Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Slanders Against French Pro-Family Movement Refuted

In Paris in early April two men, Wilfried and Olivier, were attacked by strangers in the street and one of them suffered severe face injuries.
Wilfried Brujin was quick to publish his injuries on social media where he said that he was homosexual and that he suspected he had been attacked by "homophobes" who were angry about the redefinition of marriage. Within days, this story and the picture had been copied to all the left-wing papers and websites, and LGBT magazines were circulating it with slanderous allegations that the pro-family movement was responsible.The notoriously unreliable website "Pink News" circulated the story branding the pro-family campaigners as "fascists" etc etc etc
   These allegations have now been shown to be complete lies.  The incident was a straightforward mugging. The police have identified the attackers, and it seems they had no connection at all with any pro-family movement. Their motives were not political and they did not know or care if their victims were homosexual.
This is typical of the way that the LGBT movement operates and even when their lies are exposed, they will not withdraw them or admit the truth.
At the same time, the LGBT press has made a martyr of a young thug named Clement Meric, who died after head injuries in a scuffle outside a railway station. CCTV cameras showed that Meric had been the aggressor, throwing himself on unarmed demonstrators and trying to provoke a fight. It was proved after his death that not only had he gone to the demonstration armed but he had been admitted to hospital one month earlier for injuries in another street battle!

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