Thursday, 11 July 2013

Member of European Parliament Offers to Pay Fine for Nicolas

Luca Volontè, a member of the Parliament of the Council of Europe, has publicly offered to pay the 3,000 euro fine imposed on Nicolas Bernard-Buss by the French court.
M. Volontè is a supporter of La Manif Pour Tous and made his generous offer on Twitter yesterday. He wrote "May I have the honour of paying the fine for Nicolas?"

M. Volontè, who is Italian, has a leading role in the Council of Europe as he is the chairman of the European People's Party, a coalition of centre-right political parties combining Christian Democrats with social conservatives.

Nicolas was sentenced to four months prison, two of them in solitary confinement, for opposing the same-sex marriage law. He was treated appallingly by the system throughout. He was man-handled painfully by the police, who had the cheek to accuse him of being violent towards them. This accusation had to be dropped in court after his defence counsel challenged the prosecution to say which police officer had suffered exactly what sort of violence and what signs of marks cold be seen? None were found.

La Manif Pour Tous continues its campaign unabated, placing numerous signs and banners all the way around the track of the Tour de France cycle race, thus ensuring that they get TV coverage. Some of these signs are gigantic.

Photo: Le Tour de France Pour Tous - Etape du jour Fougères Tours
passage de la Loire sur un pont mérovingien - Langeais (37)

Trust the French to do something properly.

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