Sunday, 23 June 2013

Shameful Advertisements for Child Sale Appear on Facebook

In the wake of same-sex marriage comes the shameful trade in babies and human embryos.
In the margins of Facebook, advertisements appear for "Budget Surrogacy in India  - gay-friendly!"
This sick trade means that Third World women are being exploited to breed babies as pets and accessories for rich queer couples (who are always portrayed as being young and good-looking, unlike Elton John. Naturally the people who appear in the adverts are models, not the real customers).

They blandly assure customers they can get "Caucasian egg donors" because there's no reason gays can't be racist! You can look through photographs to select your egg donor. And no wonder there are so many available. In Britain, where lesbians can get free IVF in some areas, in others the health authority will not provide any fertility treatment even for a heterosexual couple with no children at all. So normal heterosexual couples have to pay thousands of pounds for IVF and they are pressurized into "donating" [i.e. selling] an egg or two at £750 each to reduce the cost of treatment.
The destruction of the family may be big business but La Manif Pour Tous is determined that it will not be accepted in France. EVERY CHILD HAS THE RIGHT TO A MOTHER AND A FATHER.

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