Sunday, 2 June 2013

La Manif Pour Tous Goes Pan-European

The pro-family movement La Manif Pour Tous is spreading rapidly across Europe. There are sister groups that have sprung up in the last few weeks in Spain, Italy, Poland and Germany.
Now there is even an all-European group that has set itself up on Facebook. Migrants and people of all nationalities can join in the movement to defend true marriage as a distinct, heterosexual institution and defend the rights of children.
Acting together makes sense, since there is a powerful LGBT lobby in the heart of the EU and it is determined to impose a nonsensical gender-agenda on all member states unless there is a huge outcry now. For far too long the EU has been financing those who pose as an oppressed minority in order to foist their deranged, bizarre ideas onto society.
They are protesting at the way that homo-extremism imposes so many forms of censorship and policing of everyday life. This is not freedom  - it is tyranny. The tyranny has got to stop. Politicians until now have not listened, but we are going to make more and more noise until we make our voices heard. We will not just stand back and allow the family to be trampled on, or children bought and sold.
Europeans for La Manif is showing a poster that compares the dictatorship of the French government to Stalinist Russia. Under Stalin, dissidents who spoke out were silenced and arrested. That is exactly what President Hollande is doing to the pro-family campaigners now.
Photo: « Je vais être réprimé par la police politique du gouvernement »
Parmi les slogans entendus : ‘dictature socialiste’…

De son côté, l’hebdomadaire Le Point intitule son article : « Des opposants au mariage pour tous interpellés pour convenance personnelle du chef de l’État ? ».

They are also raising awareness of the brainwashing techniques that have been used over the past thirty years by the homo-extremist faction, to gradually take over the media and impose their dominance and censorship.
Cette interview étonnante a été faite en 1985 avec un ancien agent du KGB qui a été formé aux techniques de subversion. Il explique les 4 étapes de base pour dominer un peuple. Notre nation va être transformée de la même manière en suivant exactement les mêmes étapes ?
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