Monday, 1 July 2013

Happy Birthday Nicolas Bernard-Buss - We are thinking of you!

Today is the birthday of Nicolas Bernard-Buss the pro-marriage campaigner unjustly imprisoned in France.

Cofondateur des Veilleurs, Nicolas «Berns» (à terre) ne voulait pas céder à la violence. Dans la nuit du 18 avril, aux Invalides, il avait dû être évacué par les pompiers après une charge des CRS.

Send him your wishes via this site

or write to him at
Centre pénitentiaire de Fleury-Mérogis
Maison des hommes
M. Nicolas Bernard-Buss
N° d'écrou : 404-247
7 avenue des Peupliers
91700 Fleury-Mérogis

and if you have not yet signed the petition for his release please do so:-

Heterosexual rights are human rights! Stand up for civilised values!

Update: Nicolas is getting hundreds of letters in prison. Keep them coming!

Remember: There is no such ting as "homophobia". It is a fake word made up to fool you that homosexual extremism is normal and must not be questioned.

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