Sunday, 23 June 2013

French Family Campaigners Gassed by Police at Lyons

The demonstrators in today's impromptu protest rally to support Nicolas Bernard-Buss have been savagely gassed by police in another astonishing violation of human rights and civil rights.
The young pro-family campaigner is being held in the prison of Fleury near Lyons. The supporters of the pro-marriage movement La Manif Pour Tous staged a public protest in Lyons, the nearest large city, to show their disapproval of such treatment of a peaceful political campaign.
The police responded with even more VIOLENCE, REPRESSION and brutality.
Many senior and distinguished members of the community attended the protest. They included Patrick Louis, a city councillor and former MEP (in the picture) as well as leading members of all the professions. A father complained that his sixteen-year-old daughter was gassed. They were all peaceful and unarmed and were disgusted to be treated like terrorists.
Shame on the French government and shame on the homo-extremists who have caused this harm to society.
The mounting brutality is proof that the hated same-sex marriage law can only be imposed by violence, not by democracy. It is an attack on the family and the rights of children, that the well-educated French will not tolerate and will not allow to slip past under the radar.
In Paris and other major cities there were simultaneous demonstrations today by La Manif Pour Tous. All were attended by thousands of people, undeterred by the crackdown on Nicolas or the harsh tactics of police.

The Hollande government is now desperately unpopular. The President gets only 26% support in the opinion polls. He has kept none of his election promises, about creating jobs, but has landed the middle classes with heavy new taxes and sent the rich into tax exile. Every day there are demonstrations against his unpopular rule and the next big rally against same-sex "marriage" will be held in central Paris on 14th July.
It happens to be the anniversary of the storming of the Bastille, a reminder that bad laws and unpopular governments do not always last forever....


Or this one:-

The latter petition has already been signed by the following people:
Les premiers signataires :
Pierre ALBERTINI, député honoraire, ancien maire de Rouen, Charles BEIGBEDER, chef d’entreprise, secrétaire national de l'UMP, Jérôme BESNARD, essayiste, Véronique BESSE, député de Vendée, Gilles BOURDOULEIX, député-maire de Cholet, Béatrice BOURGE, Présidente du Collectif pour l'enfant, Christine BOUTIN, ancien ministre, Christophe BOUTIN, professeur des Universités, Xavier BRETON, député de l'Ain, Emmanuel Caldagues, adjoint au maire du Ier arrondissement de Paris, Matthieu COLOMBANI, délégué général du PCD, Alexandre CUIGNACHE, avocat, Général Bruno DARY, général de corps d'Armée (2S), Olivier DAZAT, scénariste et écrivain, Chantal DELSOL, philosophe, membre de l’Institut, Renaud DOZOUL, architecte et essayiste, Jérôme DUBUS, secrétaire national de l’UMP, Jean-Marie FAUGERE, général d’armée (2S), François-Marin FLEUTOT, historien, Falk van GAVER, essayiste, Philippe GOSSELIN, député de la Manche François GUILLAUME, ancien ministre, Jacques de GUILLEBON, essayiste, Michel HANNOUN, député honoraire, Joël HAUTEBERT, professeur des Universités, François LEBEL, maire du 8e arrondissement de Paris, Gérard LECLERC, journaliste et écrivain, Jean-François LEGARET, maire du 1er arrondissement de Paris, Geoffroy LE JEUNE, journaliste, Jean-Marie LE MENE, président de la Fondation Lejeune, Théophane LE MENE, chroniqueur, Xavier LEMOINE, maire de Montfermeil Anne-Marie LE POURHIET, professeur des Universités, Jean-François MATTEI, philosophe, Olivier MAULIN, romancier, Charles MILLON, ancien ministre, Bruno NORTH, secrétaire général du CNIP, Jean-Frédéric POISSON, député des Yvelines, Frédéric ROUVILLOIS, professeur des Universités, Guillaume de THIEULLOY, historien, Denis TILLINAC, écrivain, Philippe de VILLIERS, ancien ministre, député européen, David-Xavier WEISS, secrétaire national de l’UMP

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