Sunday, 2 June 2013

Luca Volonte Praises La Manif Pour Tous, Condemns State Repression

Luca Volonte, a member of the Parliament of the Council of Europe, was invited to attend the rally of La Manif Pour Tous in Paris on 26th May 2013 as an official observer.

He has since submitted an official protest to the Council of Europe about the way that the French police, with government approval, used brutality and extreme violence to suppress the peaceful demonstration.
Volonte was invited to make a speech and said "There is a powerful movement among the people of Europe and the whole world, to assert their true human nature against the tyranny of this "gender-agenda". Homosexual extremism is an insatiable tyranny that is seeking to sexualize and homosexualize even young  children aged 4. The aim is to destroy the family and create isolated individuals completely at the mercy of the power of the state.
No citizen of any political party can remain neutral. It is plain that to defend the family is to defend your nation. The supporters of the gay marriage law, or those who remain apathetic, are selling this country into slavery, slavery to this shallow ideology of homosexual extremism, and its followers who are ever hungry for power. "

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