Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Homosexuals' Show-Off Event Falls Flat in Marseille

The hard-working tax-payers of Marseille were forced to give 100,000 euros  - yes one hundred thousand euros!  - to subsidize yet another pathetic homosexual show-off parade last weekend. Entitled "Europride" the parade was intended to be a huge party for all the LGBT exhibitionists, perverts and flashers who have not yet had enough of displaying themselves in the capital cities of Europe. The money was totally wasted.

Actualités - Marseille : lendemains pas vraiment roses pour l'Europride

The event was badly-organized, people who were involved said that the communication and management were hopeless, the "grand opening" was so under-attended and ignored by the locals that it was a complete flop, and most of the musical performances were called off because of lack of interest.
This was despite the fact that 30,000 euros were spent on publicity for the event.
When it came to the big march, the turn-out was so shabby that even the gross bad taste and hideous near-naked bodies of the homo-freaks could not persuade passers-by to stop and stare. They just pushed past and got on with their own lives.
The enormous subsidy of public money was paid out to someone who may not even exist  - he communicated under the name of "Sebastien Chenu" from a PO box address, and his identity has not been confirmed!
Stéphane Corbin, one of the committee responsible for the event, was unable to produce any financial accounts, to explain where the money had gone. An opposition member of the city council of Marseille said, "This has all been characterised by arrogance, a lack of organisation and a lack of transparency.  I regard it as a terrible waste of public money."

Bit like the whole LGBT movement, then?

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