would be presented to them dressed as a man with her hair cropped, and they would sleep together only until she became pregnant. After that, he would return to the all-male company and would be allocated a boy instead. Similar practices have been recorded in ultra-military all-male communities in China, Japan and Africa. The younger partner is always passive and is never expected to remain homosexual for life. See also SAIKAKU.*
Gay Histories and Cultures: An Encyclopedia, Volume 2, ed. George E. Haggerty. Taylor & Francis, 2000, p.840.
Brent L Pickett, Historical Dictionary of Homosexuality, Scarecrow Press, Rowman and Littlefield, Plymouth, UK, 2009,xxix, 143.

SPARTACUS CLUB, pederast network reported to have 25,000 members. Run in the early 1980s from Amsterdam by John Stamford*, a “gay”-activist and member of PIE.* Spartacus was exposed by The Sunday Times in 1986 as a front for a world-wide paedophile holiday business. Interviewed by an undercover reporter, Stamford said: “If you are discreet, I can guarantee you will get as many boys as you want in the Philippines. Our chaps there will fix it up, and all it will cost you is a meal for the guides, and just the equivalent of a pound or so for the kid per night.” The reporters were offered two boys in Manila, aged 8 and 14. Because Stamford was living in Germany, Holland or Belgium, he was not arrested until 1995. The British manager of Spartacus, Peter Glencross*, was also running Gay Yellow Pages from his London address, BCM, Box 6782, London WC1N 6XX.

SPARTACUS International Gay Guide, an international “gay” travel guidebook published annually since 1970, originally by John D. Stamford, currently by Bruno Gmünder Verlag in Berlin, Germany. When set up it provided many details about how male homosexuals could buy use of boys in 137 countries around the world. It advised on which countries had the lowest age of consent, and how to access illegal services. The back copies can still be read on Google Books.
This edition recommended L’Espoir, the paedophile magazine published by CRIES*, and said it could be obtained from Philippe Carpentier, 281, Chaussée d’Ixelles, 1050 Brussels. Tel. It also recommended such establishments as “House With Boys” in Amsterdam, and many more affiliated to the Allemaan/Amsterdam Boy Escort organization.
In the 1982 edition on p.476 we find a detailed list of boy-brothels in Amsterdam including “Bell Boys” PO Box 6584, 1005 Amsterdam, “Boys CD Europe”, Vondelstraat 104, Amsterdam tel. 25.85.84  and pages more, where boys could be hired 24 hours a day. Most of these boys were obtained by means of trafficking and kept there with a mixture of drugs and threat.
One of these brothels in Haiti was allegedly visited by a UK government minister responsible for the security service MI5.
“The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Spain, Mexico and Japan (where adult “lobbyists” have successfully reduced the age of sexual consent to 13 years) provide advertisements and addresses for boy brothels- from “House of Boys” in Frankfort, to “Boystown” in Thailand. Looking at Germany, 48 citations appear for paedophile organizations or bars where boys may be obtained to sexually please the weary world traveler.
Spartacus said in one issue: “love-starved boy lovers flock to Thailand from countries where their tastes are socially taboo and prohibited by law.” In a modern, sexually brutal version of “The Ugly American,” Spartacus provides brazen advertisements for prostituting young Thai boys. In Thailand, ($771 per capita income in 1986) a man pays $12 for sex with a boy or youth while a hotel room will cost him about $25.
Once you have selected your new friend, you can either take him to your hotel, or you can rent a room above the bar (in most places). Note that you must pay the bar a take- out fee which usually varies between 100 and 200 baht, but you must also pay your friend….usually 300 to 500 baht, depending upon your satisfaction.”
It gives addresses, contact details and recommendations. Spartacus had links with the Elm Guesthouse*, which offered members of the club a 10% discount. Spartacus is an international paedophile ring with an estimated 30,000 members. They included Roger Lawrence and Steven Smith, both PIE* members.
An article in the Guardian newspaper in 2011 praises Spartacus for being a pioneering “gay” newspaper that led the way for other “gay” journalists, and lauds its editor, John D. Stamford, as a shining light of “gay” liberation and LGBT party-line correctness. The article, which is an obituary for Peter Burton, one of the journalists who wrote for the Spartacus Guide, makes no mention of Stamford’s paedophile convictions or his connections with PIE.*What would you expect of the Guardian? “Peter Burton, who has died of a heart attack aged 66, was one of the pioneers of gay journalism in the UK. In the late 1960s he began to write for Spartacus, now known as an international gay guide but then a magazine run from a guesthouse in Brighton. "When John D Stamford founded Spartacus there was no gay press and although there were plenty of gay journalists, there was no gay journalism," said Peter in a recent interview with his friend Torsten Højer. "Those of us who were involved from the very beginning had to find our material and learn to write about it in a style our readers would not have previously encountered."
Burton went on to write for Gay News and when Gay News closed in 1983, became the literary and features editor of Gay Times, giving all these periodicals a link to Spartacus. 

SPENDER, (Sir) Stephen, English poet and Professor of English (1909-1995). Bisexual, he married twice. His references to homosexual activity tend to mention boys. In a letter to Christopher Isherwood in September 1934 he said: "I find boys much more attractive, in fact I am rather more than usually susceptible, but actually I find the actual sexual act with women more satisfactory.” Spender toned down homosexual allusions in later editions of his poetry. The following line was revised in a republished edition: "Whatever happens, I shall never be alone. I shall always have a boy, a railway fare, or a revolution." was later revised to read: "Whatever happens, I shall never be alone. I shall always have an affair, a railway fare, or a revolution."

SPINKS, Warren/Warwick/ William, alias Willem Van Wijk, labeled “Britain’s most wanted paedophile”. In 1992 he was questioned for involvement in paedophile rings in the UK and Europe. In Amsterdam, he supplied sex tourists with underage boys, boasting to undercover officers from the Metropolitan and Dutch police he could pick up young boys from German, Prague and Poland for as little as 10p. He was also caught on secret camera offering to supply a video in which a 10-year- old boy was killed and another featuring the horrific abuse of a young boy. 
Spinks was convicted in 1995 at Lewes Crown Court for a string of offences against under-age boys, including sexual assault at knifepoint, abduction and taking indecent images of children. The court heard how he drugged a 14-year-old boy and 'sold him' to a queer brothel in Amsterdam. He was given seven years but this was reduced to five on appeal. By 1997 he was out on parole and fled the UK. He was on the run for 15 years, abducting and trafficking boys for prostitution and pornography. In Czech Republic he made and sold child porn videos including snuff movies, and he became very wealthy. In Amsterdam, he spent time in “gay” bars, really child brothels, and was in contact with a lot of paedophiles from Britain and Austria, e.g. René Osterwalder, a Swiss doctor who emigrated to Amsterdam, trafficking Romanian children to kill in snuff movies. Spinks then opened his own brothels where children were sold "behind the counter". He was at the crossroads of several networks, including Zandvoort, through its contacts with Norbert de Rijke and Lothar Glandorf. Extradited from Netherlands in 2012 aged 48, Spinks served only 18 months in prison. He was let out in August 2013 and celebrated his birthday with a champagne party on his yacht, surrounded by other homosexuals and toyboys.
Spinks wrote this letter to the Prague Post back in 2001, moaning about homophobia-:
"I am a travel agent with offices in Spain, Amsterdam and Prague. I have never felt any inclination to write to a newspaper, but I am so shocked and disgusted at the recent police raids at several gay venues ["Lightning police raids net youth 'pimps,' " News, May 23-29] in Prague. Some of my clients were affected. There was absolutely no justification for the heavy-handed and homophobic behavior of the commando police.
"Heavily armed police with ski masks rushed into the bars and forced everyone to lie on the floor for more than an hour. Several people were kicked and roughed up. Their crime? Having a beer in a gay bar - which is not a crime, even in the Czech Republic. Just because the police were looking for several people who were known to them, did that mean that hundreds of innocent people had to be treated like criminals?
"If this is the way the Czech Republic violates basic human rights, it should never even be considered for inclusion into the EU or given membership among civilized countries that observe fundamental human rights.
[signed] Willem van Wijk, Director, Toucan Travel, Prague".
A video about Spinks’ paedophile business in Amsterdam is available here

It alleges that victims aged 9-11 were raped and murdered.

SPRIGGS, Philip, bisexual paedophile. Convicted in England in June 2015 for the molestation of one girl and one boy. Most of the media coverage tried hard to avoid mentioning the gender of his victims, but the facts are here.

STAMFORD, JOHN D. Homosexual, “gay”-activist and member of the Paedophile Information Exchange.* An ex-RC priest, from Lancashire, Stamford founded and ran the Spartacus* Gay-paedophile network in London in the 1970s. In 1972 he was convicted of sending pornographic material through the post. This was extremely hardcore and involved children as young as eighteen months old. But before he could be gaoled, he escaped to the Netherlands where he teamed up with Francis Shelden* alias Torey. The Sunday People newspaper ran an exposure article about him on February 6th 1983. He was pictured petting a boy. Another article appeared in the Sunday Times in August 1986, revealing him to be arranging paedophile holidays all over the world. He had arrangement with compliant hoteliers in Madeira, Sri Lanka, Thailand, the Philippines, and Indonesia. Stamford boasted of having relations with boys as young as 8, claiming to have done so in countries where it was legal. Between 1979 and 1985, Stamford also published PAN, or Paedo Alert News*, which described itself as a “magazine about boy-love.” He and Shelden* founded Coltsfoot Press, a publishing house for pederastic books and porn. Stamford continued to run his paedophile holidays and in 1995 was busted by police in Belgium. They found his list of pederasts, worldwide, who paid for his Holiday Help Portfolios. This was Stamford’s euphemism for fixing up ‘facilities’ (i.e. children) for paedophiles in hotels. Stamford’s notes recorded credit card payments, plus descriptions of the age and type of children requested, together with the sexual services they would be required to perform. Just before he was due to stand trial Stamford died in prison of a sudden heart attack aged 56. (Or so we are told. Belgian police have been suspected of many cover-ups in such cases and it may be that his wealthy and high-up connections, who didn’t want the publicity, got him out. He had made plenty of money and could afford a bribe.). Stamford is now regarded as a “gay” hero.
STEVENS, Tony, alias Mark Underhill, alias Fat Tony or Lard Arse. Homosexual paedophile and pimp, accomplice of Christopher Leek* in Bristol*. Gaoled in Portugal in 1993 with two other British men after being caught paying local children to make pornographic videos in their camper van. Caught again running boy-prostitution racket in Bristol in 1997. Customers included a vicar called Tim and various dope-dealers. Boys were taken from local schools, raped, given a range of drugs to make them compliant and then prostituted in, among  other places, the men’s toilets in the centre of Bristol. Links with Alan Williams.*

STIDWORTHY, Peter, former Tory Party Councillor for Whoberley/Coventry. Convicted and jailed for 15 months in 2002 for the indecent assault of a 15-year old boy, who complained to police about him. Stidworthy, aged 46, was in possession of 20,000 pornographic images of young boys, four thousand of which he had made for distribution to other paedophiles. Six years later he was convicted again of downloading child pornography.

STIEKUM, Belgian association for promoting pederasty. Founded and run by male homosexuals.

The logo of Steikum shows a naked boy aged about ten.

STINGEMORE, John, a former deputy head of Grafton Close Children's Home, charged for complicity in the homosexual-paedophile ring running in the council-run institution in London. Father Tony McSweeney, 66, a Catholic priest, is charged along with him. One known victim, Peter Hatton-Bornshin, was sent to the home aged twelve, when his mother died. Peter, who was blonde with green eyes, became one of the victims sent to the Elm Guesthouse* and on “holidays” to be raped by homosexuals. Later he developed emotional problems and brought complaints of abuse. Despite getting compensation for what happened, Peter remained depressed, had difficulty relating to girls, and in 1994 he took his own life, aged 28.

STONEWALL, homosexual extremist organization founded in UK in 1989 by Ian McKellen, Ben Summerskill and Angela Mason. It is riddled with paedophiles. Its first aim was to abolish Section 28, a clause in the Local Government Act which prohibited the promotion of homosexuality in schools. This law, which Stonewall always referred to “infamous”, was a major impediment to their paedophile agenda. Legal paedophilia was always the central aim of Stonewall, even though they work for it in a Fabian way by demanding successive reductions of the age of consent. The way it chose to celebrate its tenth anniversary was a frank admission of its paedophile agenda (See Elton John*). Many Stonewall members have been exposed and convicted as practicing paedophiles e.g. Rennie, Campbell etc. The media hushed up their homosexual identity and their connection with Stonewall. Stonewall has acquired influence by making donations to political parties and, incredibly, it is still classified as a charity.  It claims to receive no public funding, which is a lie as it gets large amounts from the Home Office, the Lottery and other public sources.  In 2015, Angela Mason intervened in an enquiry into allegations of child sex abuse at.a school in Hampstead. She persuaded the judge to ignore the evidence of doctors and simply conclude that all the children were liars.

STONEWALL Scottish homosexual-pederast ring, see Rennie, Campbell, Strachan, Webber etc The media in general played down the case and reported that the culprits were only found in possession of child pornography. But as the judge observed, these photographs and videos were of real children often being subjected to torture or horrific molestation, and could only exist if real children had been used to make them. One member of the group, Milligan, possessed 78,000 images.

STRACHAN, Neil, one of the Stonewall Scottish homosexual-pederast ring convicted in 2009. Strachan, a 41-year-old service engineer, was a homosexual who lived with a partner. He was found guilty of eight charges after the lengthy trial at the High Court in Edinburgh. He sparked Operation Algebra when he left a computer disk with indecent images of children in the computer he put in for repair. The technicians called in the police and detectives began the moves which would trap the gang.
It led officers to Strachan's home in Duff Street, in the Dalry area of Edinburgh, on 9 November 2007 - a home he shared with his on-off boyfriend, Colin Slaven*. Strachan was arrested that day, and six days later Slaven was also detained.
Strachan had been gaoled in 1997 for 3 years for abusing a little boy over a 2-year span starting when the child was only 5. He was a boys’ club leader at the time. Strachan was convicted again in Edinburgh in 2005 of raping an 18-month old boy. In 2009 he was convicted of sexually assaulting a six year old boy, and another child. He was also convicted of possessing, taking, distributing, and possessing with intent to distribute indecent photos of children, and of conspiring to meet other men to sexually abuse a child.

STRACHEY, Lytton (1880-1932). English writer and member of the Bloomsbury Group. Homosexual and pederast whose taste included young boys and older youths. An occasional visitor to the crowded bed of John Maynard Keynes*, he lived in a circle of homosexual friends who would go out on the prowl for boys to molest and mention this in their correspondence with each other. He felt excited by all the “painted boys” on the London streets. He and Keynes visited Paris for this purpose and had relations with boys they met at the Trocadero or at cafés, seeking crude encounters in parks. He wrote “one need not be Moses To find divinity in the nearest bush”. He wrote of “little boys” who formed a “sort of sodomitic avenue”. In 1913 he travelled to Italy at the recommendation of Keynes who told him where to find cheap “bed and boy”. He wrote to Virginia Woolf that “the naked boys run like snipe along the beach, balancing their buttocks in the pellucid air”. [Virginia Woolf & Lytton Strachey: Letters, ed Leonard Woolf and James Strachey. Hogarth Press, 1956, p.42] In Venice he ogled and possibly sampled teenage boys and youths. But his class inhibitions and his racial prejudices often meant that he found these encounters disappointing.
Lytton Strachey and the Search for Modern Sexual Identity: The Last Eminent ...
By Julie Anne Taddeo 71 -73 etc.p. 63 The Bloomsburys discussed such things as the  pressing need to sterilize black people.

STÜBEN, Olaf (b.1946). German homosexual and paedophile campaigner, convicted child-molester. Stüben was a teacher at a school for boys, Odenwaldschule, in Heppenheim, where he was found to have carried out systematic abuse of a large number of pupils over many years. Despite being convicted he carried on blatantly boasting about his proclivities and campaigning to legalize pederasty. He is a prominent member of the group Homosexual Action Hamburg. He writes for the socialist newspaper, Die Tageszeitung, as well as for pro-paedophile magazines such as the „Allgemeine homosexuelle Arbeitsgemeinschaft” and he has connections with pro-paedophile campaigners in England and Holland. In 1980 he wrote an autobiography “Ich Liebe Jungs” (I Love Children) in which he used the familiar homosexual arguments that paedophiles were oppressed and the age of consent ought to be abolished. He was influential in getting the age of consent in Germany reduced to 14, which has attracted many homosexual-paedophiles to that country.  When data-protection laws were extended to cover Google, Stüben and many other paedophiles world-wide were quick to take advantage of it and a search on his name now tells the reader “Some results may have been removed under data protection law in Europe.” This is the same in many cases, indicating that they are probably still networking and giving each other legal advice. 
The Green MP Antje Vollmer learned of the corruption at the Odenwald School in 2002 and did nothing. Volker Zastrow in the FAZ

Studiegroep Pedofilie. Another Belgian pro-paedophilia group founded and run by male homosexuals.
Santiago, Pablo. "Colectivos a favor de la pedofilia". In: Alicia en el lado oscuro (in Spanish). Madrid: Imagine, 2004, pp. 387-391. ISBN 84-95882-46-9.c

SUESS, Dean. Boy Scout Volunteer, pled guilty to numerous counts of child rape and
Molestation in Seattle, Washington in 2000.

SWIFT, Michael. Homosexual activist in the US who published a disgusting, hysterical rant called “A Dream” that reveals the minds of homosexuals and their fascist plans to take over the world. It also reveals a pre-occupation with lust for boys.
The Horrible Dream of Michael Swift:-
Excerpts:- “We shall sodomize your sons, emblems of your feeble masculinity, of your shallow dreams and vulgar lies. We shall seduce them in your schools, in your dormitories, in your gymnasiums, in your locker rooms, in your sports arenas, in your seminaries, in your youth groups, in your movie theater bathrooms, in your army bunkhouses, in your truck stops, in your all male clubs, in your houses of Congress, wherever men are with men together. Your sons shall become our minions and do our bidding. They will be recast in our image. They will come to crave and adore us…
The museums of the world will be filled only with paintings of graceful, naked lads.
We are everywhere; we have infiltrated your ranks. ..
The family unit - spawning ground of lies, betrayals, mediocrity, hypocrisy and violence – will be abolished. The family unit, which only dampens imagination and curbs free will, must be eliminated. Perfect boys will be conceived and grown in the genetic laboratory. They will be bonded together in communal setting, under the control and instruction of homosexual savants…Tremble, hetero swine, when we appear before you without our masks.”  There is much more in the same febrile manner.

SWIFT, Jason. British boy aged 14, murdered by Sidney Cooke* gang in 1984. Subjected to homosexual gang-rape and allegedly filmed before being killed by strangulation. He is often insultingly referred to by the media as a “rent-boy”. In fact he had run away from home after his parents split up and he went to stay with his sister. He ran away again and was dossing on the streets of London, when found by Cooke’s gang. They claimed they had offered him money for homosexual acts, but it was their practice to pick up boys, keep them locked up, give them alcohol and drugs then rape and prostitute them to other men. The police investigation that exposed this gang was called Operation Orchid. Newspapers report that a lot of files relating to the investigation were lost.

SWISS PAEDOPHILE ASSOCIATION, (Schweizerische Arbeitsgemeinschaft Pädophile) founded and run by male homosexuals. President Karl Hobi. Members include Beat Meier*. Hobi has succeeded in getting almost all references to him removed from the internet under European Data Protection laws.

SYMONDS, John Addington, (1840- 1893), Victorian poet and homosexual, he was overwhelmingly pre-occupied with man-boy desire and he translated many Greek texts in order to provide cultural respectability for it. Very fond of Anacreon*, Meleager etc. Associated with the Uranian movement of Karl Ulrichs.* In 1873, Symonds wrote Male Love: A Problem in Greek Ethics. In his collection  In the Key of Blue (1893) he included a maudlin and gruesome poem written to Alfred Brooke, a choirboy in Bristol cathedral.  It is hard to believe that this is not a parody but it’s genuine:-

He was all beautiful: as fair
As summer in the silent trees;
As bright as sunshine on the leas;
As gentle as the evening air.

His voice was swifter than the lark;
Softer than thistle-down his cheek;
His eyes were stars that shyly break
At sundown ere the skies are dark.

I found him in a lowly place:
He sang clear songs that made me weep:
Long nights he ruled my soul in sleep:
Long days I thought upon his face.

SZYMANOWSKI, Karol (1882–1937). Polish composer of music and pianist. Homosexual pederast. In 1911 at the age of 29 he visited Sicily with his friend Stefan Spiess, and in 1914 they visited Algiers and Tunis. These were all resorts of Northern European pederasts who went there to access the boys available to tourists for money.  Szymanowski wrote a novel about pederastic love, entitled Efebos (Greek word for an adolescent boy) which he gave in 1919 to Boris Kochno, aged 15, who was his love interest at the time. Kochno was 18 years younger than Szymanowski. The book survives only in part. The rest was destroyed in a fire in 1939. Szymanowski said about his own novel, "In it I expressed much, perhaps all that I have to say on this matter, which is for me very important and very beautiful." One chapter is available in a German translation as Das Gastmahl..[2][3] Szymanowski also wrote a number of love poems in French, concerned with boys. Among these are Ganymède, Baedecker, N'importe, and Vagabond. 
Szymanowski chose pederastic poetry to set to music, e.g.  Love Songs of Hafiz op. 24 (1910), a setting of the poems of Hafiz i-Sharazi *.

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