Thursday, 11 July 2013

Sign This Petition to EU to Declare Same-Sex Marriage Illegal

This petition to the European Union urges them to recognize that the hastily-passed laws redefining marriage are an unjust attack on the rights of the child.

The legal argument is that the Loi Taubira and all same-sex marriage laws in Europe are invalid because they violate children's rights.
Children's rights are made very clear in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, together with the right of a man and woman to marry, thus defining marriage as a heterosexual union. With the introduction of same-sex marriage, homosexual couples can buy and adopt children, even having them bred for sale using IVF and surrogate mothers. These children are cheated out of their right to have a parent of each sex and to know their biological ancestry and heritage. While there are children who lose these things by misfortune and accident, it is still not fair to deprive any child of them deliberately. Two fathers do not equal a mother, nor do two mothers equal a father. To call this bogus marriage "equal marriage" is sheer gobbledy-gook.

AND HERE IS ANOTHER PETITION, this time to the French government to recognize the freedom of conscience of mayors who do not wish to perform same-sex marriages.

More and more mayors across France are refusing to carry out this demand, and saying that their freedom of conscience is protected by the Constitution.
So far it has got 62 680 signatures !

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