Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Homosexual "marriage" Leads to Shameful Human Trafficking

Brave New World? Hardly.
The laws on same-sex "marriage" and adoption have created a sordid market in babies, where the child is sold to the highest bidder. It is not in any way melodramatic to compare this to slave-auctions.
A 34-year-old woman in Vendome, central France agreed with a male homosexual couple to give birth to a child for one of them. She was not a "surrogate mother" because the egg was her own. She agreed to SELL her own child for 15,000 euros and give it for adoption to two strange (very strange) men. They paid her a deposit of 9,000 euros.
After becoming pregnant by IVF, she gave birth to a little girl and decided to sell it to another couple, who paid her 15,000 euros. She told the first couple that the baby had died.
Subsequently, she got pregnant again and offered the second baby to the homosexual couple. They seem to have discovered from the clinic at Blois that the first child was not dead, and opened a court case against her for breach of contract.
But can the court enforce a contract that is in itself illegal, despicable and corrupt? To buy and sell children, your own or anybody else's, is against the laws on slavery and human trafficking And it should and must remain so always, everywhere. Queers seem to think they are above the law.
They deserve no sympathy, as those who make an immoral contract cannot complain when the contract is broken. Those whose own dealings are unethical cannot expect ethical behaviour from other people.

The LGBT movement has undermined morality and labelled it "bigotry". It has attacked and ridiculed all normal standards of social and ethical behaviour applying its own stupid terms such as "homophobia" instead. So why should they expect anyone to keep the moral laws against lying and cheating? If morality is bigotry, it serves them right. 

A recent case in America exposed two homosexual men who had bought a child from its mother in Russia and adopted him then used him for systematic homosexual abuse and making pornographic films. He was aged 2-6 when this happened.

The brave new world of same-sex "marriage" is a nightmare. Everything about it is shameful.

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