Thursday, 18 July 2013

Rolland Garros is Acquitted

La Manif Pour Tous, the pro-family movement in France, achieved a victory today when Rolland Garros, a prominent member of the Hommen group, arrested for demonstrating against same-sex marriage, was acquitted and walked free from court.
Despite pressure from the government, the courts do not want to repeat the embarrassing mistake they made when they imprisoned Nicolas Bernard-Buss, who was later freed on appeal.
The Hommen, young students who often appear with bare torsos, masks and body-paint to parody the anti-social Femen group, have been publicly calling for the President to be sacked. They buzzed a Paris homosexual parade by displaying a massive banner asserting children's rights against the demands of homosexual extremists.
The police have arrested 1,400 peaceful unarmed people for taking part in La Manif Pour Tous and 600 of them have been held in cells. This is a violation of the right to demonstrate and express your political views.
Here is a petition you can sign for Hollande to be fired.

20h00 : Audience terminée. Nullité de la procédure :
Les hommen sont donc libres. 

Bravo les avocats. Ne doutons pas que les Hommen ne vont rien lâcher...


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