Monday, 3 June 2013

Young French Couple Marry Wearing Banned Sweatshirts of La Manif Pour Tous

This is really something. When the oppressive French government of Francois Hollande banned the display of the logo of La Manif Pour Tous, they triggered off a nationwide craze. Nothing is more fashionable than the T-shirts and sweat-shirts with this illegal logo. You can actually be arrested for wearing it  - but thousands of people are wearing them!!! They are being sported all over the capital and in other towns all across France.
People are putting pictures of themselves wearing the banned logo on their Facebook pages, and this young couple, ardent supporters of the pro-family pro-heterosexual sanity campaign, actually wore their matching LMPT sweatshirts today to get married in!
Photo: Mariage Civile !

In France you have the civil ceremony the day before the church wedding, so perhaps tomorrow they will be clad in somewhat more formal attire for their religious union, but today they have made a wonderful and memorable gesture of support for the true meaning of marriage.
We can all be very proud of them, and wish them a lifetime of happiness and joy.

Photo: Mariage Civile !

 F√©licitations!  Congratulations!

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