Sunday, 2 June 2013

French Pro-Family Group Banned - but fights on.

The Socialist government of Francois Hollande in France is doing everything it can to suppress the new, rapidly growing movement La Manif Pour Tous. LMPT has arisen to oppose the change in the marriage laws and defend the right of children to have a mother and a father.
Photo: Dimanche dernier, 10 000 Polonais ont exprimé leur soutien aux manifestants français à Varsovie !!
The shocking new law on same-sex marriage abolishes the words mother and father, husband and wife. It's crazy! And it enables same-sex couples to obtain children via adoption, paid surrogacy or IVF, so that countless children will be deprived of a mother or a father at a stroke of the legislator's pen.
     2 million people demonstrated for La Manif Pour Tous last weekend in Paris, on May 26th. The press mainly ignored it, or greatly underestimated the numbers. In left-wing or liberal media the demonstrators were presented as "far-right", "extremists", "bigots" and "homophobes". The campaigners themselves give a very different story. They are the true moderates, driven to campaign against homosexual extremists. They are peaceful, non-violent, and highly educated. Their spokesmen and women are articulate. A wide cross-section of society, including religious and non-religious people, they have always been tolerant of alternative lifestyles  - but the attack on marriage and child rights is another matter. Their movement includes homosexuals too, those who reject extremism and political aggression.
Photo: "We will surrender nothing!" -Speech from head of France's pro-marriage movement.
       Their rallies are getting bigger and bigger and they have suffered brutal attacks and police crackdowns. Many of them have been illegally arrested just for peacefully demonstrating. One of the younger leaders, Samuel Lafont, was attacked by homosexual extremists and stabbed four times in the back.

He had to be treated at the George Pompidou Hospital in Paris. The founder, Virginie Tellene, is a TV satirist. She has been reviled, menaced, threatened and harassed by LGBT fanatics since the movement began and is now under police protection.
      Thousands of young people, many of them students, attended the events. Hundreds more appeared day after day last week to boo and express their disapproval of the President and his ministers wherever they went. At each event police made dozens of illegal arrests.

      The government has had the cheek to ban the logo and sweatshirts of LMPT but they are still selling well and they are the most fashionable thing to be seen wearing in Paris. La Manif Pour Tous stands for common sense  - there is a difference between men and women. there is a difference between a heterosexual union and a homosexual one. The heterosexual one is the basis of the family, and it must be recognized as unique and protected by law. LMPT is not only against "gay" marriage, it has protested against the socialist programme of teaching children in schools that "gender" is artificial and can be swopped or interchanged at will. Biology is being falsified. Heterosexual rights are under attack!
      In one region of France, La Roche Sur Yon, the latest demonstration by LMPT has been banned but the campaigners turned up anyway.


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