Sunday, 16 June 2013

French Pro-Family Campaign Carries on Gathering Force

Photo: #HollandeDémission par des Français en révolte hier soir devant la Sorbonne ! #ONLR !

The French are giving a moral lead to the rest of Europe. It is magnificent to watch the new demonstrations happening day after day, week after week, against the absurd Loi Taubira.
The authorities have cracked down in a brutal, undemocratic and shameful way that brings the socialist government of Francois Hollande into complete disrepute.

Along with "gay" marriage goes a whole package of nasty, authoritarian social engineering. The words mother and father are being abolished, children are being bought and sold like merchandise and the state is assuming the right to decide whether parents are fit to bring up their own child.
La Manif Pour Tous stands for the RIGHTS OF THE CHILD. Every child is entitled to have a mother and a father, just as nature intended. Even if the original mother and father cannot bring it up, adoption should be geared to the rights and needs of the CHILD, not the market power of homosexual couples who want to buy children.
Disgracefully, a pair of homosexual men in France recently purchased a child from its mother, a student in Brussels, and smuggled it illegally into Paris. They paid 5,000 euros  - about the cost of a very battered secondhand car. This kind of thing has not been seen since the days of the slave trade.
La Manif Pour Tous is responding heroically and every day there are fresh demonstrations, rallies, occupations and flash-mobs denouncing the President, the same-sex "marriage" law and the policies that go with it.
Across France many mayors have refused to carry out same-sex "weddings" and in one case, in the town of Arcangues, the mayor and his entire council have all said they will have nothing to do with it. The mayor cannot be sacked as he is elected but he can face severe fines or prison.

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