Thursday, 18 July 2013

Council Supports French Mayor Against Same-Sex "Marriage"

Xavier Lemoine is one of more than fifty elected mayors in France who have refused to perform same-sex "marriages" on the grounds that it is against their moral conscience.
M Lemoine, who is the mayor of Montfermeil in the Eastern suburbs of Paris, has brought a plea to his local municipal council asking them to uphold his constitutional right not to be forced to violate his beliefs.

According to the préambule to the French Constitution of 1946, "nobody may be discriminated against in their work on account of their origins, opinions or beliefs." The new constitution of 23rd November 1977 upheld liberty of conscience as a legal right and so does Article 9 of the European Convention on Human Rights.
The council voted 26 to 4 in favour of M Lemoine. The decision now has to be approved by a higher official, known as a Prefect.
Please support Xavier Lemoine by signing this petition in favour of the freedom of conscience of French Mayors.

Montfermeil is famous as the location of Thenardier's inn in Les Miserables. If this council decision is upheld it could be famous for something else too!

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