Monday, 24 June 2013

"Gay" Marriage Fair in Paris Deserted - No Customers...

After the ridiculous Loi Taubira came into force in France, permitting same-sex "marriage", a business venture put on a wedding fair for homosexual couples in the Parc Floral in the middle of Paris. They anticipated thousands of well-heeled visitors coming to browse and shop for fashion, accessories, reception venues, champagne, top-class florists, photographers and honeymoon venues. Not to mention the rings...

Dans les allées vides du Salon du mariage gay, dimanche, au Parc floral, à Paris.

But after two days opening with dozens of stands exhibiting their wares and services, there was a total of only 150 visitors. Very few of them were "gay" and the only orders that were placed were by ...heterosexuals!!!! The fair is having to close early because it is not making any money at all. Some stall holders are demanding their rental fees back.
At first the organizers said the low attendance was because homosexual are not usually early risers. But even in the afternoon and evening, the place was depressingly empty. IT IS A COMPLETE FLOP. 
We told you marriage was between a man and a woman!!!  
The social engineers who are enforcing same-sex marriage have forgotten one thing  - well, two things. One is that homosexuals are a tiny minority of society and the other is that most of them don't want to get paired off in any way. According the the UK Office of National Statistics, they are only 2.6% of the population, and the same percentage in France. If they want any relationship most are perfectly content with an informal one or a civil partnership. While the political power-game is to get marriage and destroy it, the homos themselves are mostly to be found at the gay-bars and gay-saunas or picking each other up on mobile phone "dating" networks like GRNDR.

Predictably the organizers blamed "homophobia..." According to the LGBT fanatics "homophobia" is to blame for everything from AIDS to global warming.

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  1. Yes, they will blame any and every tiny adversity on so-called homophobia