Sunday, 2 June 2013

The Ugly Face of Homo-Fascism in Britain

The homo-fascists have infiltrated the media in the UK to such an extent that there is no longer any such thing as fair or unbiased news coverage. This example of how one innocent person was bullied and harassed should shock all those who value truthfulness or democracy.

In January 2013 the Sunday Mirror, a left-wing newspaper that favours the Labour party, and has long had the nickname of the "penny liar", decided to publish a smear article about the UK Independence Party, which it saw as a "right-wing" party and therefore a legitimate target. Using information leaked by infiltrators it published a feature article that attacked six party members as "racist" and "homophobic". The sources were messages put on a private discussion board, and they were all luridly twisted and made out to be scandalous when they were perfectly reasonable. One member for instance was denounced for writing that there was a connection between homosexuality and paedophilia  - which of course research proves to exist. Another member, Dr Julia Gasper, was accused of "comparing homosexuality to bestiality" which was something she had never said. 
When the article was shown to her, she put in a complaint to the UK Office of Communications, about slander, but after a long and tiresome investigation they refused to take any steps at all. She then attempted to find a lawyer who would bring libel action, but she found that every solicitor she approached was scared to do so. They said that the Law Society, the professional body for UK lawyers, had a pro-homosexual policy and any lawyer who took such a case and was seen to defend a so-called "homophobe" would face reprisals, and possible expulsion from the profession. She  complained to the newspaper and asked them to take the libelous article off the web, but they refused and moreover said that if she brought legal action, they would simply run up a £ million in costs, which she would have to pay because being a "homophobe" would make the court take a dim view of her. "Libel" in the UK does not cover every false statement, but has to be something that has damaged the victim's reputation. If the defence can prove the victim was already despised, unpopular or just unknown, a lie may not be found to be libel. Even winning a case in the UK does not automatically mean that your opponent has to pay costs.

Meanwhile the insulting material was copied to an LGBT website, Pink News, which repeated everything they read in the Sunday Mirror with a bit of exaggeration of their own, and picked on Julia Gasper as she was the only woman. She was bombarded with pathological messages from its readers - death threats, rape threats, racist slurs and obscene hate-mail including some in the form of hard-core pornography. One reader called Pigface commented on the Pink News site that she should be pushed off a cliff, and this was typical.

The extreme nature of the misogynistic and racist abuse was such that it led to an extended altercation on the Pink News site between readers who felt embarrassed at the attitudes displayed. There was even a threat to report the site to an internet watchdog but no steps were taken.

 After the Pink News article was published, and its ideas repeated parrot-fashion on hundreds of social media websites by credulous chatterers, Nick Cohen, a journalist on Pink News, decided to go one step further. He went to a national newspaper, The Guardian, and repeated the false allegations about Julia Gasper in a further article that had no purpose apart from an odious personal attack. Neither he nor the Guardian ever attempted to investigate at any point whether the allegations about bestiality were true, nor did he give the victim any chance to reply or to rebut the libels. The whole thing was an exercise in personal bullying and defamation of the most unscrupulous kind. 

For years she found that versions of this libel would be repeated and re-circulated on websites, proliferating in such a way as to be impossible to remove by any legal action. Aggressive homosexuals wrote insults about her to her employer, her friends, and even abused and menaced her family. At one point she had to ask for police protection, yet the established churches expressed no support. 

Deeply depressed and intimidated, she resigned from her (unpaid) post as a local branch chairman of UKIP, and became ill. But the homosexual hounding did not stop there.
The LGBT activists set up fake Facebook pages and fake blogs in her name just for the purpose of further defamation and obnoxious malice. They placed abusive messages on the "review" websites of her books, (which of course they had never read) and more abuse on a literary website that interviewed her. 
They put the same allegations on Wikipedia, which admittedly no educated person would believe, but the world is full of uneducated people. 

This is how the Gay Mafia has taken control of Britain with its campaign of lies, aggression and abuse. It is just as bad here in the UK as it is in the USA, where Brendan Eich was shamefully bullied out of his job as CEO of Mozilla. It is really no exaggeration to call it homo-fascism.

[Article updated and revised 2017]

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