Friday, 28 June 2013

Council of Europe Condemns French Repression of Pro-Marriage Movement

It's official. The council of Europe has issued a condemnation of the way that the French government is using repression to silence protest against the destruction of marriage. It has decreed that French authorities are violating human rights by using tear-gas, smoke-bombs, imprisonment and random arrests to silence the huge opposition led by the organization La Manif Pour Tous.

Des manifestants de la Manif pour tous sont victimes de gaz lacrymogènes à Paris le 19 avril. La France est visée dans un texte du Conseil de l'Europe sur la répression policière des manifestations.

    The French government even tried to get the delegates of La Manif Pour Tous excluded from the chamber during the debate, another example of queer tyranny and arrogant left-wing dictatorship.
    This condemnation is a major step forward. Now we can all get behind La Manif Pour Tous and join forces with its work to preserve marriage, and defend the rights of heterosexuals and children.
The Loi Taubira is a crazy law. It abolishes the terms mother and father, husband and wife, and turns all marriages into nothing more than a "civil partnership" between two genderless people whose children only reside with them by permission of the state. It turns children into property bought and sold by homosexuals and businesses.
    Europe needs a massive new heterosexual rights movement now. Russia and Poland are ready to lead it  - we must follow their lead.

Here is a video of the hearing at the court in Strasbourg yesterday:-

If you have not yet signed the petition in favour of Nicolas Bernard-Buss, please sign it now! (See earlier post on this blog)

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