Tuesday, 4 June 2013

New Generation in France Defends Heterosexual Rights

This is a group of young people demonstrating for La Manif Pour Tous in Paris this week:-

Photo: Les Salopards à La Manif Pour Tous dimanche !

They believe in the family as a unit where men and women complement each other. They believe in marriage as a stable, natural union where children can be conceived, born, loved and nurtured. They believe that marriage is for everyone, yes - but not between anyone, as that would not be a true marriage. Sex is naturally, organically between a man and a woman. So is procreation. Society needs the family to be strong and will only become degenerate without it. Children are a responsibility  - not an accessory.
They believe that nobody has a "right" to overturn the natural order or distort marriage.
    The homo-fanatics are snarling abuse calling these demonstrators "bigots" "homophobes" and "fascists"...is that what they look like to you?
      They look pretty normal to me.

Here are some homosexual activists:-

Do they look normal to you?
What about this one: -

Or maybe this one?

He thinks he is dressed for his wedding. I think he is bonkers and a danger to society. He should certainly not be able to buy a child and tell it that he is its "mother"!!!!


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