Thursday, 20 June 2013

"Gay" marriage Campaigners call for Nicolas to be Raped

A shameful outburst from the "gay" marriage contingent in France reveals them in their true colours.
A certain Stéphane Guillon has circulated remarks on Twitter to the effect that when young Nicolas encounters the homosexual inmates of the prison he has been sent to for two months, he will be treated to something that will change his mind about homosexuality. The "joke" has gone the rounds of liberal and socialist circles in France. It shows what underlies their demands for "equality"  - not such such nice normal people after all....

Nicolas Bernard-Busse has been sentenced to two months in gaol, two further months of tagging and a fine of 1,000 euros  -  all merely for attending a demonstration last Sunday against same-sex marriage, organized by La Manif Pour Tous. Hundreds were arrested and have spent time in police cells.
Far from quelling the unrest, the crackdown has stimulated more resistance and a protest demonstration has already taken place.

 LMPT are planning another really big rally in the centre of Paris on 14th July  - the anniversary of the storming of the Bastille.
If you want to send your sympathy to the young man this is the address to write to:-

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