Sunday, 2 June 2013

Sign this Petition for Right to Freedom of Public Demonstration in France

le droits de manifester en france pacifiquement sans répression policière gratuite
For the past two months the armed police in Paris have been using illegal tactics to suppress the growing demonstrations and rallies everywhere by the pro-family movement La Manif Pour Tous.
Police have used smoke-bombs, tear-gas, truncheons and mass arrests to disperse the crowds and silence opposition. All of this is illegal. Free expression is a right that should not be violated. France may actually be in the throes of a new revolution.
       Protests at the tactics used by the Hollande government have been raised in the Council of Europe, and without a doubt he is behaving in violation of law and human rights.
Sign this online petition to defend the right to free speech and political protest in France and across the world.


The supporters of La Manif Pour Tous are sizzling with ideas for continuing and upping the fight. The latest one is to boycott the products of companies that advertise in the newspaper Le Monde, controlled by socialist homosexual Pierre Bergé. The newspaper has ignored or insulted the pro-family campaign and sided with the oppressive new laws. Campaigners have dubbed it the French "Pravda" i.e. communist party mouthpiece!
Frappons les au portefeuille : boycott des produits des annonceurs du journal Le Monde. Envoyez un courriel a la direction marketing des annonceurs, pour exiger le retrait des budgets publicitaires a La Pravda de Pierre Berge

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