Monday, 1 July 2013

Severe Repression of the Pro-Family Movement in France

This video shows the brutal reality of how the homo-extremists are now repressing the people of France:-

Scenes of police violence and horrific use of tear-gas and mass arrest of peaceful people standing up for civilized values.

French police kneel or stand over the body of an innocent young person they have forced onto the pavement, while a young woman breaking away from another policeman falls to the ground. These people were arrested coercively just for wearing the LMPT logo.

These people La Manif Pour Tous are opposing the evil Loi Taubira, which was pushed through by the Socialist government without due debate and ignoring the petitions signed by millions of voters.
Please share this video and circulate it widely as the newspapers will not tell the truth.
Luckily there are some elected representatives and officials who are condemning the regime and if the conservatives get back to power in France they can repeal the bad law.

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