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T-Z Homosexuality and Paedophilia: Part 6, T-Z.

The final installment of the book Homosexuality and Paedophilia: A Reference Guide. This section covers T-Z.
An index will be appended.

TAKEI, George, American TV actor, homosexual. In 2017 he publicly admitted that his first sexual experience had been seduction by an older man at a summer camp when he was aged only 13. He defended it.

TALBOT, Fred. BBC weatherman and former biology at Altrincham Grammar School for Boys. After a police raid on his house in 2012, he was arrested in 2013 and then re-arrested in 2014 on CSA charges. More than ten of his former pupils have now testified that he molested them and held orgies on school trips in the 1970s. Boys were encouragesd t o get drunk and then perform sex acts  on the teachers and each other.  One such event took place on a canal barge. He allegedly asked some of the pupils to pretend they were girls and lie on top of each other as photographs were taken.
Manchester Minshull Street Crown was told the alleged victim - who believed he was aged 14 at the time - was "quite drunk" after Mr Talbot, two of his adult friends and some older boys on the excursion returned from the pub and shared beers they had brought with younger boys.
One witness said Mr Talbot was "in charge" and "telling us what to do". He said the "orgy" went on for up to two hours before everyone went to sleep and Mr Talbot said he was to stay in his double bed because there were not enough bunk beds for all the schoolboys.
One of his former pupils is the pop singer Ian Brown of Stone Roses who remembered Talbot showing a homosexual pornographic film to a class of boys aged 11, and teaching them to masturbate.

TAMPICO, Jonathan, NAMBLA* member convicted in 1989 for molesting boys. Tampico and three other Bay Area men were arrested in 1989 in an investigation that led to the conviction of 20 molesters across the state and nation. He was paroled in 1992 on condition of not possessing child pornography. After breaking his parole, he was found with the help of the radio programme America's Most Wanted. He was arrested and convicted on child pornography charges. Police investigating him found that Tampico was a member of NAMBLA, and was running an orphanage in Thailand as a front for NAMBLA members to molest boys. Tampico and others traveled to Thailand in order to use boys at the foster home. The court was shown a number of Polaroid pictures, provided by Thai officials, depicting Tampico with young Thai boys sitting on his lap. Prosecution said the pornography found depicts hundreds of victims.
Oakland Tribune, 27 April 1998!msg/rec.nude/07eD-c1OsyA/q5pBu7QTdLEJ
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TASK, Ira Scott, of Harrisburg, USA, who knew he was HIV positive, is charged with raping a 6-year-old boy in April 2015. Like so many homosexual rapes, this was done in company and used to make pornography. Task, aged 61, was charged with multiple counts of raping a child, carrying out aggravated sexual assault on a child, filming rape and distributing film of that rape. His partner William C. Byers-Augusta, aged 19, of North Middleton Township, also faces charges of child rape and making child pornography. Task administered the drug amyl nitrite to the victim before the two men carried out the rape. This drug is widely used to further homosexual perversion. When Byers-Augusta was arrested in July, he was live-streaming the rape to other homosexuals on the internet.  Conversations between the two men suggest that there may have been other victims.
The investigator commented, “Behaviour so calculated, depraved and debilitating to the victim makes plain that there are those in our society who will callously inflict evil on our most vulnerable, our children, to serve their degenerate desires.”

TATCHELL, Peter, homosexual and “gay” rights activist, has multiple, close links to the Paedophile Information Exchange.*
In 1986 he contributed a chapter to a book entitled Betrayal of Youth* produced by several official members of  PIE. The editor was Warren Middleton*, a founder member of PIE. The book argued for the complete abolition of any ages of consent and asserted that children seek and enjoy sex with adults. Tatchell write “What purpose does it (the age of consent) serve other than reinforcing a set of increasingly quaint, minority moral values left over from the Victorian era?”
In 1998, Tatchell wrote an obituary in the Independent for Ian Campbell Dunn*, co-founder and leader of PIE* describing him as a hero. Tatchell wrote “IAN DUNN was a pioneer for lesbian and gay human rights, remaining a central figure in the battle for homosexual equality - in Scotland and internationally - for 30 years... In 1974, he and Derek Ogg convened the International Gay Rights Congress in Edinburgh - the first post-war conference of homosexual emancipation movements from around the world. This congress led to the formation of the International Lesbian & Gay Association (Ilga). Now a global federation of 400 gay rights groups in 60 countries, Ilga has played a pivotal role in getting gay equality.”  Dunn was jailed in 1984 for his paedophile activities.
On June 26, 1997, Peter Tatchell wrote a letter to the Guardian newspaper defending a book Dares to Speak published by the Gay Men’s Press*, that advocated paedophilia. He wrote that the book was ‘courageous’. It documented ‘examples of societies where consenting inter-generational sex is considered normal’. He gave an example of a New Guinea tribe where ‘all young boys have sex with older warriors as part of their initiation into manhood’ and allegedly grow up to be ‘happy, well-adjusted husbands and fathers’. [NB This is rubbish] Tatchell’s letter asserted that sex or sodomy between adults and children as young as nine was normal and did no harm.
“The positive nature of some child-adult relations is not confined to non-Western cultures. Several of my friends – gay and straight, male and female – had sex with adults from the ages of 9 to 13. None feel they were abused. All say it was their conscious choice and gave them great joy. While it may be impossible to condone paedophilia, it is time society acknowledged the truth that not all sex involving children is unwanted, abusive and harmful,” said Tatchell, contradicting himself.
In the Irish Independent on 10 March 2008 he repeated his call for a lower age of consent. Tatchell’s Outrage group campaigned for this from the 1980s.
In 1997 Tatchell advocating legalized pederasty in this article:- I'm 14, I'm gay & I want a boyfriend ["Abusing the word boyfriend to mean sodomitical partner"]
The child Lee is made to say that he is “having sex with” older guys and the only problem is that it’s illegal. He confesses that he has been involved in homosexual activity in toilets, parks and bushes since he was eight, has been used as a prostitute by men who sometimes tied him up and raped him, has taken drugs, but still thinks there is no problem and it should all be legalized. He also thinks he is normal. One rather wonders how Tatchell comes to meet these fourteen-year-old rent boys and why he is so friendly with them. Just asking.
Tatchell continues to campaign tirelessly for the abolition of the age of consent, writing articles about it and making speeches on the radio.

TAYLOR, Bayard (1825-1878), American writer and poet whose homosexuality frequently features in his works. Like many nineteenth century homosexuals, Taylor travelled in Southern Europe and the Middle East to indulge his tastes and wrote a poem “To a Persian Boy in the Bazaar at Smyrna” that makes his interest in young boys very plain. It refers to Hafiz* the Persian pederast poet, whose works Taylor evidently knew.

TAYLOR, Brian, homosexual sociology lecturer at Sussex University, LGBT activist and editor of Perspectives on Paedophilia (pub. Batsford 1981). PIE* leader Warren Middleton thanked Taylor for his help and support when he wrote his book “Betrayal of Youth” five years later, along with Tatchell*, Dr Ken Plummer* of Essex University and an extremist lesbian named Beth Faust.

TELLIS, Ashley, homosexual  and pederast. Professor Tellis of Department of Liberal Arts at the Indian Institute at Hyderabad wrote an article in 2010 entitled "Man-Boy Love Can Be a Beautiful Thing". He argues that far from wanting to deny any connection with paedophilia, "homosexuality may sometimes have a lot to do with paedophilia, and, further, that if it is based on mutual consent, it is no big deal."
Prof. Tellis, a prominent gay activist and left-wing agitator, was sacked by the institute because of the outcry over his article in 2010.

THAILAND. The far-eastern country has a reputation for soaring rates of child prostitution and sex tourism, attracting many homosexuals for that reason. Recent figures indicate that 20% of the homosexual population is known to be HIV-positive and in the capital, Bankok, the figure is 31%. The younger they start, the more severe the risks they run. See Frost, etc

THOMPSON, Frank. Homosexual teacher at an exclusive private school in Philadelphia. After he pleaded guilty to two felonies in Cape May County, confessing to police that he molested a teenage boy in a Shore community and was grooming another boy there for sex, two of his former pupils at Chestnut Hill Academy reported that he had molested them and many other pupils.

THORNTON, Darren, of Bradford, England. A former teaching assistant at Oasis Academy Lister Park, convicted of sexually abusing four boys there, aged 11 to 13. Thornton, 31, who ran after-school clubs and sporting activities as well as teaching, admitted eight charges at Bradford Crown Court in April 2014.

THORNYCROFT, William,/Bill, homosexual, PIE* member, and open defender of paedophilia, he was also a member of the Gay Rights Committee of the British Communist Party in the 1970’s. Thornycroft responded to attacks on PIE by saying that “The sexual freedom of children was needed” – which has indeed become the current approach for paedophiles pursuing their agenda. He was a founder member of the Brixton Gay Community Centre, and a member of Campaign for Homosexual Equality (CHE*) an organization with a pro-paedophile agenda. He was active in the South London Gay Liberation Theatre Group, which challenged the absurd norms of heterosexual society, such as the “nuclear family” and put on productions such as “Gents” a celebration of how homosexuals use public toilets for obscene acts.
Thornycroft is now a veteran member of the British “gay” movement and is treated as a VIP when he attends Gay Pride events. At the London World Pride 2012 he was interviewed for an LGBT website RUCO (Are You Coming Out) about his life-long involvement with the LGBT movement. The article shows a photograph of him marching in the London Gay Pride event, but makes no mention of his involvement with PIE or his paedophile views.

THORPE, Jeremy, leader of British Liberal Party. Stood trial in 1976 for allegedly plotting to have a former male lover, who was blackmailing him, killed. Fellow-MP Leo Abse writes that Thorpe was involved in two earlier scrapes, one in 1960 involving a minor and another in 1964. He managed to avoid prosecution through the influence of George Thomas, Lord Tonypandy*, another pederast, who was then working in the Home Office. Thorpe is said to have attended at least one of the pederast parties organized by the Krays* in East London.
Leo Abse, Tony Blair: The Man Behind The Smile, Robson Books, 2001.

THORSTAD, David (1941-  ), American communist, LGBT activist and pederast. Openly homosexual, he was a founding member of the North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) and former president of New York’s Gay Activists Alliance. He was also active in Trotskyist politics for some years. For more than six years, Thorstad was a member of the Upper West Side branch of the Socialist Workers Party (SWP), and a staff writer for its newspaper, The Militant. He left the SWP in December 1973, citing the organization's lack of enthusiasm for the “gay” liberation movement and failure to develop a “Marxist materialist analysis” of it. In 1976 he self-published a collection of internal party documents relating to its discussion of the “gay” liberation movement, under the title Gay Liberation and Socialism: Documents from the Discussions on Gay Liberation Inside the Socialist Workers Party (1970-1973). In the early 1970s Thorstad was president of the Gay Activists Alliance in New York.
In June 1973 Thorstad and John Lauritsen published “The Early Homosexual Rights Movement (1864-1935)”, a historical survey in the SWP internal Discussion Bulletin which showed, correctly, that the “gay” liberation movement had a long history, particularly in Germany. This was expanded the next year into a book published by Times Change Press, New York.
In 1978 Thorstad was a founding member of NAMBLA*, "served as a member of the Steering Committee from some undetermined time until September 1996" and was one of a group of NAMBLA members who were sued in 2000 for the wrongful death of a ten-year-old boy in a long-running court case Curley v. NAMBLA in Boston.
Thorstad describes the modern gay rights movement as “politically correct zombies,” and the “radicalism of such groups as Queer Nation” as “bizarre and offensive,” indicating that he does not lack intelligence, just morals.
Summaries of Thorstad's views appear in his articles "Man/Boy Love and the American Gay Movement" in Male Intergenerational Intimacy: Historical, Socio-Psychological and Legal Perspectives (ed. Theo Sandfort, Edward Brongersma, and Alex van Naerssen, pub, Routledge, 1990), and “Homosexuality and the American Left: The Impact of Stonewall,” in Gay Men and the Sexual History of the Political Left (Gert Hekma, Harry Oosterhuis, and James Steakley, editors, Haworth Press, 1995).
John Lauritsen and David Thorstad, The Early Homosexual Rights Movement (1864-1935) New York: Times Change, 1974.

TOLOSA, Mario. Deputy chairman of the Florida de Loma Hermosa football club in the Buenos Aires area, convicted in 2009 for FB a 6-year-old boy. After driving the boy to the club Tolosa raped him in the club bathroom. The victim's grandmother went to the police after she saw that the boy was injured.

Tolosa was convicted but later his defence lawyers argued that the boy was used to being sexually abused at home by his own father, and had a clear homosexual orientation. The judges accepted this LGBT argument and reduced Tolosa’a sentence from six years to three.

TONYPANDY, (Lord) George Thomas, (1909-1997) homosexual Labour peer. He became MP for Cardiff West in 1945, a minister in the Home Office in the 1960s, Secretary of State for Wales from 1968 to 1970 and Speaker of the House of Commons from 1976 and 1983. He may have been a member of PIE*.
In April 2013 a man aged 55 contacted the South Wales Police and brought charges of molestation against Tonypandy, dating back to the 1960s and early-1970s when the victim was aged nine. The case was dropped then investigated when the victim complained again. The victim made a series of complaints against the politician, who he said had befriended his foster parents, dating back to the 1960s. “He spent a lot of time at my house as my parents were good friends with him. It has been with me all my life.”
He said the assaults which included repeated rape, were also carried out at various addresses in Cardiff.
The victim, now living in Australia, said his foster parents were Labour Party supporters. He added: “We went on many campaigns for Harold Wilson, Jim Callaghan and George Thomas.”
He said he reported the crime to South Wales Police on several occasions, but the police had failed to do anything. Police referred the matter to the Independent Police Complaints Commission because of a suspicious delay in launching their investigation after the initial allegation was made in April 2013. This raised suspicion about whether the delays were due to intervention by a Masonic Lodge.
Tonypandy was a close friend of the late Labour Party MP Leo Abse, another homosexual and the man who brought the Private Member’s Bill in 1967 to decriminalize homosexuality in the UK. Abse revealed in 2001 that the peer had been blackmailed by people threatening to expose his homosexual activities.
While Tonypandy was Speaker of the House of Commons, the Tory MP Geoffrey Dickens tried to expose public figures he claimed were involved in a Westminster child sex ring. In the 1980s Dickens submitted a file containing names and facts, to the Home Office…but this was mysteriously lost. Tonypandy may have exerted influence. It was well known that Tonypandy propositioned young men in the Speaker’s official grace and favour apartment in Parliament. A senior political source said: ‘Thomas had an interest in young men and did not hide it at Westminster.’
Tonypandy is said to have used his Home Office position to help Liberal leader Jeremy Thorpe* to cover up an alleged homosexual offence against a minor.

TREBILCO, Peter, Australian lawyer and homosexual interviewed on Four Corners TV programme in 1997. In a discussion about Judge Yeldham, revealed to have been a secret homosexual, Trebilco described how homosexuals met each other in public places.
Trebilco: One did what are called beats. These are railway stations, public conveniences, parks, and there you met men and you had remarkably anonymous and quick sex, and then put that to one side, that was a part of your life, that for that day was now closed and you went back to whatever else it was that you wanted to do.
Q: And what stage in your life did you...?
A: I started doing that at the age of 11.
If he started when he was eleven years old, there must have been plenty of adult homosexuals who were not averse to taking advantage of an eleven-year-old boy. > Four Corners > Archives
Broadcast: 17/02/97

TRICKER, Russell. Homosexual, pederast and paedo-pornographer. Tricker worked for ten years as a teacher until dismissed for child sex offences in 1974. He moved to London where he started a company called Toff’sTravels running paedophile holidays for homosexuals. Boys would be taken from care-homes or supplied by pederast brothels in Amsterdam. Toff’s Holidays were advertised in “gay” magazines. He was linked with the Elm Guesthouse* and the Spartacus* club, and was a friend of Peter Glencross* and Warwick Spinks*. In 1982 he was stopped at Dover by customs officials who found him in possession of videos with obscene content. They were advertising available boys to prospective (or regular) customers. One showed British boys, another, entitled Amsterdam Railway Museum, showed boys from Eastern Europe who could be hired in Amsterdam. Tricker insisted he did not know what was in the videos and was merely carrying them for someone else. He moved permanently to the Netherlands where, in 1992, he was convicted on a pederasty charge, but was cleared on appeal. The boy concerned was later shot dead. Tricker commented, “It is very sad”.

TROTTER, Mark, homosexual Labour party activist in Hackney, London. Exposed by the Evening Standard in 1996, Trotter was a social worker who was infected with the HIV virus but was still allowed to go on working with children for twelve years. He had previously worked in Liverpool where he also molested children. There were warnings about his behaviour on six occasions, all ignored by Jeremy Killingray, the head of social services, who feared they were inspired by “homophobia”.  A lengthy inquiry by the NSPCC confirmed that Trotter had molested at least six children in Hackney and five in Liverpool. He was systematically preying on boys in care who were accessible and vulnerable. He should have been suspended on at least two occasions but continued to work with children. Dinah Morley, assistant social services director, mentioned her fears about Trotter in1988, yet he continued in his job until 1993, when forced to stop by his Aids-related illness. Trotter died of AIDS in July 1995, aged 34, just as police from Merseyside were on the verge of arresting him. Hackney Labour MP Brian Sedgemore made an official complaint against Demitrious Panton, a town hall employee who exposed Trotter. He threatened libel action against the Evening Standard newspaper that revealed the scandal. Trotter was active in constituency and trade union affairs and his name had been put forward as a prospective Hackney councillor.
Evening Standard, 7th, 14th, 21st January 1998.

TWITTER, the social media site is littered with evidence all the time. One user reports in Feb 2016 that she spoke to a typical victim of homosexual abuse in a council "care" home in England,

cathyfoxblog and 4 others follow
 Stuart Syvret ‏@StuartSyvret  Feb 15  [2016]
...told me how when taken into "care" he'd been repeatedly sodomised as a small vulnerable child by the abuser. He wept on my shoulder....

ULRICH, Gerrit-Jan, German homosexual and pederast murdered in 1998. Found to be running an internet child pornography business “Service Apollo” from his flat in Zandvoort, Holland. On one computer disc there were 9,000 images of children being abused. He had customers all over the world, including Warwick Spinks* and Lothar Gandolf. Ulrich, 49, had a 23-year-old male associate named Robbie Van Der Planken, who started working in the boy brothels of Amsterdam at the age of 12. Ulrich paid him to spend two nights per week at his flat. Fearing investigation on porn charges, Ulrich fled to Italy where he tried to shake off Van Der Planken. The younger man, distraught, killed Ulrich. Police had files on him going back to 1992, when they raided a homosexual party in Waalre and found men watching child pornography videos and “engaging in sex with minors”. Van Der Planken, then aged 16, was there, with Lothar Gandolf and a certain "Norbert DR" from Temse. Norbert DR was a collector of child pornography who had made several short porn films with underage boys on the Portuguese island of Madeira in 1991.

ULRICHS, Karl Heinrich (1825-1895). German homosexual and activist. He became homosexual after being seduced at the age of fourteen by a riding instructor. He put forward the theory that homosexuals had a “female soul in a male body” or vice versa, an absurd theory that is still dredged up by transsexuals who claim that they have been “born in the wrong body”. He also coined the word Uranians for homosexuals, a term that has not really caught on, as it might give people the impression that homosexuals were interested in Uranus.

UPTON, Henry (1917-1957) son and heir of Viscount Templetown. Homosexual paedophile, public schoolboy, friend and bedpal of Jeremy Thorpe*. Sent into Indian army during WWII, Upton was dismissed for indecent acts with 40 of his soldiers. He then became PT instructor at a school where he was again dismissed under a cloud for molesting boys. In 1951 he returned to England and his parents gave him £1,500 on condition that he emigrated to Australia. He went to Perth where after a very few years he was convicted of paedophile charges against various boys and spent some time in prison. Released in 1954, he got Thorpe to intercede with his parents, and obtain him a settlement of £16,000. But in two years he had squandered it all. In Poona he lived with a “harem” of Anglo-Indian boys, had a large collection of whips and boasted that he had been admitted to the murderous “Thugee” cult (whose name gives our language the word “thug”). When the money was all gone Upton took a job in a prep school, where he once more got in trouble for pederast offences. The boys must have been under 13, which is the usual maximum age for prep schools. Thorpe, who was a barrister, tried to get the newspapers to refrain from mentioning it, but the scandal was duly reported. In 1957 Upton vanished on a boating holiday on the south coast. His boat ran aground near Chichester in West Sussex, and his body was never found. Murder has been suggested but suicide seems the most likely explanation.  
Michael Bloch, Jeremy Thorpe (Little, Brown, London 2014).

VAHEY, William, teacher at private school in London who drugged and molested ninety boys aged 12-14 over a period of 4 years. Vahey was an American citizen who taught at the Southbank International School in London until 2008. His crimes were investigated by the FBI who issued the information in April 2014. Vahey committed suicide aged 64 in Minnesota in March 2014 after being informed by the FBI that they had got a warrant to search a USB stick on which he stored details of his activities.
Vahey worked as a history and geography teacher at SIS from 2009 until 2013. He was employed by nine other international schools from 1972 and US authorities fear he may have abused many other boys all over the world. The USB drive shows he had at least 90 victims since 2008 alone, and as he appears to have drugged them with sleeping pills, most do not even know what happened to them. Vahey was a homosexual and had no interest in girls.
According to the FBI search warrant, Vahey’s crimes were only discovered last month while he was teaching at the American Nicaraguan School in Managua, which hired him after he left SIS. A maid employed to clean his apartment stole the USB stick and gave it to the school after discovering it contained explicit images of teenage boys, arranged under folders entitled “Panama Trip”, “Costa Rica Trip” and “Basketball Trip”.
When an employee at the school reviewed the contents of the drive and confronted Vahey about the images, he told them: “I was molested as a boy, that is why I do this. I have been doing this my whole life.” He confessed he had preyed on boys his entire life, giving them sleeping pills prior to the molestation.
Vahey led school trips to destinations including Jordan, Venezuela and Nepal and this gave him ideal access to young boys. Lists of participating pupils have been passed to the Metropolitan Police, with parents asked to come forward if their children “recall any disturbing incident”.
Vahey was convicted in 1969 for child molestation in California yet still got a series of jobs teaching young boys after that. One of Vahey’s former students claimed three of his pupils had committed suicide after being molested by him. The woman, called Alicia, was taught by Vahey in Saudi Arabia in the 1980s.She said she did not have any suspicions about Vahey at the time but heard rumours about him after she had left school. She told Sky News:  “That was the rumour: that Bill Vahey molested children and that ultimately three children had committed suicide as a result.”

VANMEERBEEK, Bernard, Belgian homosexual paedophile first investigated in relation to CRIES* in 1987 and put on probation. In 1999 he was convicted of raping four boys aged 10-11. He befriended their parents and invited the boys for weekend trips and holidays, where he then molested them and took photographs described by police as sado-masochistic. Friend of Michel Felu.

VAN DEN BOSSCHE, Marc, Belgian homosexual paedophile scout master. He used his  position to rape two brothers aged 14 and 16, whose father regularly entrusted them to Van den Bossche. Scandalously, the Belgian court ruled that they were “able to manifest their consent” although they were under the legal age. This verdict was completely illegal but indicates the amount of power and influence that homosexuals and paedophiles have in Belgium. Van den Bossche even received a pardon in 1993, which is odd if he was never guilty. In 1998 police found ten thousand paedo-pornographic images on Van den Bossche’s computer. The Brazilian police demanded his extradition from Belgium in 2010 on charges of raping 13 boys between 2002 and 2006. He is now known to have raped five boys in Poland and five others in Belgium during the 1980s and 90s

VANGHELUWE, Roger, RC Bishop of Bruges, sexually molested his own nephew for thirteen years. The nephew complained to Cardinal Godfried Danneels, who was recorded saying on the telephone that it was better to cover the whole matter up. He advised the victim to accept a private apology, not “drag the bishop’s name through the mud”. The victim responded, “He has dragged my whole life through the mud, from five until 18 years old,” and asked, “Why do you feel sorry for him and not for me?”  The tape was sent to the newspapers and Vangheluwe eventually admitted to molesting two nephews. However the time limit under Belgian law had expired and he could not be prosecuted.

VERMILYE, (Rev.) Claudius Ira [Bud] Jr., 47, operated a home for wayward boys in Winchester, Tennessee USA. Vermilye was arrested in 1977 on charges that his Boys Farm, Inc., which had been partly financed with state and county funds, was a front for child pornography and sexual abuse. Vermilye faced 16 charges, including 3 counts of crimes against nature, 8 of aiding and abetting crimes against nature, 4 counts of contributing to the delinquency of minors, and one of using minors in the production of pornographic materials. Tennessee Atty. Gen. J. William Pope said Vermilye, divorced and the father of five sons, showed obscene movies to the boys to arouse them sexually and gave them liquor to overcome their inhibitions. Then he encouraged them to engage in orgies, and filmed the orgies with a hidden camera, Pope said. He said some of the films were sold to "sponsors" to raise money and some of the sponsors came to the farm to have sex with the boys. Police seized a list of more than 270 "active sponsors'' of the farm".

VERVLOESEM, Marcel, Dutch homosexual convicted for paedophile crimes against boys in 1979, 1982, 1985 and 1986.  In 1998, he was found in possession of a CD-ROM containing thousands of images of serious child pornography. He claimed that he had been given it in the course of investigating paedophiles in order to expose them. He made allegations about a paedophile ring and tried to get credit for unmasking it. In 2008 police charged him with fraud as well as child molestation and distributing obscene images of children. Convicted, he was sentenced to four years in prison, but was released after two years only to be convicted again in 2012, this time of the sexual assault of his own nephew. The Dutch court freed him, merely banning him from further contact with minors.

VIDAL, Gore, (1925-2012) American homosexual novelist regarded as a radical hero by the left. Boorish, thick-skinned, arrogant and a lifelong sexual boaster, Vidal explained his world-view to an interviewer, “The difference between Italian boys and American boys, is the Italian boys have dirty feet and clean assholes, while American boys have clean feet and dirty assholes.” Vidal was a founder and financial donor to the Boston/Boise group that later became NAMBLA*. He appeared at NAMBLA fundraising events and he appeared as a defence witness for various NAMBLA members who were prosecuted for pederasty in the 1970s. Later, Vidal moved to a villa in Ravello in Italy, where the ages of consent for homosexuality and prostitution are among the lowest in Europe, and took annual holidays in Thailand, a notorious pederast’s haven.
His half-sister Nina Straight, told his biographer Tim Teeman that Vidal was a paedophile who preyed on underage boys and that this was the reason he took yearly holidays in Bankok. This is confirmed by his nephew, the actor and director Burr Steers, who was very close to Vidal and says the writer was afraid that secrets about his paedophile activities would come out.
Steers said Vidal was "terrified that conservative columnist William F. Buckley had evidence that Mr. Vidal had sex with underage boys" — or as Straight put it, "Jerry Sandusky acts." Vidal spent a lot of time and money on litigation against Buckley for libel and this was a long-running feud.
When discussing the case of Roman Polanski, the film director who faced criminal charges for sex with various underage girls, Vidal in a 2009 Atlantic interview expressed indifference to age of consent issues and referred to Polanski’s 13-year-old victim Samantha Geimer, who was drugged and raped, as a "young hooker".

JOHN MERONEY OCT 28 2009, 4:37 PM ET
Interviewer In September, director Roman Polanski was arrested in Switzerland for leaving the U.S. in 1978 before being sentenced to prison for raping a 13-year-old girl at Jack Nicholson’s house in Hollywood. During the time of the original incident, you were working in the industry, and you and Polanski had a common friend in theater critic and producer Kenneth Tynan. So what’s your take on Polanski, this many years later?
Vidal. I really don’t give a fuck. Look, am I going to sit and weep every time a young hooker feels as though she’s been taken advantage of?

Buckley’s son confirmed that Buckley had kept a filing cabinet full of evidence about Vidal’s illegal activities, but he had destroyed it after Buckley’s death. 
According to his relatives, Vidal spent a lot of his immense fortune on legal fees to conceal his guilty secret. This came as a shock to those who thought Vidal had spent most of his money on his chronic alcohol addiction and his generous patronage of young male prostitutes brought to his house daily by his secretary. Speaking to Tim Teeman, who wrote a book about Vidal’s sex-life, his sister compared Vidal to Jerry Sandusky, the notorious sports coach paedophile. Vidal spent $1 million on legal costs to keep Buckley from revealing details of his dealings with underage boys.  Mr Steers, an actor and film director, said: ‘I know Buckley had a file on him that Gore feared. Buckley had something over him. It would make sense if that material was about him having underage sex.’
And he added, pointedly: ‘Gore spent a lot of time in Bangkok, after all.’ The Thai capital is infamous for child prostitution and Gore would visit every year. Friends say he had sex there with young male prostitutes.
Mr Steers said Gore appeared to condone child abuse perpetrated by Catholic priests: ‘He would say that the young guys involved were hustlers who were sending signals.’
He added that when Vidal’s half-brother, Jamie Auchinloss, was caught with child pornography, ‘Gore would not condemn him’.
In the Seventies, Vidal even spoke out in support of paedophiles who formed a notorious group set up to campaign for legalised sex between adults and children called NAMBLA, the North-American Man/Boy Love Association.
Yesterday, the organisation - which still lobbies to abolish the age of consent - refused to say what connection Gore had with it. One of his friends admitted he was astonished when Vidal once told him: ‘You know I’m a pederast.’
Vidal had an even darker side, his half-sister told Teeman. In 1957, he and a group of men, including the British poet Stephen Spender, beat up a male prostitute under a bridge. Burr Steers says the incident - which has never been reported - happened in England. This corroborates what we know about most so-called “gay-bashing” (when it is not a fiction) being done by “gays” themselves.  In 2012, several years after William Buckley’s death, his son, Christopher, said he had thrown away the file his father kept on Vidal.
Vidal lived with a male partner, Howard Austen, but this relationship was like most homosexual partnerships, a matter of convenient house-sharing by two promiscuous people.
A photograph of him meeting President Kennedy reveals that Vidal had difficulty doing up the buttons of his jacket correctly.

Tim Teeman, In Bed With Gore Vidal: Hustlers, Hollywood and the Private World of an American Master, (2013).

VUILLAUME, Jean-Manuel, French film director, lecturer in video technology at Paris VIII, homosexual and paedophile. Member of CRIES*. Associated with neo-Nazi political groups. Convicted in 1997 of using underage boys to make pornographic films in Colombia, where he was running a boy-brothel in Bogota. The videos were imported into Europe by, among others, Michel Caignet.* Vuillaume was sentenced to three years in prison, served about half of it, and has succeeded in getting most information about himself removed from the internet under new European data protection laws.
« Trois ans de prison pour l’organisateur du réseau » [archive], dans L'Humanité, 10 septembre 1997.

WAKELY, Roger, Former Church of England vicar and teacher, gaoled in 2015 for molesting boys over over a period of 30 years. 
Wakely, aged 73, former chaplain at the Bishop Wand Church of England School in Sunbury and former Rector of Gaulby in the Leicester diocese, retired in 1995 and later moved to the Exeter diocese.
Recorder Tom Nicholson-Pratt told Guildford Crown Court that Wakely had "absolutely no regard for the wellbeing" of the boys he abused. Wakely was sentenced on 27 counts of various sexual offences, including two counts of attempted buggery, between 1965 and 1982. His victims were four boys aged from 11 to 15. He pleaded guilty to seven of those counts before the start of a trial and the jury found him unanimously guilty on the remaining charges..
Two of Wakely's victims were abused when he was serving as a teacher at Ealing Grammar School. One was abused by Wakely at school and also in his marital home during his time at Gaulby.
One survivor from his time at the Sunbury school said his education, religious faith, personal life and marriage had all been affected. Another struggled to cope with the memory of the abuse.
Wakely offered them money, fish and chips and gave one boy an Airfix modelling kit to "keep them quiet". He was arrested in February 2014 after one survivor from Bishop Want went to the police.

WARREN, Gary Lynn of  Jefferson County,Alabama, USA aged 58, charged in September 2015 with sex crimes involving two young boys. Sheriff's officials said the case involves two male victims under the age of 12. The incidents happened in the spring of 2013, but the children didn't tell anyone for a year. In 2014, they confided in a caregiver that they had been abused by Warren.
Sheriff's deputies launched an investigation, and presented their findings to the grand jury which returned indictments.
Warren is charged with two counts of sodomy of a child under the age of 12. He was booked into the county jail, and has since been released after posting $60,000 bond.

WATERS, Terrence. Former prep school teacher. Closely linked to several PIE* members including Andrew Sadler – adopted the alias “James Opphindaler”. The name contains an anagram of the word “paedophile”. In 1994 Waters was sentenced to ten years for the sexual abuse of a 10 year old boy and possessing child abuse images. In 2011 convicted for more sexual abuse against children at Allen House School (a boys -only establishment).

WATHEY, see Faunch and Fostering scandal.

WATKINS, David, 49, was arrested for molesting boy scouts on Nov. 28 in Charlottesville, Virginia., USA, where he works as CEO of Watkins Computer Services. Watkins founded Keswick Scout Troop 1028 in 2002 and was its scoutmaster until 2008.

WEBB, David.  Convicted 2012 of repeatedly molesting boys in Yatton Keynell near Swindon, South England. Aged 68 he had a series of convictions for this over a period of twenty years, relating to victims aged as young as 10. Married. Wife continued to deny all the charges and insisted that the dozen or so boys involved were all lying.

WEBBER, Ross, one of the Stonewall Scottish homosexual pederast ring convicted in 2009.  Webber, a bank worker from North Berwick in East Lothian, was found guilty of five charges. The 27-year-old had 188 indecent images on his computer.
He was arrested on 5 January 2008 after computer checks found he had received child pornography from James Rennie*. Two computers and CDs were recovered from his home. He was convicted of conspiring to meet Milligan*, Strachan*, Rennie* and Boath* to sexually abuse a child, and of possessing, taking and distributing indecent photos of children.

WEBER, Jean-Claude. Film-maker, homosexual and paedophile. Member of Mouvement pour la libération des pedophiles (Movement for Paedophile Liberation), was gaoled in Belgium in 1982 for child abuse. Worked for CRIES* and was convicted.* In 1988 he was convicted again in Montpellier for sexually molesting boys. The father of one of the boys was charged with collusion.

WEEKS, Jeffrey, Emeritus Professor of Sociology and University Director of Research at South Bank University, London. Homosexual, who has been a member of Gay Liberation Front  and of Gay Left collective.  He used to write articles for Gay News. Has published a series of books on sexuality and the sexual revolution, which take an ultra-liberal, permissive view and discuss both PAL* and PIE* without mentioning any of their members’ convictions for serious child molestation crimes. He argues that the age of consent for the UK should be 12, 14 or 15, as it is in various other places in the world. “In the late nineteenth century paedophilia was lauded by some for its pedagogic possibilities – the so-called Greek love justification: in the passage from childhood dependence to adult responsibility, guidance, sexual and moral, of a caring man can be invaluable, it was argued. It was further legitimated in the twentieth century by the supposed facts of childhood sexuality: sexology itself has revealed the wide extent of childhood sexual potentiality including the existence of infantile masturbation. If something is so natural, and omnipresent, should it be as rigidly controlled as childhood sexuality, is today? And again, if it is natural, then surely it cannot be harmful even if it takes place with adults.”  It is hard to believe that anyone could write anything so completely crass, but there it is. You have to be a homosexual Professor of Sociology to be so out of touch with reality.
Jeffrey Weeks, Sexuality, third edition (London & New York: Routledge, 2010; first edition 1986).

Wheatley, Kenneth , see Kesgrave Hall

WEISS, Martin, manager of a Hollywood agency for child actors. In November 2011 a former client, a young man then aged twenty, brought charges against him for persistent sexual abuse carried out when the victim was aged 10-12. He estimated that there had been around 30-40 incidents. Police investigated and found there were many other complaints to pursue. Weiss pleased no contest to only two charges, and by means of a plea bargain got all the rest dropped, and a sentence of only one year in goal. He was released immediately after the hearing in June 2012 as he had already been detained for six months, got the rest suspended and was placed under probation. Many questions were asked about why he got such a lenient sentence, and whether rich and powerful friends in "gay"-dominated (that is to say vice-dominated) Hollywood had pulled strings for him.
Youth Talent Manager Weiss Pleads No Contest, Sentenced In Molestation Case
by The Deadline Team June 1, 2012 1:58pm                                                                       
Martin Weiss is the Hollywood talent manager whose company repped child actors that had landed roles on such series as Nickelodeon’s iCarly and Disney’s Good Luck Charlie as well as on network shows and movies. Today in Van Nuys, CA he pleaded no contest during a pretrial hearing to two charges of oral copulation with a child under the age of 14. He was sentenced to a year in jail and five years probation; the sentence was suspended for time served, and he will be released today. Weiss must register as a sex offender and enter a treatment program. and he is not permitted to be in the presence of anyone under 18 without another adult present. Weiss was arrested last November after the victim and former client told police in an affidavit he was sexually assaulted by Weiss 30-40 times over a three-year period when the boy was 11 or 12 years old. Police searched his apartment at the time of Weiss’ arrest and set bail at triple the normal amount because they suspected there could be more victims. Weiss dissolved his company soon after. See also Corey Feldman.*

WESOLOWSKI, Jozef, Catholic Archbishop, found dead in October 2015 on the eve of  his trial for molesting boys. The former Vatican ambassador faced charges of paying boys for sexual acts, downloading and buying paedophile material, and offending Christian morality, in the first trial of its kind held by the Vatican against a high-ranking Catholic official. Wesolowski, aged 67, appeared to have died of natural causes, the Vatican said in a statement. He was found dead in his rooms in the papal state, where he had been under arrest since September. Wesolowski fell ill in July and was taken to hospital the day before his trial. Wesolowski, who was Polish, served as Vatican ambassador in Santo Domingo for five years. He was recalled to Rome by the Vatican in 2013 and stripped of his duties after Dominican media said he paid boys to perform sexual acts, leading to a police investigation.

WHITMAN, Walt (1819-1892), American prose-poet, author of eccentric and ego-centric effusions entitled Leaves of Grass. Homosexual (possibly bisexual), at the age of 55, he shacked up with a 15-year-old boy named Bill Duckett, moving him into his house in Camden, New Jersey, ostensibly as a lodger. However there was no doubt that their relationship was more intimate than that, and Whitman had a photograph taken of the two of them which bizarrely resembles a wedding photograph. He is seated at the front, with his long, grey beard, and the boy stands beside him.

WHITTINGTON, Ernest, caretaker for Brent Council in London, aged 64 when he was convicted in 1989 of being involved in the boy-prostitution racket of Colin Peters and Co.*  The gang ''lured boys as young as 10 into prostitution'' over a 5 yr period (around 1983 - 1987). As a result of this case, Esther Rantzen set up ChildLine.
Daily Mirror, February 4th 1989.

WILDE, Oscar, (1854-1990) Anglo-Irish writer, homosexual and pederast. He once said, "Little boys should be  obscene and not heard". Wilde was gaoled for two years in 1895 for homosexual offences and is claimed by LGBT historians as a “gay” martyr but this is far from the truth. Wilde was always pre-occupied with desire for boys. His poem “A Lily-Boy” whose title was later changed to “A Lily-Girl” displays this tendency. Wilde seems to have had relationship with a choirboy at Oxford University, while he was a postgraduate in his early twenties, and wrote a poem with the title Choir Boy. Another untitled poem written in 1876 when he was 22 also concerns an erotic encounter with a young boy.
And there came one with eyes of fire,
 And a throat as a singing dove,
And he looked on me with desire,
And I know that his name was Love.
See what I found in the street,
A man child lusty and fair.
With little white limbs, little feet,
And a glory of golden hair.

He learnt this taste from his study of Greek poets at university and never lost it. He and Lord Alfred Douglas* shared and swopped rent-boys in London and made several trips to North Africa and Paris to search out more, with less risk. They mixed in a network of homosexual men such as André Gide* with the same tastes and practices. Wilde callously exploited penniless teenagers who had no better way of earning money. Wilde described his encounters with working-class boys in a snobbish, condescending way, saying they were “all body and no soul” and he felt he was “feasting with panthers” i.e. a lower animal. Wilde would never have been gaoled had he not been persuaded by Douglas to bring a quite dishonest libel action against the latter’s father Lord Queensberry. Douglas hated his father and imagined he could get revenge by extracting financial damages from him for libel. To this end he persuaded Wilde to tell a pack of lies in court. Wilde’s infatuation with Douglas was his downfall. They greatly underrated the intelligence of both Queensberry and the London police. After Wilde’s gross perjury was exposed, the police and courts had no option but to follow up with a prosecution. During the libel trial, police found thirteen cases of Oscar having homosexual relations with boys. Even the pageboy at the Savoy Hotel was on the list. After his conviction, the judges and the police waited 24 hours before arresting him, to give him plenty of time to escape to Paris, as convicted homosexuals usually did. But Wilde stupidly did not go. He did not really understand what prison was like or how unpleasant it would be for a member of the upper classes. After his release, Wilde wrote De Profundis, a letter to Douglas in which he describes Douglas’s cruelty, selfishness, callousness and shallowness, with regret and amazement at his own infatuation. The 1995 film about Oscar Wilde, starring Stephen Fry*, omitted any reference to his taste for boys, in order to give the false impression that he was a victim and a martyr.
Richard Ellman, Oscar Wilde.(Random House, 1989).
Neil McKenna. The Secret Life of Oscar Wilde, Random House, 2011, page 9 etc
Julie Anne Taddeo, Lytton Strachey and the Search for Modern Sexual Identity: The Last Eminent Victorian (Routledge, 2002).
Complete Works of Oscar Wilde.

WILLIAMS, Alan, “The Welsh Witch”, homosexual pederast and child pornographer active in Wales, Bristol and Amsterdam. Known to assault and FG boys as young as six years old, Williams became a homosexual rapist when he was only 14 himself  - a good example of why the law should not make exceptions for cases where both partners are under the age of consent. He joined a gang of adult homosexuals in Caerphilly, who raped boys aged 6-16, using a mixture of violence, threats, alcohol and drugs to make them malleable. Accomplices included “Fat Tony” Stevens* and John Gay.* Victims were brutally gang-raped, swapped between gang members, and put to work as rent-boys. One of his victims was named Paul Conibeer, a 13-year-old boy in care, who told police how Williams, with his friends Lee Tucker and John Gay, b-gg-red him and passed him around their friends. Boys were terrorized, many for years on end, and a police officer who investigated the crimes said, “You would not believe the [psychological] damage that stays with these victims.” Williams boasted of having killed some of his victims. He escaped from British detectives and fled to Amsterdam* in 1997. The following year, he set up BoysClub21, a “gay” bar where underaged rent-boys were available and advertised to tourists. It flourished for ten years. He never faced charges, because he died of AIDS and heroin before police could catch up with him.
See also Amsterdam.

WILLIAMS, Demetrius Deon, aged 37, of Jefferson County, Alabama, USA, was arrested by Bessemer police in August 2015 charged with aggravated child abuse with serious injury, four counts of first-degree sodomy, two counts of first-degree rape and two counts of rape by force.
Chief Assistant District Attorney Bill Veitch confirmed there were two victims, both under the age of 12. Veitch said Williams also threatened to kill the victims. "We are taking those threats seriously and that's why his bond is so high,'' Veitch said.
The case is set for a preliminary hearing later this month.

WILLIAMS, Gareth, deputy headmaster in Wales convicted of using a hidden camera to film boys in the showers and toilets of his school. Williams, aged 47, taught at Glantaf Welsh-language high school in Cardiff. In May 2014 he was convicted of filming 31 boys aged between 11 and 16 using a tiny secret camera. He would download the video later to his own computer. Police found 16,000 more indecent images of children on the computer and on memory sticks in his possession. Gaoled for five years, he will probably be out after 18 months. Williams shares this taste with other celebrated homosexuals including the Spanish writer Lorca.*
WILLIAMS, Tennessee (born Tom, 1911-1983). American playwright from New Orleans, he was a homosexual who had various relationships with adults but was a secret pederast. He travelled widely in Europe and Mexico, undoubtedly used prostitutes, and from time to time would proposition teenage boys he liked the look of. In his Memoirs published in 1975, he offered advice on sex with “hustlers”, recommending that 'penetration be avoided' as 'they are most probably all infected with clap in the ass'. This puts him in the forefront of modern sex-educators. He also once said that he found public displays of “gay lib ... so vulgar they defeat their purpose”. A man of taste and discernment, then.
Williams’ friend the writer Edward Albee revealed that Williams was a pederast. A critic writes, “Williams's scandalous desire for boys was naturally kept outside of the official written texts (newspapers, interviews, and biographies) of Williams's era. Though it was kept out of the official record, it was apparently no secret that Tennessee Williams enjoyed the company of underage male companions. Robert Wallace remarks that "Tennessee Williams's attraction to adolescent boys,[was] a 'compulsion' reputed to have contributed to his despair and demise" (Wallace 22). Additionally, the playwright Edward Albee, who visited with Williams towards the end of his life, glibly comments on the issue: "he came out to Montauk several times and took a room, a couple of rooms in a place up beyond the town. And he usually brought some pretty boy -- usually some nice young kid -- unfortunately, he would beat up on him. Tennessee was something of a sadist, but he would swim in my pool, for hours at a time. He loved swimming" (Crespy 219). One wonders if Albee's hasty transition to Williams's love of swimming is a marker of his own discomfort with the subject. Did Edward Albee, as a gay man himself, feel any regret at admitting Williams's transgressive sexual behaviors? Though such speculations on Albee are ultimately outside the scope of this study, I doubt that the seasoned playwright harbored such feelings of guilt. Yet, the question does remain relevant to other playwrights, such as Gilbert and Scheffer, who seek to capitalize on and personify Tennessee Williams's homosexuality. What is most interesting about Gilbert's merger of story and text is that he retains the original age of the boy Williams sought to seduce. The only description for Jamie Angell given in the cast list is that he is fifteen. In keeping this detail of the original story, Sky Gilbert is actively courting controversy. Specifically, he risks appearing to normalize Tennessee Williams's desire for underage boys. In the standard or received historical narrative of homosexuality in the United States, gay men are often grouped with pedophiles and "perverts" with "twisted desires." In making this choice, Gilbert risks personifying his vision of Tennessee Williams as a pedophile instead of a distinctly queer artist. Though Gilbert's tale ultimately does not end with Williams having intercourse with Jamie, Gilbert still must address the transgressive behavior suggested if the persona of Williams as queer artist is to be retained.”
His play “Suddenly Last Summer” features a young American poet Sebastian Venables, who takes a seaside holiday somewhere in the Mediterranean  - well-known playground for pederasts - where he is murdered by a pack of starving street-boys. After he has had some dealings with them, the naked boys from the beach pursue him to his hotel and shout ugly names at him  - suggesting perversion. Finally they devour him. The horror story surely reflects Williams’ mixed feelings of temptation and guilt as he encountered the available street-boys in Mexico, Europe or even in New Orleans. Williams is said to have gone on holidays with Gore Vidal, both looking for boys, but unlike Vidal, Williams was at least aware of the exploitative side of what he was doing, as a rich foreigner taking advantage of those who were homeless and hungry. Williams died of a combination of drug-abuse and alcoholism.
Jeffrey LaRocque, The Fragmented Artist, Representations of Tennessee Williams in Biographical Solo-Performance. A Thesis Submitted to the Graduate College of Bowling Green State University in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Arts, August 2010. Quotation is from Chapter Two, 44-45.
Sky Gilbert, My Night With Tennessee.

WILLIAMS, Walter Lee, a Professor of Gender Studies at the University of Southern California, and described as an eminent member of the Californian LGBT community, was arrested by the Mexican police in June 2013 and charged with paedophile offences.

He was in a locality south of Cancun, where he was engaged in illegal activities with under-age boys.
Williams is the author of several books promoting homosexuality, including Overcoming Heterosexism and Homophobia, and Gay and Lesbian Rights in the United States.
His personal website hints how he has travelled to many parts of the world, including Thailand and the Philippines, in search of boys to molest. He has been for some time under investigation by the FBI in relation to more than ten charges of this kind. The charges include molesting at least ten boys in the Philippines, making and distributing child pornography, and sexually harassing his students and others he met for the purpose of conducting his “gender studies research”.
Walter Lee Williams, the former professor who was nabbed in Mexico after spending one day on the FBI's Most Wanted list, is expected to make his first court appearance in Los Angeles on Thursday, authorities said.
Williams, 64, who is accused of engaging in sex acts via webcam and in person with underage boys in the Philippines, was arrested in the Mexican resort town of Playa del Carmen on Tuesday after a local resident saw his picture in the media and alerted authorities, said Bill Lewis, assistant director in charge of the FBI's Los Angeles field office.
"We believe there are other victims who have suffered by this man's actions and we need to talk with them," he said.
Williams is charged with one count of producing child pornography, one count of traveling for the purpose of engaging in illicit sexual conduct with a minor, and two counts of engaging in illicit sexual conduct in foreign places, according to a statement from the Department of Justice.
According to officials, Williams met the underage boys online and engaged in sex acts with each of them over a webcam. In January 2011, he traveled to the country where he allegedly had sex with the boys and "produced sexually explicit photos" of one of them, according to the DOJ.
"I analyzed the computers and the camera that belong to Williams and found child pornography," Jeff Yesensky, FBI special agent, said in a video posted online Monday to bring awareness to the case.
"Because of his status, he has the means and access to children, and that's what makes him dangerous," Yesensky said. "He preys on the most vulnerable children."
Williams researched in the field of gender development at USC, which gave him easy access to his victims, mainly teenage boys in developing countries, the FBI said.
Agents believe he had resided in Indonesia, Polynesia and Thailand, but also may have traveled to Mexico and Peru.
An FBI agent reported finding child pornography on a computer and in a video camera belonging to Williams.

WILSON, Chris, an openly homosexual police officer in Phoenix, Arizona USA, who was arrested more than a year ago and is now in jail awaiting trial for his role in the Laieski* boy-sex-abuse scandal.

WILSON, David, head teacher of a school in Fife, Scotland, found to be a member of the Stonewall Scottish paedophile network exposed in Operation Algebra*. Wilson was discovered because he was exchanging e-mails with Milligan*, one of the groups’s leaders. He was convicted in 2009, given two years in prison and sacked from his job.
A former head teacher of a Fife school who admitted downloading almost 3,000 indecent images of children has been jailed for two years. He will also spend two years under supervision after his release. Wilson, 48, from Paisley, was head teacher at Auchmuty High School in Glenrothes at the time of the offences.
He was detected as part of the Operation Algebra* investigation, which has led to the arrest of about 200 suspected paedophiles around the world.
Wilson was sentenced at the High Court in Edinburgh. Last month at the High Court in Glasgow he pleaded guilty to possessing and downloading the images of children between 2004 and 2008. He was suspended from his post in February 2009.”

WILSON, Peter Lambourn/Lamborn (pseudonym Hakim Bey, born 1945) American anarchist writer, homosexual, advocate of violence, crime and pederasty. He has falsely claimed to have studed at Columbia University, where another person called Peter L. Wilson did graduate. Bey spent seven years in Iran and converted to Islam. He has written pro-paedophile articles for the Bulletin of NAMBLA*. For this he has also received criticism from other anarchists. Some of his poems have been published in Ganymede*, a homosexual-pederastic magazine. One of them describes ogling a naked small boy in his bath, ridicules the concern of parents that they might “rape each other” and says, “Ohhh! for a bomb to Drop on the Idea of the Family!” This is profoundly dishonest as adults have never feared children might be the rapists. Wilson is a known associate of Francis Shelden,*who fled the USA when his criminal paedophile ring was discovered. It has been suggested that the present PLW is really another associate of Shelden, Dyer Grossman, who disappeared at the time of the North Fox Island investigation.

WINCKELMANN, Johann Joachim (1717–1768). German art historian and writer on aesthetics. Homosexual, he travelled to Italy to study classical sculpture which he found permeated with homo-eroticism. Casanova met Winckelmann and describes how in December 1760 he arrived unexpectedly at his study in Rome to find Winckelmann in a sexual act with a young boy, “un jeune garcon”. Winckelmann admitted that he was a practising pederast and a b-gger, and while living in Rome had found plenty of available boys willing to remove their trousers and bend over though they had not read Anacreon. In 1768 he was stabbed to death in Trieste by a young male prostitute he had invited into his lodgings.
George Sebastian Rousseau, Perilous Enlightenment: Pre-and Post-modern Discourses: Sexual, Historical.(Manchester University Press, 1991) p.34.

WOODALL, Raymond E, a former Scout troop leader, was convicted in 1977 of a string of homosexual offences against boys in his troop in New Orleans.
This was the notorious Boy Scout Troop 137 which later revealed links to wider porn and rentboy networks.

WRIGHT, Roland Peter. British prep school headmaster convicted of molesting 12 boys at Caldicott Manor School* in Amersham, Buckinghamshire. The offences on boys aged between eight and 13 spanned from September 1959 to August 1970. The jury heard how Wright ran the school’s rugby team and would choose a favourite child who would be given rides in his sports car.
He would also invite them to his bedsit to watch television and drink whisky. Then they would be molested.

YIANNOPOULOS, Milo, journalist working for Breitbart news, flamboyant homosexual. In 2016 he publicly admitted that he had been abused by an older man, a RC priest, when he was aged 13-15. He also said that such relationships were extremely common in the "gay community" and asserted that they were a source of love, support and sympathy for the young boys. He was then pilloried for defending CSA by the  media and forced to resign from Breitbart, thus indicating the dangers of falling between two conflicting ideological positions.

YOUNG, Rhys, openly homosexual Theatre director, Rhys Young who once worked for the Wharf Theatre in Devizes (which is a member of Sir Ian McKellen*'s Little Theatre Guild) was jailed in 2008 for having relations with a 15-year-old boy. He was also jailed for a similar offence dating back to 1996. [31]

YOUNG GAY AMERICA, internet magazine that runs regular articles complaining that the age of consent for homosexual acts is too high and needs to be reduced or abolished. According to an article it ran in 2001, age of consent laws “are just one of the countless ways we discriminate against gay people and treat teenagers like second-class citizens”. The author, Michael Glatze, then a fatherless teenage boy living with two older homosexual men in a threesome, is no longer an LGBT activist. In his late twenties he became a Christian and moved away from homosexuality. He temporarily became a Mormon but has now left that church. His views on the age of consent and on homosexuality itself have changed radically. After some years, and training as a teacher, Glatze has married. His former friends in LGBT activist circles hate him.
A movie titled Michael based on his life starring James Franco is in production in 2014.

ZWICK, Jason, homosexual convicted in Ohio 2013 of raping three boys aged 9-12.
Zwick, Zwick, 29 of Beavercreek, paid money to Kenneth Brandt* of Troy, Ohio, in exchange for being allowed to rape Brandt’s adoptive children.  Zwick did not contest the charges when he appeared in court in Miami County in July 2013. He got ten years.

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