Wednesday, 19 June 2013

French pro-Family Campaigner Gaoled for Two Months for Wearing Logo

We are sorry to report that the French protestor named Nicolas Bernard Buss, whose arrest and detention we reported here earlier, has now been sentenced to two months in prison, followed by two months tagging and a fine of 1,000 euros.
Nicolas, a 23-year-old student, was among those arrested in Paris last Sunday when French President Francois Hollande  appeared at the studios of the TV station M6, to give an interview. 1500 demonstrators were present, waving banners and singing slogans in favour of real marriage. There were more than 150 people arrested.  Nicolas was originally arrested merely for wearing a sweat-shirt with the pro-family logo of La Manif Pour Tous. He has now appeared before a tribunal. Desperate from some pretext to bring a criminal charge, the police accused him of running away from arrest!
Thousands of people have already suffered temporary detentions in police cells, of up to a week, without facing any criminal charge beyond that of wearing a banned sweat-shirt. Rebellious teenagers are now wearing the sweat-shirts to school and in case they are ordered to remove them, they wear nothing underneath.
 The police cannot cope with the continued protests and the authorities are getting desperate to quell the nationwide unrest and civil disobedience of those who oppose the Loi Taubira.

Please sign this petition in defence of Nicolas and his right to peacefully express his views:-

Photo: " Les derniers mots du condamné, avant de se retrouver à nouveau derrière les barreaux, furent « On ne lâche rien ! ».
A noter que les personnes présentes au dépôt afin de soutenir le moral de Nicolas ont été violemment parquées par les forces de l’ordre. Des téléphones portables ont été arrachés." 

...les "Européens pour La Manif" consternés pour la condamnation de Nicolas...non, nous ne lâcherons rien, ni personne, jamais !!

Meanwhile, more and more mayors are refusing to perform same-sex "weddings". The latest hero is the mayor of Mésanger in Loire-Atlantique (Western France).

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