Tuesday, 4 June 2013

French President Met by Pro-Marriage Protestors Even in Marseille

Every day for the past week, President Francois Hollande has faced vocal opposition wherever he goes from people opposed to the terrible Loi Taubira, which abolishes marriage and, for the sake of homosexuals, replaces it with a genderless contract of co-habitation.

The President travelled all the way down South to Marseille in Provence today, on the Mediterranean coast, but even there he was buzzed and confronted by organized protest. About a hundred demonstrators waving the banners of La Manif Pour Tous blocked his entrance to the museum MuCEM. They were wearing their banned T-shirts and sweat-shirts and displayed signs saying, "Provence for Man-Woman Marriage," and "Nothing better for a child than a mother and father".
The  demonstrators were illegally prevented from entering a public park shortly before the President's arrival.
Reports are still coming in about mass arrests and detentions, adding to the mounting list of hundreds of violations of human rights by the homo-extremist government.


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